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Posted 22 October 2012 - 07:47 PM


I raped her

then nothing happened

there was this…


who am i

what am I that I would defile

she of those who gave birth

to me

and we

was it a moment of lunacy

or a part of my destiny

can I excuse

that I took away her right to choose

that I forced her to accept my abuse

in response for rejecting my love noose

she now looks at me with a hatred

I have never seen before

a ferocity I have never felt before

yet she felt my power

I say it is our love I want to recover

but now she only want to shower

she cries for hours

he raped me

then nothing happened..


how could it be

this violent

spiritual monstrosity


from death of reciprocity

can exist in a world


preachers claiming healer status



then ultimately preying

on mother, sister

and even baby


lead then leave their women to the slaughter

father confess your sins

my brother confess your sins

but no

before only god you say

denying that you have lost your way

our way

the way

as you betray all that you say

we are


but there is only…

… silence

yet, you were not silent

when driven by flesh

ego manifest

you violated my sacred womb

desecrated my spiritual place

where once was love

is now hate

so brother sister

can no longer relate

as I try to overstand the reason

why I feel disgraced

and socially find

my compassion is now misplaced

true love is hard to face

i fear betrayal in its place


i raped her

maybe what I did wasn’t so wrong

the silence says it’s the privilege of the strong

yet why do I wake at night seeing her in my dreams

with daytime echoes of her screams

no meaning yes

in that beautiful dress

perhaps there’s nothing for me to confess

he raped her

then there was...


...and as a woman cried, the community died.

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