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African Empowerment



This is the place for solutions through innovation, a test bed for new ideas and area to debate ideas that could help bring about change for African people throughout the world.

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Politics and Economics

How do we politically empower African communities? Democracy, meritocracy or is the solution routed deeper in African history and culture? How do we reverse the socio-economic inequality facing African people? How do we support youth enterprise projects despite obstacles to long term finance and commercial markets closed to new businesses started by African people?

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Culture, Philosophy and Ideology

What are the core foundations of all African culture? How do we reconnect African people with their own culture after centuries of cultural disinheritance and western influence and interference? Should we? Discuss, challenge and debate the traditions, ethics, history and merits of Africentric thought as it relates to African society. Are there primary principles that authenticate and cement African ideology? Are there any redundant traditional philosophical beliefs that remain rooted in stratagem defined as a response to the Maafa and global African oppression as opposed to self determination?

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History and Leadership

From rebellion to independence, from physical enslavement to economic apartheid, here is the place for details of events and incidents in African history whether on the continent or the Diaspora. We define leadership as any self determining African who has deliberately worked to achieve progressive political, social, economic, cultural or spiritual benefits for African people. Many times this means the person has selflessly sacrificed their own economic stability, independence and often liberty to achieve uncompromised change towards equality and justice for African people. Their stories are often hidden, distorted or perverted by a eurocentric media. This forum seeks to reverse that historic injustice.

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Parenting & Education

Interested in home education but don’t know where to turn? Are you a single parent looking for some advice or tips? Interested in independent education? What about getting the best results out of your child's school? This is the place for you.

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