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The Way I See British Africans

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Posted 01 June 2006 - 08:34 PM

Speaking to my African Keychain

I think therefore I am
My thoughts make me who I am and I am me
About me, for me, I’m’a do me
Be me, feel for me and eventually die me

This philosophy drains me of me and makes me not me but a foreign form of what I once was
I am now all for me so when I see what I should be I recognise me
“Yeah I’m African”
But I can’t be me
“I’m British though”
And when your heart breaks at my words I smile and say
“All I can be is me”

I do understand that look you’re giving me
It’s a shame to see that I can learn to be a doctor, a lawyer and a man that spews endless philosophies aimed at taking away from me what is necessarily the essence of what it means to be me
But now as I look at you I can only do what is easier for me and say the words of the men who took you from me and say
“I’m British because that’s what I know how to be”
I can’t learn to be me

I understand that look you’re giving me
It’s a shame to see that I’m trying to wash you off of me because I heard it’s better to look like those who are trying to take away the purity of what is me, so that I can sit under the sun and try again to look like me
It’s a shame to see that when The Windrush’ed Domestos sales went up
It’s a shame to see that the eyes you gave me aren’t good enough
It’s a shame to see that my hair reminds me too much of lambs wool
I bare a cross and blond straight hair still seems to be better than that wool

I am well aware that the land that was taken from me is a stones throw from me
I know it’s not a boat ride anymore even though it used to be free (plus the cost of our lives and liberties)
But it’s a shame that it’s still foreign to me, both geographically and, I think, culturally, at least that’s what they told me, those guys that took you away from me
“Do you really still live in huts? Do you wear shoes? I wonder if you keep monkeys as pets” (I wonder if you sleep with them too)

I’m sorry if what I think of you is offensive
But you can’t blame me for that, you can’t blame the British
Even though that’s what they show you on T.V
“With £2 a month you can save this child”
Even though some of their own people would be happy with 20p
And it just came to me that it’s a bit facetey that they took your wealth from you
And now they want to give it back to you monthly
Ah well that’s your problem cause I’m British…that’s me?

I read somewhere that you used to say “I am, and we are therefore I am”
If I am we then we are one love under Love
I like that better but I still want to be my own man
It would be nice if when I got hurt, millions of people cried for me
But you don’t cry for me, is it because of the way I am
Or is it that you haven’t a tear left after the waxen man
If I made you proud of me by being proud of you
Would you shed a tear for me?
Better yet would you give a smile to me?

I know why you look like what I say to you is said in vain
Maybe my words would be a little more effective to you if I weren’t saying it to my African Keychain
I was born with two ears and one mouth. One guess as to which should be used more.

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