Speak Out! - Annual Reparations March brings Parliament to silent standstill

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The demand to repair is triggering the nerve of the european and americas [north to south] for sometime, sadly worrying of their own discomfort, when still profiting to an ongoing crime on many level [including white privilege] important to keep bringing to the table all groups in the human family that have profited and continue to hurt Afrikans. when a part of manking is not well and in pain the whole of humanity will never progress [it apply to the human body, so same for Afrikan family]

spoof, fear of having to give "Money"
Tue 2 April 2019, 11:39 pm

Many displaced Africans have it good in the UK and won't go back. Unite, damn, most blacks won't fight white supremacy or any anti-black person. More interested in gaining a slice of Babylon's pie and kissing it's arse than fighting.

Mon 4 September 2017, 10:29 am

I wait with bated breath to see the impact on the UK when the Eastern Europeans embark on their mass Exodus back home as a direct consequence of Brexit. This was the vision I had for displaced Africans who would unite and forward onto Africa as opposed to assimilating for their slice of Babylon's cake.

Thu 24 August 2017, 10:13 pm

One thing about the Trans Atlantic slave trade is much of it was written into English and American law so individual and collective trauma aside (personal and inherited), retrospective injustices are that much easier to prove and claim against. The fact such atrocities were written into law does not lessen the injustice and merely shows how far they went in their attempts to justify their inhuman devils work.

Wed 9 August 2017, 8:49 am

I hope that in your pursuit of reparations, that you sue Arab countries as well. They also have a profound hatred of Black people and are still enslaving us.

Fri 4 August 2017, 12:32 pm

Get involved and help change our world