Being Woke: 2017

Ten years after the Wilberfest Bicentenary at Westminster Abbey, the Ligali Organisation invites you to come and reflect on the state of activism in 2017 with Toyin Agbetu and guests. Bring your healing drums.

Reflecting on Resistance

An evening of reflection, film and poetry at the LIBRARY in London's Covent Garden. 
 (free entrance but booking is essential)

on 27 March 2017, 6 - 9pm
112 St Martin's Lane,
London WC2N 4BD

Special Guests

Contributing and guiding us through the topic of the day.

Henry Bonsu

Henry Bonsu (Bro)

Born in Manchester of Ghanaian origin Henry describes himself as an economic migrant in London. Since graduating in Modern Languages, he has worked as a journalist and broadcaster on some of Britain's biggest current affairs shows, including BBC Radio 4's Today. Henry has also presented programmes on satellite TV channels including Vox Africa, BET International and Press TV - and been an analyst on BBC News, Sky News, Al Jazeera and Arise News. Henry has written on politics and culture for UK newspapers like The Voice, The Times, Express, Guardian and the London Evening Standard.

He was a founder and investor in Colourful Radio, a bold attempt to raise the consciousness of listeners across London and beyond through music and speech. Henry is now an international moderator and Master of Ceremonies, specialising in global economic development and sustainability. He has hosted summits at the UN General Assembly in New York, and all over Africa - from Addis Ababa to Kigali, from Johannesburg to Arusha, and from Nairobi to Lusaka. 

SisDr Sandra Richards

Sandra Richards (SisDr)

Sandra Richards is committed to student-centred lifelong learning, inclusion and alternative frames of reference that build on inclusive knowledge and practice. Her research established a frameworks for raising achievement in education and other social contexts (EOTAS). Richards is also interested in policy and practice issues around widening participation and accessibility, aiming high, life-long learning.

As an African-centred community practitioner SisDr is at home working with grassroots, public and not-for-profit sector individuals and organisations globally as well as small, medium and large private sector organisations and associations. She brings a fluidity to her work largely linked to her spirituality, consciousness, commitment and experience. Her credentials span and straddle education, spiritual practices, self-repair, healing and creativity. Sandra also holds a PhD and lectures in social policy whilst holding several qualifications in quality assurance.