Being Woke: 2017

The Ligali Organisation invited you to join us for two special events of reflection & healing to commemorate ten years later...

Where were you on 27 March 2007? 

Where will you be ten years later?

Remembrance, Reflection, Resistance

Two Events, One Day, 27 March 2017

On 27 March 2007 a Pan Africanist named Toyin Agbetu challenged the British Government, Monarchy and Church as they gathered to hold a religious celebration for the Bicentenary of the Abolition of the Slave Trade Act in Westminster Abbey, England. The ritual, which made no mention of the Haitian Revolution, the Middle Passage and the African freedom fighters that ended Britain’s system of transatlantic and colonial enslavement focused on the acts of parliamentarian William Wilberforce.

Today in 2017, many of the world’s oppressed people face a crisis of confidence as they struggle to succeed when challenging power. Racism is on the rise, from the rise of Afriphobia in a post-Brexit environment to the strengthening of the alt-right by Trumpism. Mass protests don’t seem to work and petitions signed by millions are ignored by those in power. Something has to change. 

Maafa Truth:
2007 to 2017

 Asantewaa, X, Nzingha, Huntley,  King, Cabral, Parks, Sankara, Simone, Moody, Nana, Kuti, Truth, Crichlow, Shakur, Bogle, Serwah, Boukman, Sylvester-Williams, Nzingha, Nubia, Angelou,  Ture, Gueye, Abdul-Raheem, Tubman, Osei-Nyame, Bonsu, Morris, Ogunsola, Nkrumah, Adi,  Salami, Kwei-Armah, Garvey, Daley, Louverture, Warner, Mandela, Nehanda, Monet,  Asante, Grant, Biney, Jones, Henrik-Clarke, Adichie,  Stephenson, Makeba, Lumumba, Spalding, Turner...

 Is the the Pan-African world in need of a new generation of freedom fighting activists?

Maafa Truth


The Walk






Thank You

Ama Gueye,  Bhavesh Hindocha,  Calise Cleghorn, Galaxy Afiwestation, Henry Bonsu, Israel (One Harmony), Jennifer Robinson (British Blacklist), Ngoma Bishop, Ray Price,  Roots Doctor (Omega), Sandra Richards, Sankhara Messado, Thabo Jaiyesimi, The Lib-Rary  and many thanks to all who attended and supported.