Health, fashion, politics.
Should we be defined by the way we style our hair ? 

Shadism is a problem. 
Is skin bleaching really the cure?

From lips to hips to our thighs and nyash. Is there really an ideal  'black' shape?

How much of our inner beauty is masked by our appearance?  

Beauty Is... the film by community educator and guerrilla film maker Toyin Agbetu asks ‘what is beauty?’ and examines the answer from a philosophical position through discussions on hair, skin shade, body image and character.

It's a serious, yet often humorous cross between Chris Rock's "Good Hair" and Bill Duke/D. Channsin Berry's "Dark Girls" documentaries with some sensitive Oprah styled interviews mixed in.

The film explores the risks posed by chemical straighteners and skin bleaching, it shares insights on conditions like Vitiligo and Alopecia whilst discussing the impact of biased media on children and personal relationships.

Backed by a global campaign to challenge governments and the pharmaceutical industry, this is edutainment that may just change your life.

Specs: 2014, 123 Minutes, 16×9 HD Video, English language with English subtitles.

Contact: General inquiries: beautyis (at) ligali (dot) org