In Honour of Rochelle Holness

By Ligali Media Network | Fri 11 November 2005

On Sunday 25th September 2005, 15 year old school girl, Rochelle Holness left her home to make a call to her boyfriend from a nearby phonebox. Four days later the teenager’s dismembered body was found in bin liners.

It was by share chance that Rochelle’s body was found on the night of Wednesday 28th by an ambulance team that had arrived to treat an injured man on the Milford Towers estate in Catford.

Rochelle’s mother, Jennifer Bennett describes her life as a ‘living hell’ since the tragic loss of her daughter who she says was “My angel, she was full of life, my ray of sunshine and my precious child”. At her memorial service, her friends and family listened as Rochelle’s father, Denroy Holness, who was weeping uncontrollably read a poem written by Rochelle.

Jennifer Bennett is reported on as being hurt by the way in which the media ignored what happened to her daughter whilst giving extensive coverage to the murder of model Sally Anne Bowman who was murdered in the same week. She says: "My daughter is somebody too and deserved just as much recognition and publicity. We as a family felt completely shut off."

We would like to extend our sincere condolences to Rochelle’s family and friends for the untimely and tragic loss of this young innocent life.

Rochelle Holness

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