Innocent Isiah Young-Sam murdered by gang of Asians

By Ligali Media Network | Tue 25 October 2005

An innocent African man was set upon and murdered by a gang of up to eleven Asian men whilst walking home from the cinema in Birmingham on Saturday.

Isiah Young-Sam a 23 year old, IT analyst at Birmingham City Council, died from a single stab wound to the chest. One of his friends was also stabbed in the back. He was a mere yards from his home when he was set upon in an unprovoked attack and murdered because he was an African. Media reports state that the Police said the ethnicity of the attackers and their motive were "unclear".

Ligali is getting several reports of similar groups of Asian men slowly driving by African women walking the streets alone or with their children and attempting to intimidate them with threats of violence, a well known Birmingham African Caribbean community centre was also besieged with threats to harm the elders resident inside whilst in London there are unsubstantiated reports of the deliberate damaging of property in the Walthamstow area in streets where African people predominantly live.

Media attempts to inflame tensions

The vehemously anti African newspaper the Times is typical of how opportunist media organisations are attempting to inflame tensions. It reports of how “A black music website called Supatrax… reads: Word outta street is that members from Johnson Crew and Burger Bar have met to call a truce to recent gang warfare and unite against any attacks from the Pakistani community… For too long black people have had to stand by . . . this is a time to unite and stand strong not only for the justice of the young girl but also for the black community as a whole.”

Yesterday the paper attempted to besmirch the highly respected Blacknet Village forums and others published articles designed to introduce religion into the conflict. The majority of media stories portray the African British community as the aggressor despite the fact that both Birmingham and London launches of the Campaign for silent victims occurred peacefully.

Asian websites such as have made incendiary comments such as “she probably consented to giving him head – but he took it out of character and f**ked her silly” whilst other comments were so offensive we refuse to publish them. Posters are saying “the black community need to apologise to the asian community for the uncalled for violence by their youth who attack innocent asians over the weekend. And black community must pay compensation to all the damage down in the riots”.

However there is a new element that has been introduced to this situation that all media organisations are ignoring. That is the manipulative agenda of elements within the wider community who are attempting to stoke the fans of hatred. In a thread on the Asian website a topic entitled “Big Up The Pakis Dat Raped The [n word] Bitch In Brumland” has a comment posted by a poster named HYPA_ACTIV which reads;


This new character to the forums that is now banned was most likely to be a European attempting to deliberately inflame tensions between African and Asian communities. However it was sad to see regular Asian posters who have responded with blatant anti African remarks such as “u kno what, u got black folk in deadly tribes killin an rapin the sh** outa women in africa an so on, spreadin aids everywhere... why the f*ck dnt the black folk go protest where protest and rage hell where its needed?!” or poster 'teddy bear' who in another related thread writes

“we had the upper hand on em ever since the abolishment of slavery... back in Africa got Black servents... they just an ignorant nation... nowonder every1 got 1 over em… there aint n uzi flying about n that just some mouthy blacks give them a week n they start shooting each other again” a particular disrespectful comment states “now we gone have Fat Jamaican women crying on the TV sayin her Angel son Winston was a good son ... and he didnt deserve to die ..”

Whilst 'VIP' members write “now why would u even rape a (n word)ette ..thats gross.. n how could u stick ur dick in something who has been f*cked 17-18times before u .. ..”

There is a plethora of far more offensive anti African comments littered all over the site and sadly we believe these type of views are widespread.

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An innocent young man has been murdered and still the media continues to play games instead of rallying behind the silent victim and calling to find the perpetrators. However whilst disingenuous national media reporting must take a lion share of the blame for the recent violent clashes it remains disturbing to note how the threat of an economic boycott of Asian businesses until the truth about the alleged child gang rape is revealed has seemingly invited gangs of Asians to aggressively harass, attack and murder vulnerable African people in the streets.

Nonetheless despite being aware of the true facts behind community tensions, the national media reporting seems hell bent on portraying this as a case of jealousy against all Asians with the African British community tarred as the aggressor. This is despite several eyewitness accounts from non African people to the contrary.

Ligali has always said that we do not want this to escalate into a ‘race war’ as the focus must remain on seeking truth and justice for the silent victims and also because we believe that a warring African and Asian community is exactly what certain elements within the wider community want. Yet it seems that with the media intent on diverting attention away from their own culpability in creating this mess in the first place, the next strategy they appear to be sizing up to use is manipulating religious and cultural differences in an attempt to further ostracise the young Pakistani and African Muslim communities.

It won’t work.

Despite our differences we will not hesitate to unite with the Asian community if a common oppressor attempts to resume attacks upon us. We both want truth and justice and the African British community will not be manipulated into waging a war on Islam or disenfranchised Asian communities.

Not now, not then, not ever.

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