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Justice4Grenfell: A tale of Two Nicks, Bick and Bill

By The Ligali Organisation | Mon 3 July 2017

Kensington and Chelsea council leader Nicholas Paget-Brown (now resigned) talks about perceived failings at Grenfell Tower

Update from Grenfell MediaWatch team

Today’s lesson: The next two weeks are crucial to keeping #Justice4Grenfell campaign on the agenda. The politicians and their media are on their next news cycle (Child abuse, Trump’s “secret” visit, pay rises, Wimbledon, refugees, Brexit, etc) and will use any and everything to help us ‘move on’ or become ‘outraged’ about something else. But don’t be fooled, we can concentrate on those issues and Grenfell at the same time.

Despite the token mass resignations that were staged last week there are still a great many people in physical distress and emotional pain still requiring our help. Whilst volunteers are catering to their needs on the ground, all we ask is that you do not forget what happened a fortnight ago. Continue to write, talk and share about Grenfell. More importantly, stop focusing on the Inquiry and ask about the Police investigation, how close we are to criminal prosecutions? How soon before all Tower blocks are fitted with sprinkler systems? Make social media work for us, and not against us by distracting us.




Justice4Grenfell: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
First Grenfell MediaWatch Report Published

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