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What really happened to Rashman?

By The Ligali Organisation | Sun 23 July 2017

The young man is violently arrested

A video which seems to show the murder of a young African man by Hackney Police officers is trending on Twitter for its brutality and lack of media coverage.

"This is the video of officers that work for the @metpoliceuk killing a young black man in Hackney and no news have covered it @linkuptv"

This is the caption that accompanies graphic footage of "Rashman" posted on Twitter at 3:16 PM on 22 Jul 2017

The young man (who has been named locally as Rashan Charles) is seen walking thorough a shop and then grabbed by a chasing police officer who violently wrestles him to the floor, and then proceeds to slowly choke him to death through the application of a lethal headlock. He is assisted by a second man wearing plain clothes in front of bystanders.

Two police officers choke the young man on the floor.

The official account

The Police have said "An officer pursued the man on foot after they attempted to stop a car in Kingsland Road, at 1.45am on Saturday"

The officer intervened after seeing the 20 year old enter a shop in Kingsland Road whilst "trying to swallow an object"

The officer has claimed he "intervened to prevent the man from harming himself, but he was then taken ill."

Ligali contacted the Metropolitan Police for information.

Since then the mainstream media has responded to community outrage and is now covering the story and the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) is now investigating police “contact” with a man in Hackney

The IPCC's published statement reads "it has obtained evidence which indicates an object was removed from [the mans] throat at the scene. The man was then transported to the Royal London Hospital, where he sadly died soon afterwards."

This differs from earlier accounts which infer Rashman died at the scene following police “contact” and was pronounced dead around an hour later at an East London hospital.

Many are now asking - which story is true?

The IPCC is now investigating police “contact” with man in Hackney

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