Open Letter to Theresa May

By Prof Gus John | Tue 30 May 2017

Professor Gus John shares an Open Letter to Theresa May as her electoral campaign increases the use of personal attacks against Labour's Jeremy Corbyn,

Dear Madame President

Beyond the Pale

When last did you see your husband naked?

And what if Jeremy Corbyn had dared to direct cheap jibes at you in a similar vein? He would without doubt have been roasted by the media and the public for being sexist, misogynist, desperate… and the rest.

Grow up! And stop dragging British politics even deeper into the gutter. By disrespecting others so gratuitously, you disrespect yourself.

Please have the good grace to tender an apology to My Corbyn.

Yours, on the verge of despair,

Professor Gus John

Prof Gus John

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“Jeremy Corbyn’s minders can put him into a smart blue suit for an interview with Jeremy Paxman – but with his position on Brexit, he will find himself alone and naked in the negotiating chamber of the European Union,”

Theresa May, 2017

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