RE:MI Launch at House of Commons

By The Ligali Organisation | Tue 12 July 2016

Race Equality in The Music Industry launched at the House of Commons (12 July 2016)

The British Black Music organisation and Black Music Congress hold launch of RE:MI (Race Equality in The Music Industry) at the House of Commons last night.

Activists Kwaku and Awula Serwah successfully launched the RE:MI (Race Equality in The Music Industry) initiative. The event had several speakers detailing their work in helping to eradicate the racist bias within British music academies and other elitist music based institutions failing to recognise African British artists.

Kwaku of Black Music Congress launches RE:MI (Race Equality in The Music Industry)

Historic event

The historic event creating opportunities for new and marginalised artists was attended by artists, managers and music industry personnel and hosted by Dawn Butler MP.

Alexander D Great performs - What is Black music?

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