Police and IPCC caught in cover up conspiracy over Sean Rigg

By The Ligali Organisation | Mon 24 August 2009

Sean Rigg died semi-naked in this cage at Brixton Police station

A video recording has been published revealing the police admit to having CCTV footage claimed missing following the death of Sean Rigg in custody.

In 21 August 2008, Sean Rigg, a 40-year-old musician, was arrested in the street by four police officers. He was then driven a short distance to Brixton police station where he was placed in a metal cage like an animal in the yard. 20 minutes later he was dead.

A recording as now surfaced where Chief Inspector Suzanne Wallace, the officer in charge of the police station at the time has been exposed promising that CCTV cameras capable of filming what occurred were working and that the tape from them had been seized. Weeks before this investigators working for the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) had lied to the family claiming that the footage was missing.

Sean’s family have held a weekly vigil outside the station and marked the anniversary of his death last week with a memorial event.

Samantha Rigg-David (left) and Marcia Rigg-Samuel (right) marching in memory of their brother Sean Rigg

Police and IPCC work together in cover up

There is widespread belief, now supported by this evidence of police and IPCC collusion that the officers who restrained him during the arrest and those present when he was placed in the station cage contributed to his death.

Sean\'s sister Marcia, 45, told the press: “It is my opinion that this is a deliberate cover-up by the police, and the IPCC [by failing to rigorously investigate] are allowing that cover-up. Its all part of collusion and to me the IPCC are certainly not independent.“

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