This is the Adinkra symbol ‘woforo dua pa a’ signifying support, cooperation and encouragement from the expression "Woforo dua pa a, na yepia wo" meaning "when you climb a good tree, you are given a push". It means that when you work for a good cause, you will get support.

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Welcome to the Truth 2007 website.

Truth 2007 marks a unique opportunity for the African community in Britain to increase community cohesion and promote self determination with a view to telling Our story.

Truth 2007 is an educational and information resource based initiative that was instigated in Bristol by (Operation) Truth 2007, a Bristol founded national campaign to raise the awareness of African people about the local and national plans the Government have in place to ‘commemorate’ and ‘celebrate’ the passing of the 1807 Abolition of the Slave Trade Act. The movement has since become national and embraces organisations across the UK.

Truth 2007 will feature a series of lectures, debates, interactive workshops and informal social-political gatherings organised by the community for the community. In 2007, it is critical now, more than ever that the African community unite towards the goal of uncompromising self determination.


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