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The fall and Rise of the Askari


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Toyin Agbetu
Toyin Agbetu

Nyansapo – The Askari

 “If a person loves peace, it does not make her or him a coward” African Proverb, Igbo

Greetings, it may come as a surprise to many of you reading this but I am a fierce opponent to war. I accept that many may see me as some kind of warrior, but despite the fact I always seem engaged in some kind of conflict (ideological not physical) my preferred option for life is not one of constant battle, but one of permanent peace. Like most Pan Africanists based in the Diaspora I act in defence of Maafa, a reality and necessity that is only revealed whilst we gather awareness of the condition affecting African people worldwide in our journey through life.

Unfortunately the global currency of war in today’s world shows no sign of letting up. In fact it is actually increasing during this time of economic instability as fear encourages the wicked to become more desperate as the scramble for the resources of others gathers urgency in their minds. Most wars are motivated by greed, some ego, the instigators range from capitalist imperialist nations to murderous, exploitative street hustlers. So what has this got to do with Pan Africanism some of you may ask….. well just about everything. Across Africa we have a serious problem with child recruitment. Many charismatic leaders often use every ruse under the sun to portray their intent as honourable with innocuous phrases such as ‘just war’ or ‘holy crusade’ and even ‘jihads’. The reality of this is that none of these are acts of self defence, the only position I personally embrace as acceptable to prevent annihilation.

However this article is not about what is happening on the motherland. You see right now there is a war taking place within the homes of Africans in Britain for the hearts and minds of our young people… and when I say young people, I also include pre-teens. It seems none of the media want to talk about this immoral preying but it goes on everyday across the UK. As our children study in primary schools, state recruiters are allowed in by head teachers giving them permission to promote the army cadets as an exciting club for new cubs (sic) to join. I had to write a letter to one school warning them not to ever do that again without giving me the option to remove our children from the session.

But now this recruitment also takes place in our homes and leisure time. Watch TV or go to the cinema and films like Iron man or GI Joe alongside associated action doll propaganda merchandise act as million dollar recruitment adverts for a life of action whilst ‘saving the world’ for allegedly benign western governments.

Meanwhile in the real world, unemployment for our young people is increasing across the UK irrespective of whether they passed with good grades or not. Similarly, young Africans with insufficient parental guidance or after succumbing to fatalistic peer influence are being seduced into joining either what has become a fascist police force or a jingoistic British army in order to see the world and acquire a state pay packet. With a month of joining ‘the best’ killers in the west, our children are allowed to shoot weapons with live ammunition. Most before they even reach their twenties are then shipped out to serve as cannon fodder in Afghanistan or Iraq, killing others until they ultimately sacrifice their own lives for illegal wars they didn’t start and shouldn’t even have been involved with.

It’s ironic, because in Iraq, an article in the Guardian newspaper a while back revealed how many of their freedom fighters boast about specifically targeting Africans in western uniforms for daring to violate their land, in Afghanistan the hatred towards our people for siding with the enemy is just as fierce and contributes to the ill treatment African people suffer throughout the world due to the actions of a confused few.

Its not difficult to see why, many British soldiers also systematically engage in assassinations and torture, from water boarding to sexual abuse, young soldiers are indoctrinated into a normalised hedonistic culture that debases the humanity of not those being assaulted but those doing the abuse.

The British government hides this information from us. It also tries to play down the fact that many of the thousands of casualties from its illegal wars are African people, it hides the fact that many of the front line soldiers are not grown ups but teenagers fresh from school, unemployed, with poor life opportunities, desperately looking for purpose and seeking it one way or another out of the barrel of a gun. 

When I started thinking about writing this article I was going to locate all the stories and statistics revealing how many of our children were now joining the army out of frustration and desperation. I wanted to compare this with the casualty lists, the deaths and the suicide rates that occur after our children are both abused and abandoned by the racist military institutions that first break, then reshape them in their own belligerent aggressive mould.  I wanted to write about the comments of the British war veteran who recently passed and slam the media for abusing his name in death in order to glamorise war when he was fiercely against it. I wanted to remind us all abut the ongoing case against the British government being launched by the Kenyan veterans in response to the vile systematic abuse of innocent Africans fighting for their land and freedom, or the hundreds of African women raped and impregnated with children by British troops and then accused of lying by this very same government.

Yet none of this is new. As a people we have been here before. Back in the past our freedom fighters were attacked by their own acting as zombies for colonial oppressors. From the Haitian revolution to the conflicts in Liberia and Sierra Leone, Askari’s or mercenary "Zombie African fighters" have always existed. Those of us who tragically fear liberation birthed from revolution and instead value the familiar stability of money above loyalty, servitude above freedom are still with us today. Our collective recollection of these manipulative tactics is one of the many reasons why our annual ritual of African Remembrance particularly in August is so important. We must continue to generate strong vibrations that harmonise and procreate on the positive actions of our Ancestors.

Today, the British Askari strategy continues. Some take place over ground manifesting itself as the conflicts we see raging across Nigeria, Sudan, Congo, Somalia, etc. Other such as those we feel on the streets of Britain through low intensity warfare means our young people are armed with weapons, poverty, a drug industry and self hatred. They are then left to explode in a mess or carnal orgy amongst innocents in our community as the police use this as fake justification to attack civil liberties and gather information on all of us. Low intensity warfare also means that cultural and spiritual attacks are unleashed against progressive Africans. This takes the shape of sustained character assassinations by fellow Africans seeking to cause organisational collapse. The net result is that many people working for true freedom and empowerment are forced under ground for the ‘crime’ of supporting and promoting progressive political ideology and facilitating community organisation.

Fear reigns and all of a sudden nothing in our community is what it seems.

Like I said, I was going to do all this research, such as making freedom of information requests to the Ministry of Defence and presenting it here and then I thought - NO. The evidence is out there. If we ourselves are not prepared to stop our children joining the British army for what is not only a dishonourable life but also an undignified death then we don’t deserve to call ourselves parents for we have no community. This ultimately is the collective responsibility of not only our schools but also our media. Sadly to many of us feel forced to take adverts promoting the opposite.

So, just as we have senior police officers serving in the force pleading with us to boycott recruitment drives from their own experiences with racism, there are many stories out there from ex African British soldiers who have been betrayed by the fraternity they once thought was on their side and then left alone to die after it was decided their usefulness to queen and country had come to an end.

I live in Hackney and in our Dalston Cross shopping mall there is a glamorous army recruitment centre where we can drop our children off and go about shopping for groceries. The showroom hosts a virtual battlefield stimulator for 14 year olds and above which gives children a chance to use their friends as target practice with a replica AF80. Check it out, I am not making any of this up. The British army openly recruits child soldiers from as young as sixteen years old using video games as the modern day candy to entice our youth through simulated murder porn.

On the opening of this store earlier this year I saw several campaigners from an organisation called the London Catholic Worker protesting against is presence. The police were preventing them from entering the mall so I went inside with my children to confront the recruitment manager. Sadly we were refused access by security but able to explain to some of the shoppers who were passing by what was occurring.

Today the protest fears that it would exploit vulnerable people in socio-economically deprived neighbourhoods have been realised. I think their reward at the time was a ban from entering the promenade. Yet I remain glad I met them even if it is easy for me to say so. I believe their ban is a price worth paying for helping to stop more parents from having to face a lifetime sentence visiting an army gravesite containing fragments of their child’s blown up body.

If British politicians love war so much, then let them send their own children to death.

Say no to the army.

May the Ancestors guide and protect us. Ase.


Toyin Agbetu is a writer, film director, poet, and founder of Ligali, the pan African human rights based organisation.


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Former presidential aide Dr KB Asante joins Nkrumah @ 100 event organised by Ghana First and Ayekoo. Expect former Nkrumah aide, diplomat and political commentator Dr Asante to be joined by other pan-Africanists on the panel, including Marc Wadsworth, for a lively discussion. The event will be taking place at the Mission Dine Club Centre, Fry Harlesden, NW10 4BZ

Admission is free (a meal costs £5) - Booking is NOT essential, although it's useful to know in advance who is attending.



African Remembrance Events


Mosiah Storm + ShakaRa Earthnite BLESSment

When: Fri 28th August 2009, (DOORS: 6pm)
Where: V.O.A.R. Suite, 24 Swete Street (Off Plaistow Road/High St) Plaistow,  London E13 0BS
Adm: £7 before 7pm -  £10 Thereafter

The Year to Year MOSIAH observance featuring the BEST in Konscious Edutainment is BACK!!!!

Honouring Marcus Mosiah Garvey -  All those looking REALlyrics, REAL music & REAL positive vibes - THE STORM is where its at!

Hosted By  ShakaRa (Of Best Kept Secret) Featuring AMEN NOIR (Best Kept Secret)  - The ever prophetic Wizard of Words,  GALLANT - The unrelenting Freedom Lyricist, SARINA LEAH - The Deep Soulful Songstress, RAS I WHAN - Roots, Kulcha & Rich Musical Melody at its Finest, YBB TO THE SYSTEM - Raw, Hard Core & Political, BASHIYRA - The Natural Acoustic Kween, THE PROPHET KWAKU - Forever Original Comedy At Its Best,  SOULJAH

Hard Hitting Lyrical, Pull No Punches MC and... after the Show its the AFTER PARTY.... ShakaRa's Official EARTHNITE BLESSMENT

Music By NATURAL MYSTIC + More....

Featuring a special tribute in Honour of MICHEAL JACKSON's Birthday.
Food & Drink 
+Afrikan Designer Wear On Sale

Nearest Tube: Plaistow (District Line) 5 mins walk - Buses 69, 262, 473, 
Info: 0208 539 2154 – 07908 824 152 -

Sponsored by




Kwaku Bonsu injured in serious car crash

Community worker and activist Kwaku Bonsu has been involved in a serious car crash. He has suffered multiple wounds including a fractured leg and serious damage to his forehead and ear. He is being treated in Farnborough hospital.

Sean Rigg
Sean Rigg: Died in Police Custody

Police and IPCC caught in cover up conspiracy over Sean Rigg Death

A video recording has been published revealing the police admit to having CCTV footage claimed missing following the death of Sean Rigg in custody.

In 21 August 2008, Sean Rigg, a 40-year-old musician, was arrested in the street by four police officers, placed in a police van and driven a short distance to Brixton police station. He was then placed in a metal cage in the yard. 20 minutes later he was dead.

A recording as now surfaced where the head of the police station where the incident took place has been exposed promising that CCTV cameras capable of filming what occurred were working and that the tape from them had been seized. Weeks before this investigators working for the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) had lied to the family claiming that the footage was missing.

Sean’s family have held a weekly vigil outside the station and marked the anniversary of his death last week with a memorial event. The overwhelming corruption

There is widespread belief, now supported by this evidence of police and IPCC collusion that the officers who restrained him during the arrest and those present when he was placed in the station cage contributed to his death.

Peckham Cosmetics: Fined for selling skin poisions to customers
Jaden Shepherd and Family: Stop and Search attack by police

Police target innocent 9 yr old in stop attack

A nine year old has become the latest victim of a police ‘stop and search’ war waging against innocent young Africans

Jadan Shepherd, 9 was searched while he was sitting on a wall with friends in Camberwell, south London. His mother Sandra Shepherd explained;

"They were just sitting on a wall and a police van stopped right in front of them… Officers got out of the van and said there had been stabbings in the area so they would need to search them."

She continues;

 “When Jadan came home he just slammed the door and said he didn’t want to talk about it... I later asked him if he was frightened by it. He said he wasn’t, but I think he’s hiding his feelings.”

Jadan was apparently searched under section 60 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act (1994). This legislation is allegedly used The act allows police to search anyone they believe is carrying a weapon or anyone in the area surrounding a violent incident.

She as since made an official complaint about the incident and has attracted mass grass root support for her family’s ordeal.

A Home Office spokesman said stop and search was "a powerful tool" in helping to prevent and disrupt crime but failed to condemn the police assault on the basis that in the UK  it is not legally possible for a nine-year-old to commit a criminal offence.

His mother Sandra said she or another adult should have been present during the search. "Looking at him you can see he is not a suspect," she added.

Anger over child stop and search
Police search nine year old boy


SA Times Editorial: We’re not racist, just insensitive, says IAAF boss

These people refuse to believe that Africans can make it on the world stage

It was the understatement of the year. The president of the International Association of Athletics Federations, Lamine Diack, said yesterday that the Caster Semenya gender controversy “could have been treated with more sensitivity”.

He went on to say: “I admit that we are unhappy; we could have done better. But this is definitely not a case of racism.”

Diack’s mention of racism might have been sparked by remarks made by Athletics SA’s Leonard Chuene.

He was quoted as blaming racist South Africans for questioning Semenya’s gender.

“These rumours come from South Africa. Why did these people write to the IAAF?

“These are the same people who don’t want 2010 (next year’s Fifa World Cup), the same people who bring black people down and the same people who refuse to believe that Africans can make it on the world stage.”

Yesterday, Chuene removed himself from the IAAF board in protest at the handling of the issue, saying: “I have withdrawn because there is a clear conflict of interest between myself and the way the case is being handled.”

And so the controversy rages on.

But what is clear is that the IAAF has blundered massively by publicly announcing the gender-testing of an 18-year-old athlete on the eve of her participation in the 800m final.

Diack has all but admitted this, which is a step in the right direction.

What he must now do is instruct his officials to call an end to the testing and allow Semenya’s incredible performance to stand.

This matter should not be resolved by the examination of chromosomes.

It should be resolved by leadership from athletics bosses.

Semenya was born a girl, raised as a girl and continues to be female.

That should be evidence enough.

Community Noticeboard
Peckham Cosmetics: Fined for selling skin poisions to customers
I Will Tell Film International Festival

Be prepared to be inspired

Intentionally or not, there are some films that have a profound impact on us.

Alex Haley’s Roots captured the imagination of people around the world and transformed the thinking of many. Kieslowski’s A Short Film about Killing led to the abolition of the death penalty in Poland. Morris’ The Thin Blue Line dramatically changed one life and affected many others.

Whether as fictional dramatisations or narrative documentaries, films that tell us like it is have the power to change individual lives, society and indeed, the course of history because they inspire people to change.

This September, the I Will Tell International Film Festival has put together a tantalising programme of films that could potentially do just that.

The festival showcases around 20 award-winning dramas, documentaries and docudramas from 14 countries. Films such as Soldiers of Peace, Burma VJ, Wasted and The Hip Hop Revolution have amazingly transformative potential.

“The films are chosen both for their artistic merit and the uniqueness of the stories they tell”, says Festival Founder, Jenny Lee.

Although some of the films and the issues raised are very challenging, the focus of the festival is on supporting, encouraging and empowering others. Each screening is followed by a post-screening discussion with filmmakers and inspirational speakers.

The festival also includes a Comedy Show, Exhibitions, Workshops, a Closing Gala Party in Leicester Square and much more.

All festival profits will go towards helping to empower others to tell their own stories.

This is one of the most inspirational events Leicester Square has ever seen.

Screenings looking at issues or characters related to Africa or the African  diaspora are as follow:

Soldiers of Peace – opening gala

Hip Hop Revolution – closing gala -

Prince of Broadway -

Goodbye Solo –

In Prison My Whole Life -

Some of our short films:

- We are all Rwandans

-Make Life Flow -

Come prepared to be inspired!

When: Tuesday 1 September – Saturday 12 September
Where: Prince Charles Cinema, Leicester Square and other venues across London
Adm: Entry £10 adults/ £6 concessions - Cinema Box Office 0870 811 2559

BBM sister organization Akoben Awards is delivering in association with BTWSC a free OCN Level 2 accredited Music Industry Overview course Tuesdays 11am-5pm & Saturdays 2-7pm throughout August at Mission Dine Club Centre in Harlesden, NW10 4BZ. Topics covered: Copyright, Publishing, Contracts, Income streams & industry bodies, and Marketing. For 18+ especially in Brent and surrounding environs. 020 8450 5987,


Calling all drummers and dancers, Maracatu Estrela do Norte will be on the road at Notting Hill Carnival on Sunday 30th August and Bloco Afro ERI OKAN will be out on the following day, bank holiday Monday 31st August.

In the run up to these parades we are glad to announce that the Maracatu and Samba Reggae pre Notting Hill carnival open rehearsals are confirmed

4pm - 8pm - on Sunday 16th, 23rd and Saturday 29th

Maracatu Drumming led by Sam Alexander
Maracatu Dance led by Mariana Pinho and Ricardo da Silva
Samba Reggae Drumming led by Sam Alexander and Itamar Lima
Samba Reggae Dance led by Jackson Pinto

We will be rehearsing at AREA 10 in Peckham, South London. It's a bit tricky to find, but if you get lost ring Sam on 07944 928 906. You need to go to the centre of Peckham, where the big arch is and you will find AREA 10 in a large white warehouse behind the super modern Peckham Library. The official address is Area 10 Project Space, Eagle Wharf, Peckham Hill Street, London, SE15 5JT but the entrance is around the other side!

Buses 12, 36, 37, 63, 78, 436, 345, 177, 312, 343
Train: Peckham Rye Station

£6 per session. Discounts and concessions apply!

This is the final run-up to Notting Hill on the 30th and 31st of August so start limbering up those drumsticks and your dancing shoes!

Looking forward to seeing you all there.

Bloco-Afro ERI OKAN performs at Notting Hill Carnival every year. Over the last two years the group has developed themes which were Homages to Fela Kuti and, last year, Nelson Mandela. This year we will pay homage to Bob Marley.

Build your knowledge about what it takes to plan an event, be it an AGM, club night, networking session or a club night, improve your contacts, and get a recognised qualification: OCN level 2 Event Planning. Targeted at unemployed people aged 19-64, especially from Brent and Haringey. Classes take place by Wembley Park on Wednesdays and Thursdays 11am-5pm, starting Sept. 9 2009. Opportunity to organise a real event. 020 8450 5987, Click:

Please spread the word and the joy. 

Dr. Maya Angelou, one of the most renowned and influential voices of our time, has launched a new official website:

The long awaited website is a vibrant, interactive site that takes users through Dr. Angelou’s incredible, inspiring, and courageous life journey.

The artful new site features biographical information, inspirational quotes, an archive of her books and films, an exclusive video vault, a photo gallery spanning over 50 years, and much more.

For more information, visit

Thank you.

Love In The City is a free inter-generational summer video project aimed at Brent youths of 14-18 living around the Roundwood/Church End area. They learn how to make and edit a video and also interact with another generation. Video will be screened at a community event, and deserving young people will receive certificates. Tuesdays & Saturdays 3.30-6.30pm throughout August at Mission Dine Club Centre in Harlesden, NW10 4BZ. 020 8450 5987,


Rites of Passage: Training, Healing and Meditation

Akoben: Symbol of vigilance and wariness. Akoben is a horn used to sound a battle cry.

Mashufaa Classes
Spirit of the Warrior

: Every Week
Adm: 1st lesson is free.  Thereafter, £4.50 per lesson.  Members £2.50 per lesson

Mashufaa is a martial are created for the mental, physical and spiritual upliftment of a generation of people who have become detached from themselves!  Mashufaa is about living a life with light through the sweat of training.  Sweat lets you know you are alive.

Remember Mind, Body and Spirit are one.  Train to live and live to train. Mashufaa Classes will take place from at The Albany Theatre (Plum Room) nearest Rail: Deptford or DLR Deptford Bridge.

Monday and Fridays
Time: 7-9:30pm
Venue: Lord Morrison Hall, Chestnut Grove( off Scales Rd), Tottenham, London N17 9ET
Travel: Tube: Seven Sisters (Victoria Line), Tottenham Hale / Rail: Bruce Grove
/ Buses: 243, 341, 149, 259,279

Time: 7-9:30pm
Venue: Boy Scouts Centre (
Near Bruce Castle Park), All Hallows Road, London N17 7ADTube: Travel: Seven Sisters (Victoria Line), Tottenham Hale / Rail: Bruce Grove / Buses: 123, 243, W4

Time: 7:15-8:45pm
Venue: The Plum Room, The Albany Theatre/Centre, Douglas Way, Deptford, London SE8 4AG
Tube: New Cross
/ Rail: Deptford Station / Buses: 53, 453, 177

Tel: 07956 337391/ 07715 942734


Community Media: Pan African


Pan African People's Phone In

When: Sunday
Time: 22:00 - Midnight
Where: Galaxy Radio 99.5 FM (

Number for on-air discussion: 07908 117 619

The Pan-Afrikan People’s Phone-in is a space for themed interactive discussions conducted over the airwaves and cyberspace.  The themes are focused around issues affecting Afrikan people both locally and globally.


Africa Speaks with Alkebulan / Sister Ekua (aka Esther Stanford-Xosei)

Where: Voice of Africa Radio (VOAR) / 94.3FM
When: Every Monday / Wednesday 8-10 pm GMT

Number for on-air discussion: 0208 180 2523


New African Magazine

Where: Newsagents
When: Monthly

The worlds most authoritative, best selling Pan African magazine.

  Pambazuka News
The authoritative electronic weekly newsletter and platform for social justice in AfricaYou can help Pambazuka News become independent. Become a supporting subscriber by taking out a paid subscription. Donate $30 a year


Shoot The Messenger

Where: Vox Africa
When: Every sunday, 6-7PM

Current affairs on the Pan African TV channel with Henry Bonsu


Community Events


The Innocence Society UK Launch

When: Saturday 29th August 2009, 6pm – 9pm
Where: Silverspoon, Newlight Complex, Popin Building, South Way, Wembley, Middlesex, HA9 0HB
Adm: Free

The Innocence society calls for human right freedom fighters to join their freedom not torture campaign.

Exclusive documentary premier;



• Dr William Lez Henry
• Huey Rose ( UK Chairman New Black Panther Party)
• Swiss (So Solid Crew)

Plus Conscious lyrical Edutainment, Spoken Word and light buffet

Also PEACE & FREEDOM RALLY Sunday 30th &Monday 31st August 2009

This will take place at Notting Hill Carnival (Harrow Road End, of Ladbroke Grove)

1pm -5pm

For more info



Summer School: Celebrating African & Caribbean culture

When: Monday 24th August  - Friday 28th August 2009
Where: Bannerman Road School, All Hallows Road, Easton, Bristol BS5 0HR
Adm: £10.00 per day (Concession for 2nd & 3rd siblings)

The Family Supplementary School presents a summer school including;

Dance and drumming workshops, Art & craft - study skills, Loads of fun   activities
Motivation & confidence building programme

Time: Commencing - 10:00am to 4:30pm
Showcase Event on Friday 28th August 2009, £3  entry  - 2:30pm - 4.00pm

For Further Information Contact:
Nia 07780673336 / Noel 01179350373


21st Century Jamaica – A Diaspora Perspective

When: Wednesday, 26 August 2009
Time: 6:30pm - 9:00pm
Where: Queen Mary University of London, Skeel Lecture Theatre, People Palace, 327 Mile End Road, London, United Kingdom

Facilitators for a Better Jamaica are hosting the 4th in the series of “Under The Microscope” Forum.

• Do the Jamaican Authorities lack the capability or discipline to prevent threats to public safety and defend our national integrity?

• Is Jamaica heading towards being a “failed state”?

• Apart from the incomes from remittance and returnees homebuilding developments; what other type of meaningful and sustainable contributions can the UK Jamaica Diaspora communities offer to the Island?

Many Jamaicans in the Diaspora view the Island of Jamaica as their “spiritual” home, some dream of the day when they will return home for good. There is an estimated 1.5 million people of Jamaican descent in the Diaspora. After the United States (US) and Canada, the United Kingdom (UK) has the third largest population of native born Jamaicans and their families, outside of Jamaica, totalling 420,000 [2001 UK census].

Jamaica has been described as the “Biggest Small Country in the World”. For an island of over 2.6 million inhabitants, the name “Jamaica” is a world brand. Jamaica is world renowned for its activities in arts & culture, music, culinary, sports and originality. On the negative side: for its social and political problems.

Yes, Jamaica has it fair share of social and political problems that arise in the wake of widespread violence, crime, abuse, illiteracy, corruption, immorality and poor governance.

The UK Jamaica Diaspora communities have an important and strategic role to play in a 21st century Jamaica’s infrastructure development. Please support this forum, by come along and join in the debates on these fundamental issues.

Facilitator for a Better Jamaica (FFBJ) is saying, it is time for the political parties and Jamaican people both at home in the Diaspora to defend its national integrity from the minority of ill-advised, corrupted, inept leaders [with powerful influence over the masses] and criminal minded people.

FFBJ is inviting like-minded Jamaican and Friends of Jamaica to its ground breaking forum entitled: 21st Century Jamaica – A Diaspora Perspective

1. There will be national & international keynote speakers

2. The forum will concludes with a “road map” for sustainable and productive

Your attendance and your positive contribution are more than welcome. Please bring a friend and tell your friend to bring a friend!

Keys areas for discussion:

1. Do the Jamaican Authorities lack the capability or discipline to prevent threats to public safety and defend our national integrity?

2. Is Jamaica heading towards being a “failed state”?

3. Are there too many unbalance reporting of Jamaica by international media groups?

4. The roles of the UK Jamaica Diaspora organisation and the Caribbean Council

Contact: 07515430471 or email /


Michael Jackson Birthday Celebration - The Magic Lives On !

When: Saturday 29 August, 7.30pm - 2am
Where : Divo,  12 Waterloo Place, St James's, London SW1Y 4AU (Nearest station : Piccadilly Circus)
Adm: Tickets (on sale on-line from 18th August 2009)
2 course meal & dance- £30 (early bird price - 1st 25 tickets @ £25)
3 course meal & dance - £40 (early bird price - 1st 25 tickets @ £35)
Dance & entertainment - £25 (1st 25 tickets @ £20) Men 2-4-1

Come and celebrate the life of the King of Pop. Top quality entertainment includes dancers and singers, plus dinner talk from Playwright and Honourary Member 100BMOL Kwame Kwei-Armah and Dr Lez Henry on the impact and lessons of the life of the legend that was Michael Jackson.

Proceeds from the night will go towards the 100 Black Men of London charity.

Dress code : Jacko / Jackson 5. White gloves optional!


B.L.A.K FRIDAY SPECIAL: Dr. Robert Beckford Speaks - Luton

Where: Lewsey Farm Learning Centre Trust, 92 Tomlinson Ave, Luton LU4 0QQ
When: Fri 4th Sep 2009 , 7:30 - 10:30
Adm: £5.00

Akeba and Nu-Beyond in partnership with The African Development Forum present a presentation by Dr. Robert Beckford.  

“Kanye West Says, "Jesus Walks" But Are Black Christians Standing Still?”

Brother Robert has delivered this session twice to a very inspired and uplifted audience, firstly in London at the Nettlefold Hall in January and at Drum in Birmingham in June 2009. Now Luton has now been blessed to join the tour. 
In this audio-visual presentation, Dr Robert Beckford will explore the Christian values necessary to produce the prophetic faith represented in "Jesus Walks," a Christianity offering shelter to the marginalised and a challenge to the structural evil that affects us all.
If you have not experienced Brother Robert in action then here is your chance to do so as he is one of the most, committed and outspoken academics in the UK today.

See flyers for full details or go to


Nkrumah @ 100 Discussion With Dr KB Asante

When: Saturday 5 September 2009, 3-6 PM
Where: Mission Dine Club Centre, Fry Harlesden, NW10 4BZ
Adm: Free (a meal costs £5) - Booking is NOT essential, although it's useful to know in advance who is attending.

Former presidential aide Dr KB Asante joins Nkrumah @ 100 event organised by Ghana First and Ayekoo. Expect former Nkrumah aide, diplomat and political commentator Dr Asante to be joined by other pan-Africanists on the panel, including Marc Wadsworth, for a lively discussion. The session will be broadcast live on Nyansapo Radio.

£Free entry. Meal costs £5. 020 8450 5987,



Family Fun Day

When: 5th September 2009, 12noon-6pm
Where: The Score, 100 Oliver Road, Leyton E10 5JY

The 100 BMOL presents a Family Fun Day of activities, entertainment, BBQ and dancing. This event is for the whole community, bringing the black family together, including children, parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents. Further information and BOOK TICKETS NOW


Ndoro Children's Charities Fundraising Gala 2009

When: Thursday 17th September 2009
Dorchester, Park Lane, Mayfair W1
Adm: Tickets are £200 and there are tables of 10 or 12 available for £2000 / £2400To book your table and ticket please call 0207 609 6775 | 07958713293

The Ndoro Children's Charities Fundraising Gala 2009 will be hosted by Michelle Williams (Destiny's Child) & Martin Roberts (Homes under the Hammer) at the Dorchester, Park Lane, Mayfair W1On the EVE of London Fashion Week - Thursday 17th September 2009

The evening comprises a 4 course Dinner, followed by a fashion Show from 20 London Fashion Week designers including Marc Jacobs, Nicole Farhi, Charlotte Olympia & Maria Grachvogel... …and entertainment from the Michelle Williams, Nate Evan's - The Temptations, The London Community Gospel Choir, Mutya, Hannah & Thomas Spencer Wortley!

Come join us and help raise funds to build an orphanage home school and clinic that will give 500 children a home and access to education for the first time in their precious innocent lives.

Tickets are £200 and there are tables of 10 or 12 available for £2000 / £2400

To book your table and ticket please call 0207 609 6775 | 07958713293

Corporate discounts are available for hospitality

If you are thinking you can not afford to come, ask yourself this... How many times a year do you really get to dress up? How many times have you spent more than £200 on a rubbish night out or something you do not use or wear? How many times do you get to experience London Fashion Week? How many times do you get to go to one of the finest and most prestigious ballrooms in the country and have dinner? How many times have you been to an event with such a varied and great lineup of entertainment? And finally, how many times do you get treated to all of that while supporting a great and worthy cause, helping to make a difference?


The 2nd Annual Ghana Business & Investment Exhibition

When: Saturday 19th September 2009
The Bernie Grants Art Centre, Tottenham, London

Due to popular demand and a successful launch in 2008; the Ghana Black Stars Network are presenting the 2nd Annual Ghana Business & Investment Exhibition on Saturday 19th September 2009 at the Berne Grants Art Centre, Tottenham, London.

With a strong cedi against the dollar, interest rates going down, a thriving economy, a growing middle class and a pool of opportunities for the business minded, Ghana is on the international platform growing from the seeds that have been sown.

With all industries from Construction to Agriculture to any service industry open for all; The Ghana Business & Investment Exhibition will provide delegates with the opportunity to hear from key industry professionals on Ghana’s development and opportunities. The event is also a chance for business minded individuals to network and share ideas on doing business in Ghana.
This year’s event is in partnership with the Ghana High Commission UK and Ghana Investment Promotion Centre. Media partners include: African Business magazine, New African magazine, Trumpet newspaper, African Caribbean Business Network, Find-A-Job in Africa, Re-Connect Africa, African Voice newspaper and BEN TV.

To contact us and find out more information about the event or GBSN please contact:
Nadia Mensah
0788 6411 661


One Heart Beat Drumming Session

Date: Saturday 26th September 2009, 5:30 - 9:00pm
Venue: The Harrow Club, 187 Freston Road, London W10 6TH

Fuboh invites our men to Come and let the spirit of the drum re-connect us with our root - Nature & The Ancestors. You don't have to be a master drummer. Just come with your heart. This is for our fathers, brothers and sons.

Contact: 07956 673255 / EMail:


African History Overview course

When: 3 October 2009, 3-6pm
Adm: £10 per session plus £20 registration

BTWSC will be launching its OCN Level 2 African History Overview course during the Oct. 3 2009 Ayekoo session What Is African History? Followed by 3 weekly classes starting Saturday Oct. 10 2009, 3-6pm. £10 per session plus £20 registration, or £30 upon registering to cover classes and certificate registration. 020 8450 5987,



Word Power: International Black Literature Festival & Book Fair
Voices of the Diaspora

When: 24th - 25th October 2009
Time: 3-6pm
Where: Ocean, 270 Mare Street, Hackney London E8
Adm: Free

Dozens of Authors, hundreds of readers, thousands of Books. All under one roof.

Featuring leading writers, historians, poets, publishers, distributors, book sellers dealing with African Caribbean literature from all over the world.

Bonnie Greer, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing (author of The  Isis Papers), Dr Haki R. Madhubuti (Founder and editor of Third World Press), Nia Reynolds, Paul Ifayomi Grant, Wayne B. Chandler, Dr Marimba Ani, Anthony T. Browder, Sister Nzingha Assata, Jacob Ross, Dr Robinson Millwood, Onyeka, Paul Simons, Nathaniel Agbahowe, Debii Mckoy, Charles Emeka, Anton Marks, Dan Obachike, Dr William ‘Lez’ Henry plus many more


Lecture: Dr Frances Cress Welsing

When: 31st October 2009
Time: 6.30 - 10pm
Where: Centreprise, 136 Kingsland High Street, London E8, 2NS
Adm: Tickets £12 adv - £15 on the door

A lecture by Dr Frances Cress Welsing, author of The Isis Papers, the Keys to the Colors

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