20 December 2011

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Wake Up: Passengers or Drivers
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You can listen to archived podcasts of previous Pan African Drum programmes at http://www.ligali.org/nyansapo/drum.php

Community News

Centreprise Arts & Community Centre fights closure...






Centerprise Trust Ltd is under threat of closure from Hackney Council.

On 20 January 2012 Centerprise will be at Clerkenwell and Shoreditch County Court to defend a possession hearing instituted by Hackney Council who claim to be owners of the building, 136-138 Kingsland High Street, London E8 2NS, our home from 1974.

Although Hackney Council bought the building, it bought it with a grant awarded to Centerprise. If you don't help us in a few weeks all our work over the past 41 years will come to nothing. Although Hackney Council has agreed to Mediation they have not allowed time for mediation to take place and are using the power of its legal purse to shut us down.

Mediation for 2 days will cost approximately £6,000. However, if you think this is expensive, the hearing itself will cost over £20,000. Centerprise does not have the funds for the mediation let alone, the hearing on 20 January.
What you can do to help Centerprise.
How can you help?

  1. Write to the Mayor of Hackney, Jules Pipe: Jules.Pipe@hackney.gov.uk asking him specifically about the grant of £50,000.00 awarded to Centerprise for the purchase of their building in 1983/84. Appeal to him to stop this iniquity, injustice and unfairness. The Institute of Race Relations was also given a grant under the same programme in 1983/84. They got their money, bought their building and today Hackney Council is not threatening to re-possess their building.
  2. Donate to the Centerprise Defence Fund Account
  3. Immortalise yourself by being part of The Centerprise 250 who donated £20.00 each to save he Centre
  4. You are welcome to donate any amount you choose. You will surprise yourself what a thousand people donating even £1 each can achieve
  5. Give Centerprise a Kwanzaa or a Christmas present

You can make donations directly into our bank account:
Account name: Centerprise Trust Ltd
Account no.: 03401464
Sort Code: 20-66-11
Bank: Barcklays Bank
For further details contact Emmanuel Amevor on 020 7254 9532, centerprisetrustltd@gmail.com or visit: www.centerprisetrust.org.uk

Please sign our on line petition at:

Timeline of Proceedings

14 October 2011 Centerprise received summons for a hearing on 11 November 2011 for a hearing at Clerkenwell and Shoreditch County Court for eviction from property.

27th October Dalston Ward Cllr Michelle Gregory writes to Gifty Edila to re-consider action. Gifty Edila responds that Ian Williams is the person responsible. To date no word from Ian Williams

1st November Equalities Minister, Lynne Featherstone, MP for Haringaey writes to Hackney Council Chief Executive, Tim Shields reminding him of their Statutory Duty to conduct an Equality Impact Assessment before any decision is made.

3 November Centerprise issues a press release and calls a public meeting on 4th November to and launches a Defence Fund aimed at raising £20,000 to fight the Local Authority legal action for eviction.

5 November Hackney Council releases a press statement calling off the hearing on 11 November and proposes talks with Centerprise to discuss the issues.

8 November 2011 Centerprise issues another press statement rebutting issues raised by Hackney Council's press statement.
Hackney Legal Directorate writes to Centerprise for a Mediation originally demanded by Centerprise

Centerprise invited by Hackney Council for a meeting on 15th Nov at 4pm.
Centerprise is organises a public meeting on 15th Nov. at 6.30pm

16 November 2011 Cllr Michelle Gregory writes to Iam Williams Corporate Director of Finance, Hackney, complaining asking for
Equality Impact Assessment and Hackney's plans for the building and noting the historical importance of Centerprise to the Dalston Community. Cllr Gregory had already complained about unfair treatment of Centerprise by Hackney Council Officer

20 November 2011 Centerprise receives another summons for eviction hearing schedules for January 20, 2011



You may write to the Mayor of Hackney: Jules.Pipe@hackney.gov.uk expressing your feelings and asking him what happened to the £50,000 grant awarded to Centerprise for the purchase of their building

Please sign our on line petition www.petitionbuzz.com/petitions/savecenterprise


Carnival Knife Attacker JailedJunior Henry

The knife attacker pictured fleeing with a bloody blade sparked sentencing concerns fury this week after he escaped with 4½ years jail for knifing a student.

Anti-violence campaigners and the victim’s mother hit out at the soft sentence on Junior Henry, 17. He could be out in two years.

And it was revealed the same judge who jailed him yesterday had spared him from prison when he was convicted over a gang killing at the age of 12.

… Junior Henry of Hammersmith, West London, was photographed running away after stabbing Rio Andre, 20, at August’s Notting Hill Carnival. He was arrested after a police officer saw the picture in The Sun.

Rio, who was trying to break up a fight, was knifed in the stomach and has a disabled hand after the blade slashed through his tendons.


Riot Kingpin Faces Prison

Adam Khan Ahmadzai

A man who was caught on CCTV throwing missiles at the police is facing the threat of a stiff custodial sentence after committing a string of offences at the height of the August disorder.
Inner London Crown Court was told how Adam Khan Ahmadzai, of Feltham, Middlesex, was among those at the centre of the violence in Croydon on August 8.

The 19-year-old pleaded guilty to ten offences including violent disorder, robbery, burglary and criminal damage in an unprecedented night of trouble in the borough.

He was told he could expect a long prison term when he is sentenced on December 22
The court heard how Ahmadzai was caught on camera hurling bricks towards the lines of police officers before going on to rob a bus driver. After a stealing spree in a shop he went on to commit a further robbery on a man and his wife outside the store.

Ahmadzai also robbed a man at a cash machine outside a supermarket, committed a further burglary at bookies and caused criminal damage inside the shop.

Identified in CCTV footage, the defendant was arrested on September 28 and was charged later that day with a host of offences in relation to the disorder.

DC David Smailes, who was leading the investigation into the offences committed by Ahmadzai, said: “It was clear from an early stage in our investigations that he was someone who was at the centre of much of the disorder.

“He was one of the first to throw missiles at police lines and he committed a number of burglaries and robberies, causing a great deal of fear and distress.”


Protect Osita Mba Campaign

Osita Mba

Osita Mba is a solicitor at HMRC and earlier this year he blew the whistle on secret tax deals that the department were doing with big business. He testified to two parliamentary committees that the Permanent Secretary for Tax, Dave Hartnett, let Goldman Sachs off £10million in owed tax payments.

Despite speaking out in the public interest and following whistleblowing protocols, Osita is now subject to an internal HMRC investigation and faces possible disciplinary action and even prison for his actions. For telling the truth -- he is being threatened with the sack.
As a close friend of Osita and his wife, Maria Mursell felt it was necessary to stand up for her friend, so she started a campaign on Change.org. Will you join her and tell HMRC to stop scapegoating whistleblowers?

Already some key figures, including chair of the Public Accounts committee Margaret Hodge MP, have called on the HMRC to drop the investigation and described it as "completely unacceptable."

Instead of being protected, Osita Mba has been targeted for his crucial role in uncovering HMRC’s secretive relationship with big corporations and now risks losing his job for standing up and speaking out the truth.

HMRC have shown that they are influenced by public pressure. In November, Dave Hartnett said he had no intention of standing down. But last Friday, following public outrage about the revelations, HMRC announced that Hartnett would be retiring next summer. 

Another public outcry can force senior management to drop the investigation into Osita and to protect future whistleblowers. Will you speak out and add your name to Maria’s campaign?


Africans murdered after racist shooting attack in Italy

Protest: Some two hundred Africans march in outrage

Italian police have confirmed the killing of two African street sellers and wounded of three others by a european on a racist shooting rampage in Florence, Italy.

At lunch time the killer, Gianluca Casseri, 50, drove to crowded marketplace in Dalmazia Square, Florence, parked his Volkswagen Polo car and then got out and started shooting at African people with a large .357 Magnum gun execution style.

Samb Modou, 40, and Diop Mor, 54 were the two African Senegalese killed during his lethal racist assault, Moustapha Dieng, 34 survived with serious injuries. Moments later he drove away, parked in the central San Lorenzo market and about two hours later opened fire again this time injuring two more African street sellers before fleeing to a parking garage, getting into his car and committing suicide by shooting himself in the throat.

Read Full Article: http://www.ligali.org/article.php?id=2268

Brutal police response to DR Congo protests

Police cordon closing in on peaceful sit-down (Credit: Indymedia)

Pro democracy protesters across the Pan African world face violent assault from state police as they challenge the widely contested re-election of President Joseph Kabila in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Over 130 people were arrested and placed in custody at various police stations across London after a demonstration held in Trafalgar Square on Saturday turned ugly. As almost a thousand people peacefully gathered, sang and danced whilst calling for genuine democracy, elsewhere tensions rose after a very small group young Africans became excitable near a choir singing Christmas songs to collect money for the Macmillan charity.

Police officers who were initially inert and deploying covert surveillance techniques, are then said to have become abusive and forcibly attempt to contain innocent campaigners in shops and on buses in alleged support of the singers whose choir leader has said ‘They [the DRC democracy protestors] were determined not to let us sing and have fun’.

The protestors have been charged with various offences including obstructing the highway, breaching the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act and assault on police.

The London campaign is part of a global movement of opposition to the re-election of President Joseph Kabila in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Similar protests in Congo have already led to the death of at least 18 people. It is argued that Kabila who is backed by western governments deliberately leaves grass root Congolese impoverished as a consequence of squandering the extensive mineral wealth of the nation for personal gain and foreign economic interests.

British Police arrest DRC protester

Read full story: http://www.ligali.org/article.php?id=2267

Oprah wants black audiences to back OWN

Oprah Winfrey Network

By Kia Miakka Natisse on 12/12/2011

Dear black people,

Oprah wants you back.

Not to say that she completely abandoned the African-American community over the course of her rising career, but we did become less of a priority. It wasn’t personal, it was business - good ratings equals good money, and shows geared towards Middle-American white women fortified her brand.

However now that The Oprah Winfrey Show is kaput, the tables have turned in our favor. There is a crack in Oprah’s titanium empire, and that crack is her struggling TV network. It seems her core audience from her daytime talk show, its various spin-off entities, and the magazine couldn’t find the time to dial in to the OWN network. As much as white middle American loved Oprah the talk show host, interest waned in Oprah the network executive.

Though OWN Network launched to great fanfare back in January, 11 months later the network is damn near D.O.A. We’re talking ratings dropping from an average of 505,000 viewers at its debut, to less than half that number nowadays. There have been numerous executive restructurings of the company (including Oprah stepping up to serve as CEO), and a cacophony of shows featuring A-list celebs and TV talent, and yet nothing. The ratings still sag embarrassingly low, and Oprah’s team is baffled by the absence of success.

And yet a surprising redemption comes in the form of a spunky old lady from St. Louis. Better known as Ms. Robbie, Robbie Montgomery is the star of Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s, a reality show about her restaurant and family life in Missouri.

Debuting on the network back in October, Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s has an average audience in the neighborhood of 418,000 viewers. Meaning the show is the highest rated prime-time show on OWN.

And those 418,000 viewers? Mostly African-Americans.

Cue Oprah’s light bulb moment.

“Anytime you have a program that pops like Sweetie Pies did, you start looking at what drove it,” OWN president Erik Logan told Adweek. “And we saw that the African-American audience really had a connection with that show.... We’re going to look at ways to nurture and grow that.”
You read that right - Oprah’s OWN network is now going to start gearing more of it’s programming to black audiences


The Pan African Drum

"Two people in accord are strong than eight who disagree"
African Proverb, Swahili

Toyin AgbetuGreetings,

If by the time you finish reading this article it feels somewhat cobbled together at the last moment, well, er, you're right, good job for spotting it. Actually, perhaps I shouldn’t have told you that.

Anyway, Truth is or was... I’m still writing it. I’ve got a radio program to host in a few hours and I’m not yet prepared (other than a cool selection of nice tunes to play when I’m lost for words).  

Nonetheless, I’m often told off when I release a newsletter without even a tiny excerpt of the insane thoughts that travel around in my head so I’ve decided to  try and stick to my intended theme of togetherness and leave the topic of waking up and deciding whether we want to be the drivers or passengers of our future for later on tonight.

Families Together
A few Sunday’s back I was reminded why I find it so easy to have confidence in our ability to both survive and thrive despite the many challenges we face. You see my family and I were gathered in an excellent African Caribbean restaurant (www.cottons-restaurant.co.uk) in London where we met and ate with several other families who had all come together in order to form a village. It was beautiful. Whilst the week before had been grey, cold and foggy in contrast, that Sunday was bright, happy and wonderfully optimistic. It was if the sun had chosen to reveal itself to us for coming together for a positive reason. The food was delicious, children played and worked together as well as delivering an impromptu performance, there was a powerful presentation cementing the purpose of the occasion and the company was superb and the atmosphere like that of being in a close nit village (KBLA / ITAV style).

Music Together
I am always amazed that I have any friends left, like many, my work and study commitments mean I barely have sufficient socialising time for family, let alone friends. Yet, despite my poor record of keeping contact with those I really do hold dear, a great (and forgiving) friend of mine sent my wife and I tickets to see Kindred the Family Soul at the Jazz café and what a brilliant evening it was. It had been years since we had taken the time to go and see our favourite live acts. As a result I had forgotten the joy of bumping into friends I haven’t seen or indeed spoken to for years, greeting other activists were also taking time to unwind. What the evening reminded me was that music provides a wonderful portal for us to meet, we can agree and disagree over political issues, but when it comes to embracing that traditional ritual of song and dance as the recent film, Story of Lovers Rock so eloquently reminds us, we need a space to be close, to hug in public, to for one moment forget about the racist, sexist, imperialist trauma we face day in, day out and just let some good music move our spirit so we can dance in freedom.  

Justice Together
When it comes to the topic of justice, we know even before we reach 2012 we have much work to do. The deliberate collapse of the Cardiff 3 trail where eight police officers and two witnesses were being prosecuted over their role in the malicious and wrongful conviction of Stephen Miller, Yusef Abdullahi and Anthony Paris for the murder of Lynette White is a serious miscarriage of justice. What this reveals is that right at the very top of the criminal justice system we have evidence of a state Prosecution Service that at the highest levels is just as morally corrupt as the Crown it serves.  

Likewise, where we have seen the Court of Appeal reject appeals challenging the overzealous nature of excessive sentences handed down to those convicted of civil disorder during the English Riots / London Uprisings we have more evidence of a judiciary that only feigns independence from politicians such as the Theresa May and David Cameron who want to scrap the UK’s legal commitment to universal human rights.


Which leads us to the incidents where all this years injustice started, the unlawful shooting of Mark Duggan by armed officers and the so called Independence Police Complaints Commission (IPCC nee PCA) that tried to cover up the facts with its “mistake”.

Now, the IPCC has stated its investigation will be finished by April 2012 and in an attempt to make this go away and not interfere with the forthcoming Olympics, an inquest has been planned with the start date of September 2012.

Without doubt, the state hopes it will have dug up enough dirt to smear Mark's reputation and failing that by scheduling it so far away that we will have forgotten or at least become bored of the news on his murder.

Think I’m exaggerating? Well take a look at what has occurred with the David “Smiley Culture” Emmanuel investigation. Despite claims of a thorough, fair and impartial investigation, the IPCC couldn’t even find it within them to even recommend prosecution of a single officer for criminal negligence let alone manslaughter.   According to them the death of an African in police custody does not justify charges. Any charges.


Britain is clearly a country with an unaccountable police and judicial system that only shames itself when proclaiming itself civilised and developed. Most of us are unaware of what is going on, and our collective response against it. Consider the recent DRC protests that despite causing the temporary shut down of Londons west end still failed to secure a significant presence in the mass media. Whilst we await the outcome of the new Stephen Lawrence trail we must not allow ourselves to lose focus on any of these outstanding issues.

Working Together
(Offkey warning: Some of you may want to skip to the next section)
For the past weeks I had been getting calluses on my hand from being forced to partially wash our clothes buy hand. It’s a strange state of affairs, you see as a result of having small children our household does around three to four washes a day. When I was a child it was a weekly chore which we did in the bath but due to the availability of modern appliances it’s a task delegated to my children who have to sort and load the laundry. All was going well when suddenly the machine refused to spin. Now my first port of call was to check the filter, but it was relatively clean, I instantly knew then that this would not be good news and suffice to say, despite our best efforts to drain machine the dirty clothes and sheets piled up, leaving us with a crisis that led to a lot of sores from wringing clothes dry.

Now some of you may be thinking why he didn’t just call a plumber. Well the truth is, I couldn’t afford to. Just over a year ago a similar incident occurred and we paid for a plumber to repair the machine. The work took a little over than an hour but the charge was just under £200, I instinctively knew this was too much but I couldn’t prove it. We were forced to pay as our insurance had expired and the fee was still under the threshold of buying a new machine. 

Anyway as I said, this time round we were stumped, I had had thrown the repairers card away and removed his sticker from our machine so we would not use him again and I had already vowed to myself if we were going to buy a new machine it would be something with a rock solid reliable reputation like a German made Bosh, but the cost was too high. 

So armed with nothing but the internet, my trusty toolbox and my little Kwanzaa helpers I started to open the machine and see if I could solve the problem. I did an empty wash at boiling temperature to wash away any stubborn soap deposits but to no avail. I then attempted to use gravity to help drain the water into a bucket but the dirty liquid gushed everywhere until I got that under control.  I then started on one of the pipes to the pump and after much wrangling with pliers and several cuts to my fingers I took it off only to find it clear. This was bad news as it meant the problem was likely to be further up. I could see another pipe leading to the drum but could not access it let alone remove the clamp. I checked online and found that there was a Hose Clamp Pliers Kit tool that cost almost £100. I was vexed, there was no way I was going to buy some specialist tool and risk finding out that there was nothing in this pipe either.

It was then when the children was asking me ‘Daddy what are you going to do’ it hit me. The pipe was rubber, why didn’t I squeeze it to feel for a blockage. It seemed so simple I almost cursed I hadn’t done it with the first pipe before removing and the having to put it back.

Suddenly I could feel it, inside there was something squishy, soft enough to squeeze but too big to move, I had to get inside but how, I didn’t have the required tool to remove the clips and I couldn’t access the pipe from the back or front.

So as the children watched me, pressure on me to find a magic fix to the problem I decided to tackle the dilemma from another perspective, I placed the machine on its side and entered it upside down from the bottom.

It was amazing, looking at the situation from this perspective the entire problem seemed different. I was able to see and access all the pipes with ease using my pliers and within half an hour I was able to locate and remove the blockage (I think it was a disintegrated sock), put the machine back together and successfully complete a test run at which point it was hugs and kisses all around as the machine started spinning. 

I’m wrote this part of the article immediately after loading the machine with its first wash in a week.  I was tired, hungry and about to send the children to bed (it was midnight) as they had taken full advantage of us being distracted. I suppose I enjoyed them seeing us solve a problem that until a couple of hours ago seemed solvable only by locating a new plumber or going through the headache of buying a second hand machine.

But the real reason why I am writing is that I learned a really good lesson and wanted to share it amongst us. I am not a handy man, for example if you ask me to put up some shelves, they are likely to come falling down in six months time. Yet if you ask me to design a piece of software or identify and remedy a hardware fault in a computer I can do it in my sleep.
Nonetheless, this was a DIY type issue and somehow I was able solve this problem without relying on an outsider to fix it. My method was simple.

  1. Research and identify the likely source of the problem
  2. Be prepared to get a little dirty and a little bloody whilst investigating recommended solutions
  3. When things are looking bleak, take a look at the situation from a totally different perspective to find a simple and obvious solution.

It works. 

There are a whole load of other stuff I want to write about a few weeks ago I learned that the Equinox Supported Flats and 24hr mental health care home is being threatened with closure by Southwark Council. What can we do to help. Yet there are also some positives such as the two recent pre-Kwanzaa events organised by BIS publications and the Mellow Campaign through their Sterohype project, the powerful Truth event where I was invited to speak at the Occupy Movements wonderful Bank of Ideas or the ground breaking Liberation 1838 programme that promises to be both educational and motivational.

There are many more positive initiatives to report back, but im too tired to recall them all.

You see despite our many challenges there is still much to be grateful for, soplease, over the next few days take the opportunity to reconnect with a loved one -, family or friend, take advantage of the seasonal break to pause, reflect and exhale.

I suspect 2012 will be a very busy year,  let’s come together and make plans to take the driving seat and steer it our way.

May the Ancestors guide and protect us.


Toyin Agbetu is a writer, film director, poet, and founder of Ligali, the pan African human rights based organisation.

Community Noticeboard

Seasonal Community Dinner

Where: Cummin Up Caribbean Takeaway, 389 Lewisham High Street (opposite Lewisham  Hospital)
When: 25 December 2011
Adm: Free

Once again Cummin  Up  Caribbean Takeaway throws its doors open to ALL whom would like to share the Love of Jesus this Christmas DAY. Please let those on the streets know,  those in centres and Hostels, those whom you think may otherwise be alone  - in fact anyone lets spread the joy!!  and the good news

Many thanks for helping us to get the information out .


A young people's Evening of Poetry, Debating and Dinner

Where: The Power League, Canadian Avenue, Catford, London SE6 4SW
When: Friday 23rd December 2011, from 6pm - 10pm.
Adm: Free Entry/ Free Food

Greetings to all

LBFSG Proudly Present a young people's Evening of Poetry, Debating and Dinner for further information and to reserve your place to enter the Poetry Competition Contact: Lewisham Way Youth & Community Centre, 138   Lewisham Way, London, SE14 6PD

Email: info@lwycc.org.uk - www.bfsg.org.uk

Tel no: 0208 692 1577 or 07946 423 431 or 07946 457 642


Paulette Sinclair


Tel: 0208 692 1577

Overview Of African History Level 2

For those who routinely claim they don't know African history, BTWSC provides a short, focused course which provides a handy overview of global African history, and an opportunity to gain an OCN Level 2 certificate upon successfully completing a written assignment.


Our Heritage Magazine

We invite you to visit us at www.OurHeritageMagazine.com to browse our JUST PUBLISHED December 2011 Online Edition.   We have something for everyone in our new online edition. You will find many new entertaining and informative articles, as well as the incredible images of yesterday and today that Our Heritage Magazine has become known for.

The Sesa Wo Suban Storytelling Festival

Greetings Divine Being

Affirming you are all well! Please take 3 minutes to read the following inspiring email!

Please find attached details for the Solstice Storytelling Ritual 2011 Oxleas woods starting 8pm sharp. As well sharing Afrakan stories, singing, drumming and dancing around a warm fire I will be sharing a project idea that has been developing the last 3 years and while I was in Ghana came to fruition. We are still in process of writing all the information. Here is a brief outline with some of the relevant dates and information. 

The oral tradition of storytelling is important to inspire community and individual visions, which unites communities. To pass down knowledge, wisdom, and to educate the next generation so they remember their roots, to connect communities with divine integrity.     

One of the major issues in Afraka today is self forgetfulness, loss of ancient rites and rituals leading to low self esteem. It is for this reason we want to implement our simple yet magnificent plan The “Sesa Wo Suban” Storytelling Festival tour 2012 starts in Britain Summer Solstice 22nd to 24th June 2012 and travels to Ghana Battor Kekpo Volta Region for Equinox 20th to 24th September 2012. The Afrakans in Ghana are calling for our return and we, Ghana and Britain are working in collaboration to present Sesa Wo Suban Storytelling festival. There will be an open day March 2012 London to discuss further & answer questions. We will also be having weekly Thursday meetings starting in 12th January 2012 for anyone who wants to get really involved with unifesting this powerful vision.

We, Our Heritage Afrakan Foundation founded by Kweku Kyei Donkoh in Ghana and Chi Creations Griot Circle founded in Britain by Chinyere Nwaubani, see this as an opportunity for artists, self employed, creators in all areas to develop ideas and ways that they can work with and unite with our sisters and brothers on the continent. This is an investment in Afraka and our future links with Afraka. We see other nations investing in Afraka and then taking over. We sit back and complain and do what? This is the time to invest in our original motherland. We have a committee of 7 executives and a whole village in Battor donating their time and energy to invest in us returning and to support the vision. They want to see this happen! Remember the biggest resource is people and our skills.

They are calling for us to come home. This is one of the projects we are developing to make repatriation a viable and permanent possibility for those who are ready. We also have a Redemption Repatriation program which you can read more about click http://www.shanti-chi.com/#!__redemption-repatriation/rrp - We suggest if you are coming to be part of the festival, plan to stay in Ghana for at least 2/3 weeks. Those start and end dates will be confirmed. Individuals should budget in the region of £1200/£1800 for 2/3 weeks for flight, accommodation, food, guidance and protection in the Volta region. This is not the definite price but it is in the ball park of.

The reason it is important we have two festivals of the same name in different parts of the Globe is to unite Afrakans worldwide. Since colonization and exploitation of our resources we have forgotten ourselves. And this self-forgetfulness needs a trigger to unlock our unconsciousness so we can remember who we are and why we are here. We are here to share love between the Afrakans on the continent and those in the Diaspora. We are here to create and develop a market for made by Afrakan products. We are here to unite the 1 billion 8 million divine beings in the physical, spiritual and ancestral realms. The trigger is to inspire visions through the oral tradition of storytelling. The Sesu Wo Suban Storytelling festival is a celebration of Afrakan culture and ancient traditions. Sesa Wo Suban is an Adinkra symbol and literally means transform your life. All activities during the festival will tell the story of Afrakan people, their power and how we as a people can realign ourselves spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically with what we do, think, eat and say. 


This is just a basic outline and it will be more detailed as time passes by. If there are any questions you have right now that I can address I will be pleased to do so. I would really apprecilove you passing on the news to all conscious sisters and brothers in your life that can either contribute a skill, see below, or just want to attend the festivals.


1.   Project manager ( storytelling festival, redemption camp), recruitment officer, (artists & repartees), Marketing (publicity, online sales and advertising), 2 Administrators,   Fundraiser,
2.   Workshop leaders / Artists
3.   Meeting organiser, Public Relations Officer, fundraiser, youth co-ordinator, community builders, financial secretary,
4.   Leaflet Designers 
5.   20th march 2012 open day
6.   SWS festival 22nd to 24th June 2012 England
7.   Equinox SWB Festival Ghana - 20th to 24th Sept. 2012 
8.   Workshop co-ordinator
9.   Catering co-ordinators
10. Stage manager
11. Technician (light & sound)
12. Web-designer for the SWS webpage
13. Market Area Co-ordinator
Please contact me so we can have an initial conversation. There will be a meetings list coming up soon starting in new year every Thursday starting January 2012!
If you want to know more about the work we do attend our next event Friday 23rd December 2011, 8pm start - Solstice Ritual Storytelling Festival! Read attached for further details!

Be Divine, Vision Our Prosperity & Stay Blessed 
Griot Chinyere Xxx

Griot Chinyere (B'eng MA) Director - www.shanti-chi.com - 07765 070042

International Early Years Vacancies: Abuja

A highly reputable pre-school and primary school (9 months - 5 years) in Abuja, Nigeria has an exciting opportunity for a Key Stage One Co-ordinator and Early Years Teacher. The positions will start in January 2012 and the school are looking for lively and dynamic people who relish the challenge of working in a highly diverse environment. The school is situated in the heart of the thriving capital of Nigeria. The school follows a structured programme of learning based on the Early Years Foundation Stage and National Curriculum. With a unique balance of work, rest and play, this programme hopes to engage children appropriately in a comfortable and nurturing setting. The vision of the school is to establish itself as one of the leading Early Years settings and Primary Schools in Nigeria.

The vision of the school is to: 

o Provide high quality care and education for children; 
o Co-ordinate children’s learning using a broad-based, balanced and qualitative Foundation Stage Curriculum; 
o Work in partnership with parents to help children to learn and develop optimally; 
o Impact positively on its immediate community through effective links. 

Key Stage one Co-ordinator:

The successful candidate must be able to demonstrate a passion for excellence, and have the creativity and drive to lead the Early Years and Primary team. You will need to be able to work cooperatively and imaginatively using the EYFS and National Curriculum (England, Wales and Northern Ireland) as a framework. Classroom practice needs to be exemplary with considerable experience of observations and appropriate formative assessment tools. Must have PGCE in Primary.

Early Years:

An inspiring and passionate Early Years teacher, with at least 2 years teaching experience to join their team in the Foundation Stage. Applicants should have extensive knowledge of teaching and learning in the Early Years and should be able to demonstrate team working and inclusion. Must have the relevant professional qualifications in EYFS (not necessarily QTS)

Salary and Benefits
• A tax-free salary ( £1,100 - £1,400 per month depending on experience)
• Medical insurance 
Annual economy Flights and accommodation (negotiable)

Interested? Please email CVs to abiolasanusi@randaedu.com

Kindly circulate

Abiola Sanusi
Education Specialist
Riplington & Associates
23 Cairo Street
Off Adetokunbo Ademola Crescent
Abuja- F.C.T
Office: +234 96232121 (Mon- Fri, 9-5pm)
Tel: + 234 1760 5167
Mob: +234 807 850 3887
E: abiolasanusi@randaedu.com
W: www.randaedu.com

African Women's Rights of Passage Programme January 2012

Greetings and Elevation family, 
 As requested by popular demand, a programme has been created for African women to reflect on who they are and what they can achieve in life. All the spiritual houses are welcome. African women of the world, Join us on 5th January 2012. Start the year as you mean to go on... By the end of the month you will be a new being... 

Dates and Times:
 1. Thursday 5th January 2012   from 2pm to 4pm
2. Friday 6th January 2012 from 12noon to 2pm
3. Saturday 7th January 2012 from 2pm to 4pm
4. Saturday 28th January 2012 from 2pm to 4pm

John Harvard Library, 211 Borough High Street, London SE1  1JA

Full Advance Payment  £40/£28 concessions
Deposit to save your place £5(non refundable)

Payments must be made by 30th December 2011

What will you achieve?

Over three sessions, you will be introduced to a number of themes and topics, which will guide you on your journey into personal development and spiritual growth including:

The multiple selves;  Womb wellness;  Communication; Movement;  Consumption;  Beauty;  Environment; Healing;  Relationships;  Your Kingman;  Your Destiny

During the fourth session you will report back to the group to share your experiences of the 21 day challenge.

To secure your place and for details of how to make your payments please call:  07939025011
 email      circlesof9ether@rocketmail.com

OPEN THE GATE is moving out!       

Dear All,

From 2nd January 2012 OPEN THE GATE will be moving out of the premises at 33-35 Stoke Newington Rd, Dalston East London, in order to bring Open The Gate's recognised trademark of African cultural events and activities around London, the UK and internationally.

OPEN THE GATE is an organization whose objective is to promote African & Diaspora arts, crafts, music, design and culture; offering accessible cultural programs across the communities.

In 2010 and 2011, the organization has established a venue in the heart of Dalston bringing together a unique programme of cultural awareness, accessibility and a celebration of all aspects of "Black Arts" - all in a vibrant homely atmosphere.

OPEN THE GATE will continue nurturing the creative networking platform and keep bringing together artists, musicians, promoters, art & music lovers and community. OPEN THE GATE is keen and available to collaborate with other organizations and entities sharing the same aims so link us up!

 You are invited to follow Open The Gate on its journey and keep up to date on the website www.openthegate.org.uk and on Facebook 'Open TheGate'!

2012: A new year, a new year chapter!

Proud To Be African

Proud To Be African Clothing is marking its first year of business with a 15% online discount (code at bottom) for all customers on all purchases!!

Proud to be African Clothing has had a crazy tumultuous year since concept and start up in December 2010, to trading in July 2011, watching sales increase monthly and our brand awareness grow and grow.

During this period we were nominated for the New Business Award at the Black Business (BB) Awards in October, collaborated with rising jazz star Femi Temowo on his second album launch, with BBC3 ‘Welcome to Lagos’ star Vocal Slender, actress, singer and poet Oneness Sankara, UK hip hop legend Ty, Estelle, FOKN Bois, Nigerian grime artist and underground sensation Afrikan Boy, Nollywood producer Obi Emeleonye and many many others who have supported, appreciated and represented the brand.

Our first line of male and female T shirts and hoodys with the Proud to be African logo, Afrobeat tribute and Born in the UK Made in Africa logo, have found a strong resonance not just with people of African descent in the diaspora but with a wide variety of people, it is often surprising to us that at some of the events and markets we attend, the greatest enthusiast are actually from Asia, the middle east or Europe, who all seem to love the designs and resonate with the message.

As summer turned to autumn we branched out with sweatshirts and poloshirts and to commemorate Nigeria’s Independence Day in October a line of Proud to be Nigerian hoodys, T shirts, and sweatshirts.

Our T shirts are still made from 100% reactive dyed cotton with male crew neck style T shirts and fitted female T shirts, the baby’s and children’s clothing is made from 100% organic ethical cotton from Tanzania and fits kids from 0-18 months (for babygros) and 2 to 12 years (T shirts) Bigger and better things are promised for next year, with more African National day tributes, more designs and more offers and events.

We’d like to thank the various people who have supported us, Ty, Afrikan Boy, Estelle, Caroline and Greg for photography, Nathaniel, Fayola, Bimpe, Ayo and Fatimatou for modelling, WOMATT, The Shrine, Afro News for the lovely article, Chinelle and Amaechi of Africa Rocks Expo, Kiskirine Events, Open the Gate Dalston, Bola Agbaje, Inua Ellams, Tayo Fatunla, 100 Black Men of London and so many others but most importantly our fans and customers

To show our appreciation we are giving everyone a 20% discount on the website www.proudtobeafrican.co.uk with the code LEWI15 from 5th December 2011 to 9th January 2012.

Have an extra merry Christmas and a Super Groovy New Year!!!!!

Email: info@proudtobeafrican.co.uk Website: www.proudtobeafrican.co.uk
Phone: 07878955102 Facebook: Proud To Be African Clothing
Twitter: Proud2BNigerian

Proud To Be African Clothing




Community Events

Screenings: The Story of Lovers Rock

When: December 2011
Where: Various (See Website)

The film that's "bringing back the LOVE" into the community!

The smash hit film "The Story of Lovers Rock" is still in cinemas now!

Screening: Story of Lovers Rock
TRICYCLE CINEMA (Kilburn, N, West London)
Fri 23rd December  - 8.40pm (tbc)
www.tricycle.co.uk – 0207 328 1000

RIVERSIDE STUDIOS CINEMA (Hammersmith, West London)
Wed 4th Jan  2012
Crisp Rd, London, W6 9RL
www.riversidestudios.co.uk– 0208 237 1111
Bristol city centre

Fri 16th – Thurs 22nd Dec – 3.30pm
1 Canon’s Road, Bristol, Avon BS1 5TX
www.watershed.co.uk  - 0117 927 5100

30th Dec 2011 – 5th Jan 2012
14-18 Broad Street, NG1 3AL
http://www.broadway.org.uk/diary  - 0115 952 6600

For further info:

07961 977 749

Facebook Fan Page

Facebook Lovers Rock group

Africa Centre Comedy on Sundays:
The best in African & Caribbean Comedy from the UK & beyond

When: 18th December 2011 (Every Sunday, excl 25th Dec), 7.30pm (Show starts 8pm)
Where: The Africa Centre, 38 King Street, WC2E 8JT
Adm: £8 / £5 concessions

A brand new comedy night held every Sunday, in partnership with Top Secret Comedy Club, offering a dazzling selection of the best comedians from the African continent and diaspora including Jason Patterson, Josephine Lacey, Prince Abdi, Dana Alexander and many more. The night also offers special drinks and food offers (jollof rice, jerk or barbecue chicken, veggie options) all night.


KWANZAA (Nia – Purpose)

When: Friday 30th December 2011, 3 to 10pm
Where: 55 Willington Road (off Landor Road), SW9 9NB (Tube: Clapham North)
Adm: Free - donations welcome

Pan African Society Community Forum in association with Global African Congress host Kwanzaa.
Libation, celebrate family, children's participation, achievement, tradition, culture, film, drumming, African dancers, African market and much more
Focus for next year 2012 - centenary of Marcus Garvey's first visit to England; Jamaica and Trinidad @ 50 - self determination now!

An African family occasion

Phone to confirm attendance - 07940 005 907
Sponsored by New Initiatives Youth and Community Association

Film Nite: "The Spook Who Sat By The Door" (1973)

Film Nite

When: Saturday 7th January 2012, 7pm start
Where: Walthamstow E17
Adm: £6 minimum donation

In order to improve his standing with Black voters, a White Senator starts a campaign for the CIA to recruit Black agents. However, all are graded on a curve and doomed to fail, save for a soft-spoken veteran named Dan Freeman. After gruelling training in guerrilla warfare, clandestine operations and unarmed combat, he is assigned a meagre job as the CIA's token Black employee.After five years of racist treatment by his superiors, he quietly resigns to return to his native Chicago to work for a social services agency...by day. By night, he trains a street gang to be the vanguard in an upcoming race war, using all that the CIA has taught him…

Contact: Afua 07956 337391    or    Tanya  07932 435118

Meditation and Yoga Day

When: 7th January 2012

This day focuses on meditation, and flowing Afrikan Yoga . A gentle introduction to the year, this day will help restore your mind and body. The Uganda Buddhist Temple welcomes all, and no experience is required.

Contact: Want to support the tour contact us www.afrikanyoga.com or email afrikanyogabusiness@gmail.com

Theatre: The Riots (Tottenham Transfer)

(Photo: Lewis Whyld/PA)

When: The Bernie Grant Arts Centre
Where: Wed 4 - Sat 14 Jan at 8pm
Adm: £11.50 (£9.50 conc)

After a sell-out run at the Tricycle Theatre, the critically acclaimed production transfers to Tottenham’s Bernie Grant Arts Centre in January.

When the Government originally refused a Public Inquiry into the riots that shook our cities this Summer, the Tricycle mounted its own.

From tweets by taxi drivers, to moment-by-moment accounts by riot police, The Riots builds a real-time picture of events as they unfolded. And then, from interviews with politicians, police, teachers, lawyers, community leaders, as well as victims and on-lookers,we analyse what happened, why it happened, and what we should do towards making a better future for ourselves and our city.

Astonishing stories and equally astonishing conclusions told by the many voices that have been stirred up by the riots.

The Tricycle has a long and distinguished record for its verbatim theatre productions. Nicolas Kent and Gillian Slovo were part of the team responsible for Guantanamo – Honor Bound to Defend Freedom which transferred from the Tricycle to the West End and New York.


Pam Fraser SolomonRace, power and the media

When: Monday, 16 January 2012   
Where: (room S265, Senate House, 2nd floor)

An examination of the projected image of black history and culture and the devices that people have employed to revise the popular narrative. (Pam has a long track record and has won awards working in theatre, radio and television including producing EastEnders, Holby City and the BBC2 documentary ‘Moira Stuart In Search Of Wilberforce’.  She also works in education and is currently developing interactive educational products.) 

Screening: The African Or Black Question and You Are African Discussion

When: Friday 20 January 2012, 6.00-8.30pm
Where: Westminster City Hall, City Hall 64 Victoria Street, London, SW1E 6QP (Victoria station)
Adm: Free, subject to pre-booking via: www.taobq.eventbrite.com

For more info: jointheaobq@gmail.com (see www.taobq.blogspot.com and search for TAOBQ on your social networks)

History consultant and community activist Kwaku is behind the TAOBQ campaign for the term ‘African’ to be used instead of ‘black’ to describe African people in Britain. This event is in two parts. It starts with the screening of Kwaku’s guerrilla documentary highlighting views around the African identity, ‘The African Or Black Question’, followed by the ‘You Are African’ discussion supported by input from special guests. Selected BTWSC/Bogle-L'Ouverture books on sale. Presented by TAOBQ in association with WSDG

David Neita, Invisibility: The Art Of Being Black

When: Monday, 20 Feb 2012
room S261, Senate House 2nd floor)

How do ‘established’ art historians see the Black figures in British paintings? Is there an alternative interpretation? Neita will be looking mainly at 18th century paintings, including the works of Hogarth.

Tessa Hosking, Medieval Perceptions

When: Tuesday, March 13 2012  
Where: room S349  Senate House 3rd floor)

The 12th and 13th centuries were imbued with religious prejudice. Yet Europeans who were travelling to Africa or Asia then betrayed little or no sense of racial prejudice in their writings. What can we learn from this?

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