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Our next Pan African Drum programme on 18 August 2009 will discuss the issue of;

African Remembrance: Keeping History Alive


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Toyin Agbetu
Toyin Agbetu

Nyansapo – African Remembrance

 “where there is bending, there will be rising up ” – African Proverb, Swahili

Greetings, have you ever experienced déjà vu. I do all the time. Do you frequently experiencing moments where you think to yourself I‘ve been here already, I‘ve done this before - even if only in a dream? In the ground breaking film the Matrix, the key characters make a comment explaining that déjà vu doesn’t exist and instead represents a deeper message, in my own world view the same is true of coincidence. Nonetheless this weekend I experienced such a strong sense of familiarity and repetition it became almost uncomfortable.

As I was working on my current film, I received a phone call, it was from a family member who told me that one of my nephews who was on his way home from a friends party was stopped and searched by a couple of police thugs, fingerprinted, his Oyster card (which he borrowed from a friend) destroyed and he himself left stranded in the middle of nowhere after midnight.

My nephew is 15.

Apparently according to the officers - he fit the ‘description’ of someone who had conducted a burglary in the area. Now he was not only shaken up by his ordeal but also angry that he had been forced (tricked) into giving them his genetic information.

Last week Ligali  published an article revealing how new figures obtained by Genewatch, revealed almost one in four of all African children aged 10 to 17 in England and Wales have been added to the controversial DNA database in the past five years.

Unfortunately my story gets worse. A little over a fortnight ago I came out of my house, I was greeted by another young brotha whom I have known since he was a little baby. Ignoring the fact that I am now old enough to make that statement (denial was bliss), he told me how just a few days ago he was traveling on a train to meet his friends for a reunion and a few minutes from its destination it stopped and the Police forced their way on. Apparently there had been ‘a robbery in the area’ and they now felt the need to harass and search every young African in the vicinity.

Now my little nephew who like many other passengers at the time had no knowledge of why the train had been stopped decided to leave the carriage and see what was going on. No sooner had he placed his foot on the platform than a dutty little officer shoved him back mouthing antagonistic abuse and boasting about his ability to use CS gas at the teenager. Now my nephew who is quite tall for his age is still just a little boy, when he asked the officer about what was happening and why he had been shoved the officer responded with talk I would argue was for big people only. To cut a long story short my nephew was arrested, imprisoned for 12 hours and after his parents came down to the station was released only after being coerced into accepting a caution for an incident he did not instigate.

Typically they never did find the ‘robbers’ and yet another one of our youth is criminalised for nothing, only in this case he didn’t have an American president as his mate as in the recent case of US professor Henry Louis Gates to get the charges dropped.

They say these things occurs in threes and whoa and behold, that very same evening I was listening to one of our community radio stations (the brilliant Bro Omowale on Galaxy 99.5 FM) and I heard a similar but all the more violent story from a mother in the studio whose son was victimised in a similar way only this time with even more brutal police force.


A little over a month ago I was in Ghana when I received the news that both Shaka Marday and ShakaRa Mbandaka, both superb hip-hop/spoken word artists and community workers were harassed outside a London train station leading to an assault and arrest by the police officers targeting our young brothas. We are now waiting to hear of a court date where they may have to prove their innocence whilst just going about their daily business.


I was talking on the phone with a friend last week and he told me how he witnessed a similar commotion on his high street. Then there was our Nyansapo broadcast a few weeks back, when a regular contributor called up and shared the little known history of Africans who were fire bombed by a racist neighbour causing a young sista named Donna O'Dwyer to fall 13 floors to her death. Similar things have been occurring to people in our community for years but we seem blissfully unaware of the facts.


What about the recent tragic tale of Helen Udoaka and her three week year old baby Michelle Udouka who was the youngest victim of a mysterious ‘faulty TV’ tower block blaze that killed six people?

How is it in a so called ‘developed’ country thousands of African and other impoverished people are still housed in these death trap homes/shacks throughout Camberwell and indeed the UK as new phallic glass and metal skyscraping monuments to money are being erected in the City of London to create new offices for bwankers?


Don’t get me wrong, few are saying that the ‘faulty TV’ case is the same as that of the New Cross Massacre, an absolutely horrific incident where the police simply refused to investigate leads about the racists who firebombed the birthday party of 16-year-old, Yvonne Ruddock killing thirteen young Africans in Deptford, south-east London.

Yet comparisons with this and the Donna O'Dwyer case can be made. Thurston, a crazed British Telecom engineer who not only brandished an imitation machine gun, before kicking a petrol bomb into the hall - also dressed up as a ‘terrorist in dark clothes and a face mask with slits for his eyes. The Institute of Race Relations reports that despite this, Thurston’s crime was officially recorded as not being racially motivated despite his ‘ex National Front membership and collection of nazi paraphernalia’. This all creates a sense of déjà vu that is far too compelling to ignore.

Meanwhile our brotha Trevor Phillips OBE, chairman of the completely ineffective “fairness” based Equality and Human Rights Commission incredibly claims that the police are no longer institutional racist and that multiculturalism should remain dead in the UK. In fact our OBE (Obedient Boy of Empire) who works a three-and-a-half-day week and is paid £110,000 a year for denigrating, misrepresenting and ultimately making our community vulnerable to socio-political attack has just been reappointed our community champion.


In the ground breaking film the Matrix, the key characters make a comment that déjà vu doesn’t exist and instead represents a deeper message

We are now over two weeks into African Remembrance Month 2009. The changes that have happened to us globally over the past twelve months have been noting short of amazing.  From the election of an African American as US President to the tragic passing of Michael Jackson who could have predicted either event? From the loss of great community activists such as Tajudeen Abdul-Raheem and warrior-scholar Professor Ivan Sertima both on African Liberation Day, African Remembrance month is a time for us to remember our Ancestors, to commemorate and celebrate their achievements, to re-affirm our loyalty and commitment to follow in their footsteps and provide a better future for our children and future generations.

The election of Zuma in Azania (South Africa) and power sharing deal of President Robert Mugabe and Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai in Zimbabwe, the ongoing uprising against the Bekes (oppressive europeans) in Guadeloupe and Martinique led by the Collective Against Exploitation (LKP), the death of the neo-colonial President Omar Bongo of Gabon and assassination of the historically anti-colonial President Joao Bernardo Vieira. The murderous jihad by Boko Haram in Nigeria and the heroic uprising in the Niger Delta continuing with a next generation of youth as Shell pay a $15 million settlement out of court settlement to silence the truth about their role in assassinating activist Ken Saro-Wiwa. Rwanda and Liberia reflect on the past through Truth and Reconciliation Commission (the BBC is banned from one for seeking to stirring up ethnic tensions with its reporting).

These events alone should make it clear that African remembrance month is not simply a time for a jamboree or memorial but for respectful reflection, a spiritual ritual to refresh and refocus, and where necessary reshape our collective political objectives.

With much of the attacks our family experiences on a daily basis it is easy to feel both politically and spiritually impotent. Why are our votes not counting, why do our prayers remain unanswered? These are questions for another day, right now our children need the positives from our history to inspire not discourage them, to elevate not deflate them. The African Market Day, Excelsior College Fun Day and the successful annual Marcus Garvey day event held in Brixton last weekend are perfect examples of what can happen when we come together on the theme of remembrance and positive reflection. All those involved should be commended for their works alongside the many others in our community organising events on a weekly basis for our development and progression.

What these kind of events demonstrate is that we must refuse to simply reflect on the negatives but instead simultaneously draw strength and power from our successes.

Just as we recently reached the anniversary of the murdered teenager Anthony Walker, we must also remember that the fact that our elder, community activist and worker Bro Minkah Adofo is still at liberty is a testimony of the strength of our community when we organise and rally around to defend our people, a fact that I am only too aware of with following the support and love I still receive from Africans worldwide.

We must also give thanks to the sacrifices made by those Ancestors that took the fight to the next level and got us to this stage, today we can read, write and talk Truth without fear if we seize the opportunity to do so. It was the ORGANSATION and ACTIONS of those of our Ancestors that refused to compromise and fought freedom battles not only on Mama Africa, but throughout the Americas like in Haiti, Jamaica and the quilombos in Brazil. We also still have living AFRicons who fought on the streets of America, europe and London - from the Mangrove 9 to those behind our historic day of action in response to the New Cross Massacre. In the same way we remember Nkrumah and Garvey, Nzingha and Nehanda, Equaino and Jones - we must also remember to celebrate the recent actions such as that of Shelly Ann-Fraser and Usain Bolt setting new historic world records to those involved in the victorious result by the O’Neil & Abdi families against racist police.

Today as yesteryear our family in the Caribbean are still utilising the strike and boycott as a tool of empowerment, across the Continent we Africans are still standing up against corruption, oppression, oil exploitation and both political and spiritual stagnation, today many of our greatest grass root heroes are often teachers in class rooms, healers without shop fronts, defence lawyers in courts, activists in politics, scholars in community workshops, writers who self publish, workers on plantations, artists without mass commercial distribution, and most important of all, progressive African centred families at home.

So when we engage in African Remembrance we must strive for balance, to transform any pessimistic viewpoint borne from our tragedies with an optimistic one built not on fantasy or prayer but with the real tangible successes of our victories. Contrary to popular belief, history is alive, not some dead past. Our very existence, dreams and aspirations build on that history, our commemoration and celebration of that history teaches us whether we are denying our purpose or living up to it. You see change is not coming it is already here, we just need to remember the correct and safest path home.

Several years ago my father Ligali Agbetu passed away this very day, yet his spirit remains with us. So I dedicate this article to him and all our children across the world in need of a direction and vision that will lead them to true freedom, true independence, self love and self determination.

I hope to do you proud.

May the Ancestors guide and protect us. Ase.


Toyin Agbetu is a writer, film director, poet, and founder of Ligali, the pan African human rights based organisation.


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Nyansapo: The Pan African Drum

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Alert: 11 August 2009, 11:30PM - Both of the media servers for our radio station stopped transmitting our audio signal. There was nothing we could do at the time until whatever caused the problem stopped. The issue rectified itself the following morning without intervention. We are investigating this matter and apologise for the inconvenience.

Newsletter: We have been informed that some of our readers have not been receiving their newsletter before broadcast, others have not received it at all. We apologise for this ongoing issue and ask those that who do receive our newsletter redistribute it to friends and family who they know will appreciate its contents.

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Live Broadcast: Nyansapo will be broadcasting live during the Nkrumah @ 100 Discussion With Dr KB Asante on Saturday 5 September 2009, 3-6 PM

Former presidential aide Dr KB Asante joins Nkrumah @ 100 event organised by Ghana First and Ayekoo. Expect former Nkrumah aide, diplomat and political commentator Dr Asante to be joined by other pan-Africanists on the panel, including Marc Wadsworth, for a lively discussion. The event will be taking place at the Mission Dine Club Centre, Fry Harlesden, NW10 4BZ
Admission is free (a meal costs £5) - Booking is NOT essential, although it's useful to know in advance who is attending.



African Remembrance Events

African Remembrance Day Double Bill

Where: BFI Southbank, Belvedere Road, South Bank, London SE1 8XT
When: Sat 22 Aug 11:00 NFT3, 14:00 NFT1
Adm: Tickets £5.00 or £7.50 for the double bill

Jacques Roumain: Passion for a Country
Haiti-Canada 2008. Dir Arnold Antonin. 111min. EST

A documentary exploration of Haiti in the late 19th and early 20th centuries through the figure of one of the island’s most important authors and prominent political figures, Jacques Roumain.

The Agronomist
USA 2003. Dir Jonathan Demme. 90min

The shocking recent history of Haiti features in this acclaimed documentary following the story of Jean Leopold Dominique, radio host for Radio Haiti-Inter, as he campaigns for the poor and powerless. Featuring a stunning score from Wyclef Jean.

To book tickets, call our box office after 1100 on 0207 928 3232 or via our web site at :


Music therapy using the healing power of the Drums

When: Sunday 23rd August 2009
Where: The Happy People Restaurant 178 Seven Sisters High Road London N16

Adm: Donations welcome

3pm-6pm: Music therapy form the healing power of the Drums

Drumming Therapy is not focused on learning traditional music. The goals are therapeutic. Drumming Therapy is intuitive, spontaneous, and highly personalized. It allows for the greatest amount of creativity and self-expression within a structured and disciplined process. Although some drum technique is taught, the focus is on the development of coping skills. Identification and expression of feelings is practiced both verbally and through the drums. Firm and consistent limits are set in order to maximize learning

6pm- 9pm: Bata ceremonial drumming Celebrations ( Ebge Ilu oduniyi Ceremonial Bata drummers and orisha singers ensemble)

We invite you to participate in a unique opportunity to learn and experience a genuine healing drum ceremony. These types of practices were an intricate part of life in past thousands of years ago and now have become largely forgotten by most people of African decent in the world As a result, many in our culture are at a loss as to how to access our natural connection with our own secret self. Our goal is to reintroduce the core of these ancient practices in a form that serves today’s needs and culture. We keep a great reverence and respect to the ancestors who keep these secret rituals alive by passing them on from generation to generation as they were taught to are people session conducted by Ifaleke Omo Anyan Dolapo Ogodo Kevin Haynes

Through these ceremonies we are able to transcend physical limitations and release one’s own potential as a being connected with the stars and universe; a being, part of a cosmic whole from this enlarged and peaceful state of awareness, one naturally discovers his or her own potential for self healing and guidance.

For more information on this workshop please go to www.egbeoduniyi/


Putting Down Roots

When: Saturday 22 August 2009, 4-6pm
Where: Stoke Newington Common

Special invitation to plaque unveiling by Diane Abbott MP: A tree has been planted in Stoke Newington Common as a lasting commemoration of all the people who fought and campaigned for the abolition of African enslavement.

We invite you to join us as the commemorative plaque is unveiled with special guest speakers. The event will include a visit to the resting place of Joanna Vassa, daughter of the enslaved African and freedom campaigner Olaudah Equiano.

A tree has been planted in Stoke Newington Common as a lasting commemoration of all the people who fought and campaigned for the abolition of African enslavement.

We invite you to join us as the commemorative plaque is unveiled with guest speakers.

Guest Speakers
•  Hackney Council Speaker Councillor Muttalip Ünlüer
•  Reverend Joyce Daley
•  Director of the Equiano Society Arthur Torrington
5pm: A short walk to see the resting place of Joanna Vassa, daughter of enslaved African and freedom campaigner Olaudah Equiano, in Abney Park Cemetery.

Please RSVP to Adrienne Sargeant  020 8356 3500 or email:

For more information about this event contact Hackney Museum on 020 8356 3500

Equiano Epigrams

African Ancestors Day

When: Sunday 23 August 2009
Time: 1:30 pm
Where: Museum of London Docklands, West India Quay, E14 4AL
Adm: Free

AFRICAN ANCESTORS DAY also sees the launch of 'EQUIANO’S EPIGRAMS, The Interesting Narrative in Poetry' by John Agard.  The Guyanese Poet is at his very best as he puts words into Olaudah Equiano's mouth, and the book becomes a twenty first century Narrative  - in Poetry. 

John Agard was born in Guyana, and in 1977 moved with his partner - poet Grace Nichols to England. He has published many collections for children and adults, including his recent ‘Alternative Anthem: Selected Poems’ and ‘Clever Backbone’, both published by Bloodaxe Books Ltd. His awards include the Casa de las Americas Prize, the Hamlyn Award, the Guyana Prize and the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education (CLPE) Poetry Prize (2009), which he received for the ‘Young Inferno’ - a teenage spin on Dante’s classic, published by Frances Lincoln Children’s Books. His poem ‘Half-Caste’ is on the current National Curriculum GCSE English syllabus.

Presentations by John Agard, Burt Caesar and Arthur Torrington; Drumming and Dance by NYANOME.


Contact: 0870 444 3855


Slavery Remembrance Day Festival

Date: 22 - 23 August, Various locations, Liverpool


Comments and Feedback

Swine Flu Vaccine: A Killer?

Hi Toyin,
Sorry if this sounds paranoid but i feel compelled to inform you that the swine flue vaccines proposed are poisonous and toxic, please inform other africans or governments about this issue, as the western media are blanketing this story, an image is attached to this mail for your perusal.
Kind regards

Salaams and Greetings All

Please do look on Brother Kevin Muhammad site - to view the latest interview with
Dr. Alim Muhammad, regarding the realities and truths about 'Swine Flu'

This is a most comprehensive and informative viewing to date for this most significant health alert

The interview provides a pleasant back drop and informative conversation for clarity and what we can do. Take some time to view it on brother Kevin's web site, along with additional information he provides on vaccinations and health.

Do share this information for the benefit of knowledge and light.  Use this information to tap into your UK/Global community to seek the proper health benefits of body, mind and spirit to aid you/us, our children and families, in this time of transformation.

Continue the conversation, share your thoughts, exchange information...

With Peace

your sister



Usain Bolt sets new 9.58s World Record at 100m

Jamaica sets new 100m World Record
Shell Ann-Fraser and Usain Bolt make sporting history after both winning the 100m race in the final of the World Athletics Championship. In particular, Bolt set a new world record of
9.58sec after giving a phenomenal performance in the competition hosted in Berlin. The African running for Jamaica effortlessly shaved off an amazing eleven hundredths’ of a second of his own record time of 9.69sec in last year's Olympics.

Bolt - New World Record

Shelly Ann-Fraser

Shelly Ann Fraser
Shelly Ann-Fraser wins 100m championship

Sean Rigg
Sean Rigg

Vigil for Sean Rigg

The family of Sean Rigg are holding a vigil in commemoration of his life after being killed one year ago in Policee Custody at Brixton.

On Friday 21st August, 5:30 pm there will be a gathering assembling at the junction of fairmount Road, Brixton Hill followed by a march to Brixton Police Station for a cadle lit vigil.


Racist jailed after spiting in African face
A racist thug who spat in a woman's face at a bus stop was tracked down by traces of saliva left on his victim's glasses.

Jucinta Dagat who had traveled from Nigeria and was visiting Manchester in October last year politely asked Lee Garside, 19 to turn down the volume of his radio while the pair waited for a bus in Moston.

Garside attacked her and then fled the scene but Ms Dagat was able to give police her glasses which had traces of Garside's saliva on them. Specialist officers extracted a DNA profile of the attacker, matching it to Garside, who was already on the police DNA database. He pleaded guilty to racially aggravated assault when he appeared before Manchester Magistrates court and was jailed for six months.

More >>

Peckham Cosmetics: Fined for selling skin poisions to customers
Marcus Garvey Family Day: 2009

Marcus Garvey Family Day 2009
The annual Marcus Garvey Family day event hosted in Brixton, London was a major success.

Several hundred people turned out to participate in the UK’s première annual event honouring the legacy of Marcus Mosiah Garvey. The free event which took place at the Max Roach Park was organised by the Pan African Society Community Forum and supported by several Pan African groups including Moyo wa Taifa, AAPRP and the community station Galaxy Radio.

Keynote speakers were Bro Asari St Hill and Sis Affiong L Affiong with a special contribution by Bro. Ldr Mbandaka of the Alkebu-Lan Revivalist movement.

If you have any pictures to share of the event please email to so we can publish a story about this event online.

Community Noticeboard

It's almost the end of August.

Have you nominated someone for the UK's first ever 'Black Youth Achievements- The Awards'?

Nominations close 31st August and you can nominate via the website

Nominees should be between the ages of 8- 25, resident in the UK and have parent/s grandparent/s of African / Caribbean heritage.

The categories are:-

Business and Enterprise, Community, Education, Arts, Sport and Choices

The event will be held at the Bernie Grant Arts Centre, Tottenham on Saturday 21st November.

Tickets are £12.50 for awards ceremony and just £20 for awards and pre-event meal, which is being specially created by Chef DeFour of DeFour Caterers (

~Contact Bernie Grants on 020 8365 5450 or BYA 07908 258 681~

Visit Positive People with Skills Network at:

BBM sister organization Akoben Awards is delivering in association with BTWSC a free OCN Level 2 accredited Music Industry Overview course Tuesdays 11am-5pm & Saturdays 2-7pm throughout August at Mission Dine Club Centre in Harlesden, NW10 4BZ. Topics covered: Copyright, Publishing, Contracts, Income streams & industry bodies, and Marketing. For 18+ especially in Brent and surrounding environs. 020 8450 5987,


Calling all drummers and dancers, Maracatu Estrela do Norte will be on the road at Notting Hill Carnival on Sunday 30th August and Bloco Afro ERI OKAN will be out on the following day, bank holiday Monday 31st August.

In the run up to these parades we are glad to announce that the Maracatu and Samba Reggae pre Notting Hill carnival open rehearsals are confirmed

4pm - 8pm - on Sunday 16th, 23rd and Saturday 29th

Maracatu Drumming led by Sam Alexander
Maracatu Dance led by Mariana Pinho and Ricardo da Silva
Samba Reggae Drumming led by Sam Alexander and Itamar Lima
Samba Reggae Dance led by Jackson Pinto

We will be rehearsing at AREA 10 in Peckham, South London. It's a bit tricky to find, but if you get lost ring Sam on 07944 928 906. You need to go to the centre of Peckham, where the big arch is and you will find AREA 10 in a large white warehouse behind the super modern Peckham Library. The official address is Area 10 Project Space, Eagle Wharf, Peckham Hill Street, London, SE15 5JT but the entrance is around the other side!

Buses 12, 36, 37, 63, 78, 436, 345, 177, 312, 343
Train: Peckham Rye Station

£6 per session. Discounts and concessions apply!

This is the final run-up to Notting Hill on the 30th and 31st of August so start limbering up those drumsticks and your dancing shoes!

Looking forward to seeing you all there.

Bloco-Afro ERI OKAN performs at Notting Hill Carnival every year. Over the last two years the group has developed themes which were Homages to Fela Kuti and, last year, Nelson Mandela. This year we will pay homage to Bob Marley.

Build your knowledge about what it takes to plan an event, be it an AGM, club night, networking session or a club night, improve your contacts, and get a recognised qualification: OCN level 2 Event Planning. Targeted at unemployed people aged 19-64, especially from Brent and Haringey. Classes take place by Wembley Park on Wednesdays and Thursdays 11am-5pm, starting Sept. 9 2009. Opportunity to organise a real event. 020 8450 5987, Click:



Pause and Shook Magazine have teamed up to present this special event inspired by the Soul Power film which came out this summer. Soul Power is an amazing documentary about the three day festival which took place in Zaire in '74 prior to the infamous Ali/ Foreman "Rumble in The Jungle" fight, and featured performances from James Brown, BB King, Bill Withers, Miriam Makeba, Celia Cruz, the Fania Allstars and more. We were so inspired by the film we wanted to encourage everyone to see it, then bring it to life and throw a party to celebrate powerful afro/funk/soul music from '74 to '09. It is also a launch party for Shook # 6 which features an article about the movie.

We've roped in Charlie Dark (Blacktronica), Eric Soul (Afrogroov), Bemi (Amplified), Eric Lau, Juven and H!ts (Pause) to provide the soundtrack to a serious hot and sweaty dancing session that will make the Market Place feel like Kinshasa whatever the English summer is saying. We will also have an Afroboutique and in-house stylist who will be making you all look fine - it is the Market Place after all.

To make sure you get the full experience we've arranged a limited number of discount tickets for a screening of the film at The Electric Cinema on Portobello Road earlier in the day at 3pm. Tickets go on sale on 7th August so we will send you the discount code as soon as we have it, or you can email me at to receive it. You can then hop on the bus or a couple of stops on the tube afterwards to the Market Place for the afterparty. We will also have some t-shirts and DVDs to give away on the night, and maybe even a few more surprises...

See you in the middle of the dancefloor!

Love In The City is a free inter-generational summer video project aimed at Brent youths of 14-18 living around the Roundwood/Church End area. They learn how to make and edit a video and also interact with another generation. Video will be screened at a community event, and deserving young people will receive certificates. Tuesdays & Saturdays 3.30-6.30pm throughout August at Mission Dine Club Centre in Harlesden, NW10 4BZ. 020 8450 5987,


Rites of Passage: Training, Healing and Meditation

Akoben: Symbol of vigilance and wariness. Akoben is a horn used to sound a battle cry.

Mashufaa Classes
Spirit of the Warrior

: Every Week
Adm: 1st lesson is free.  Thereafter, £4.50 per lesson.  Members £2.50 per lesson

Mashufaa is a martial are created for the mental, physical and spiritual upliftment of a generation of people who have become detached from themselves!  Mashufaa is about living a life with light through the sweat of training.  Sweat lets you know you are alive.

Remember Mind, Body and Spirit are one.  Train to live and live to train. Mashufaa Classes will take place from at The Albany Theatre (Plum Room) nearest Rail: Deptford or DLR Deptford Bridge.

Monday and Fridays
Time: 7-9:30pm
Venue: Lord Morrison Hall, Chestnut Grove( off Scales Rd), Tottenham, London N17 9ET
Travel: Tube: Seven Sisters (Victoria Line), Tottenham Hale / Rail: Bruce Grove
/ Buses: 243, 341, 149, 259,279

Time: 7-9:30pm
Venue: Boy Scouts Centre (
Near Bruce Castle Park), All Hallows Road, London N17 7ADTube: Travel: Seven Sisters (Victoria Line), Tottenham Hale / Rail: Bruce Grove / Buses: 123, 243, W4

Time: 7:15-8:45pm
Venue: The Plum Room, The Albany Theatre/Centre, Douglas Way, Deptford, London SE8 4AG
Tube: New Cross
/ Rail: Deptford Station / Buses: 53, 453, 177

Tel: 07956 337391/ 07715 942734


Community Media: Pan African


Pan African People's Phone In

When: Sunday
Time: 22:00 - Midnight
Where: Galaxy Radio 99.5 FM (

Number for on-air discussion: 07908 117 619

The Pan-Afrikan People’s Phone-in is a space for themed interactive discussions conducted over the airwaves and cyberspace.  The themes are focused around issues affecting Afrikan people both locally and globally.


Africa Speaks with Alkebulan / Sister Ekua (aka Esther Stanford-Xosei)

Where: Voice of Africa Radio (VOAR) / 94.3FM
When: Every Monday / Wednesday 8-10 pm GMT

Number for on-air discussion: 0208 180 2523


New African Magazine

Where: Newsagents
When: Monthly

The worlds most authoritative, best selling Pan African magazine.

  Pambazuka News
The authoritative electronic weekly newsletter and platform for social justice in AfricaYou can help Pambazuka News become independent. Become a supporting subscriber by taking out a paid subscription. Donate $30 a year


Shoot The Messenger

Where: Vox Africa
When: Every sunday, 6-7PM

Current affairs on the Pan African TV channel with Henry Bonsu


Community Events


Exhibition: Nature's Art

When: Wednesday 19th August 2009, 6.30-9.30pm
Where: Bernie Grants Arts Centre, London, London and South East N17
Adm: Free
Cezannes exhibition is a symbolic reminder of the power of the mind: that we can BE, DO and HAVE whatever we can IMAGINE (one of the natural laws of the universe, which I'm studying).  It also aims to promote love, unity and aspiration within the black community.
She will take you on a mini-tour to explain her paintings, and there is also the opportunity for networking.  Food will be on sale in the cafe from 6pm; to confirm your attendance and to book a meal please rsvp: 
To preview some of her paintings and listen to her poetry, visit

Carol Ann Edwards a.k.a. 'Cezanne'


The Veggie Buzz!!!

Date: 18th August - 22nd September 2009 / Tuesday evenings from 7.00pm-9.30pm
Where: Walthamstowe, London E17

FREE 6 week vegan cooking class for African/ Black women, Open day is on the 11th of August from 7.00pm-8.00pm

First come first serve, Interested?

Just call us on 07958671267 or 07932 435 118 for further information.

Coming up event Health Fair 26th September 2009 from 12pm-6pm in Tottenham

About 100 Mothers Movement
Our mission is to nurture self-reliance and development within the African (Black) community, through a network of 100 women. Our research has shown that the African/Black community in London are one of the most socially deprived Minority Ethnic groups. We have come together in an attempt to tackle some of the problems and provide a solution to some of the challenges faced by this group.

If you are interested in joining our organisation please contact us on 07958 671 267 or 07932 435 118


How not to get ripped off: Enforcing and protecting IP

When: 19 August 2009, 6.30-8.30pm
: Street Lecture Theatre, London College of Communication, Elephant & Castle, London SE1 6SB
Adm: Free (when you book online)

Being copied and someone else ripping off your creative ideas is a major concern once you start to sell, publicise and promote your creative work. You need to protect your ideas and make sure you know what to do if someone does actually copy or makes money from work that is rightfully yours.

This seminar will offer a basic guide to the law, covering the steps any creative professional should take in order to stop somebody else stealing or otherwise using your work without your permission (including copyright, patents, trade marks, licensing and design rights.)

This event is for new Own-it members who haven't attended an IP event previously. It's a basic guide to the law.

Kwame M.A.McPherson
Writer, Author, Entrepreneur
2007 Winner, Poetic Soul Short Story Writing Competition
founder - Baobab Tree Books: freedom to be, life is the journey (a subsidary of WRITE2BFR3)

Booking and more info:


Life Drawing Workshop

Date: Saturday 22 August 2009, 11.00am – 3.00pm
Where: Walthamstow E17
Adm: Minimum Donation: £30.00

Whether you are a complete beginner or have had some drawing experience, the aim of this workshop is to enable the student to produce confident, analytical studies from the figure and experiment in order to develop their own intuitive style.
Friendly and relaxed, a social experience that gives you the freedom to explore your creativity and interact with others.

For further information or to book a place please contact: 020 8509 7598/07956 337 391 or email:


Time to get outa da city people!

When: Thursday 20th - Thursday 27th August 2009.
Where: Westermill Farm, Exford, Exmoor nr Minehead Somerset
Adm: Adult : £5.00 / Child : £3.00 / Car : £2.50 (Prices are all based on a nights stay)

Greetings Beautiful People!, Thursday 20th to Thursday 27th August 2009.

Chi and Aama have recently qualified and gained an Expedition Leaders award. We would like to celebrate, relax and experience with you at the breathtaking campsite in Somerset over 7 days

Details of campsite-

Tel : 01643 831238  Mobile : 07970 594808

Check it out online, it is a popular campsite so make your bookings asap! When booking please state FIELD 4 on the form as this is the field where they allow open fires.

Finally...If you are up to date with your camping skills come share your expertise and take the opportunity to meet the others.. Let us know if you plan to attend.

Brightest Blessings

Chinyere 07765070042
Aamasade 0797 658 3115


Summer School: Celebrating African & Caribbean culture

When: Monday 24th August  - Friday 28th August 2009
Where: Bannerman Road School, All Hallows Road, Easton, Bristol BS5 0HR
Adm: £10.00 per day (Concession for 2nd & 3rd siblings)

The Family Supplementary School presents a summer school including;

Dance and drumming workshops, Art & craft - study skills, Loads of fun   activities
Motivation & confidence building programme

Time: Commencing - 10:00am to 4:30pm
Showcase Event on Friday 28th August 2009, £3  entry  - 2:30pm - 4.00pm

For Further Information Contact:
Nia 07780673336 / Noel 01179350373


21st Century Jamaica – A Diaspora Perspective

When: Wednesday, 26 August 2009
Time: 6:30pm - 9:00pm
Where: Queen Mary University of London, Skeel Lecture Theatre, People Palace, 327 Mile End Road, London, United Kingdom

Facilitators for a Better Jamaica are hosting the 4th in the series of “Under The Microscope” Forum.

• Do the Jamaican Authorities lack the capability or discipline to prevent threats to public safety and defend our national integrity?

• Is Jamaica heading towards being a “failed state”?

• Apart from the incomes from remittance and returnees homebuilding developments; what other type of meaningful and sustainable contributions can the UK Jamaica Diaspora communities offer to the Island?

Many Jamaicans in the Diaspora view the Island of Jamaica as their “spiritual” home, some dream of the day when they will return home for good. There is an estimated 1.5 million people of Jamaican descent in the Diaspora. After the United States (US) and Canada, the United Kingdom (UK) has the third largest population of native born Jamaicans and their families, outside of Jamaica, totalling 420,000 [2001 UK census].

Jamaica has been described as the “Biggest Small Country in the World”. For an island of over 2.6 million inhabitants, the name “Jamaica” is a world brand. Jamaica is world renowned for its activities in arts & culture, music, culinary, sports and originality. On the negative side: for its social and political problems.

Yes, Jamaica has it fair share of social and political problems that arise in the wake of widespread violence, crime, abuse, illiteracy, corruption, immorality and poor governance.

The UK Jamaica Diaspora communities have an important and strategic role to play in a 21st century Jamaica’s infrastructure development. Please support this forum, by come along and join in the debates on these fundamental issues.

Facilitator for a Better Jamaica (FFBJ) is saying, it is time for the political parties and Jamaican people both at home in the Diaspora to defend its national integrity from the minority of ill-advised, corrupted, inept leaders [with powerful influence over the masses] and criminal minded people.

FFBJ is inviting like-minded Jamaican and Friends of Jamaica to its ground breaking forum entitled: 21st Century Jamaica – A Diaspora Perspective

1. There will be national & international keynote speakers

2. The forum will concludes with a “road map” for sustainable and productive

Your attendance and your positive contribution are more than welcome. Please bring a friend and tell your friend to bring a friend!

Keys areas for discussion:

1. Do the Jamaican Authorities lack the capability or discipline to prevent threats to public safety and defend our national integrity?

2. Is Jamaica heading towards being a “failed state”?

3. Are there too many unbalance reporting of Jamaica by international media groups?

4. The roles of the UK Jamaica Diaspora organisation and the Caribbean Council

Contact: 07515430471 or email /


Michael Jackson Birthday Celebration - The Magic Lives On !

When: Saturday 29 August, 7.30pm - 2am
Where : Divo,  12 Waterloo Place, St James's, London SW1Y 4AU (Nearest station : Piccadilly Circus)
Adm: Tickets (on sale on-line from 18th August 2009)
2 course meal & dance- £30 (early bird price - 1st 25 tickets @ £25)
3 course meal & dance - £40 (early bird price - 1st 25 tickets @ £35)
Dance & entertainment - £25 (1st 25 tickets @ £20) Men 2-4-1

Come and celebrate the life of the King of Pop. Top quality entertainment includes dancers and singers, plus dinner talk from Playwright and Honourary Member 100BMOL Kwame Kwei-Armah and Dr Lez Henry on the impact and lessons of the life of the legend that was Michael Jackson.

Proceeds from the night will go towards the 100 Black Men of London charity.

Dress code : Jacko / Jackson 5. White gloves optional!


B.L.A.K FRIDAY SPECIAL: Dr. Robert Beckford Speaks - Luton

Where: Lewsey Farm Learning Centre Trust, 92 Tomlinson Ave, Luton LU4 0QQ
When: Fri 4th Sep 2009 , 7:30 - 10:30
Adm: £5.00

Akeba and Nu-Beyond in partnership with The African Development Forum present a presentation by Dr. Robert Beckford.  

“Kanye West Says, "Jesus Walks" But Are Black Christians Standing Still?”

Brother Robert has delivered this session twice to a very inspired and uplifted audience, firstly in London at the Nettlefold Hall in January and at Drum in Birmingham in June 2009. Now Luton has now been blessed to join the tour. 
In this audio-visual presentation, Dr Robert Beckford will explore the Christian values necessary to produce the prophetic faith represented in "Jesus Walks," a Christianity offering shelter to the marginalised and a challenge to the structural evil that affects us all.
If you have not experienced Brother Robert in action then here is your chance to do so as he is one of the most, committed and outspoken academics in the UK today.

See flyers for full details or go to


Nkrumah @ 100 Discussion With Dr KB Asante

When: Saturday 5 September 2009, 3-6 PM
Where: Mission Dine Club Centre, Fry Harlesden, NW10 4BZ
Adm: Free (a meal costs £5) - Booking is NOT essential, although it's useful to know in advance who is attending.

Former presidential aide Dr KB Asante joins Nkrumah @ 100 event organised by Ghana First and Ayekoo. Expect former Nkrumah aide, diplomat and political commentator Dr Asante to be joined by other pan-Africanists on the panel, including Marc Wadsworth, for a lively discussion. The session will be broadcast live on Nyansapo Radio.

£Free entry. Meal costs £5. 020 8450 5987,



The 2nd Annual Ghana Business & Investment Exhibition

When: Saturday 19th September 2009
The Bernie Grants Art Centre, Tottenham, London

Due to popular demand and a successful launch in 2008; the Ghana Black Stars Network are presenting the 2nd Annual Ghana Business & Investment Exhibition on Saturday 19th September 2009 at the Berne Grants Art Centre, Tottenham, London.

With a strong cedi against the dollar, interest rates going down, a thriving economy, a growing middle class and a pool of opportunities for the business minded, Ghana is on the international platform growing from the seeds that have been sown.

With all industries from Construction to Agriculture to any service industry open for all; The Ghana Business & Investment Exhibition will provide delegates with the opportunity to hear from key industry professionals on Ghana’s development and opportunities. The event is also a chance for business minded individuals to network and share ideas on doing business in Ghana.
This year’s event is in partnership with the Ghana High Commission UK and Ghana Investment Promotion Centre. Media partners include: African Business magazine, New African magazine, Trumpet newspaper, African Caribbean Business Network, Find-A-Job in Africa, Re-Connect Africa, African Voice newspaper and BEN TV.

To contact us and find out more information about the event or GBSN please contact:
Nadia Mensah
0788 6411 661


One Heart Beat Drumming Session

Date: Saturday 26th September 2009, 5:30 - 9:00pm
Venue: The Harrow Club, 187 Freston Road, London W10 6TH

Fuboh invites our men to Come and let the spirit of the drum re-connect us with our root - Nature & The Ancestors. You don't have to be a master drummer. Just come with your heart. This is for our fathers, brothers and sons.

Contact: 07956 673255 / EMail:


African History Overview course

When: 3 October 2009, 3-6pm
Adm: £10 per session plus £20 registration

BTWSC will be launching its OCN Level 2 African History Overview course during the Oct. 3 2009 Ayekoo session What Is African History? Followed by 3 weekly classes starting Saturday Oct. 10 2009, 3-6pm. £10 per session plus £20 registration, or £30 upon registering to cover classes and certificate registration. 020 8450 5987,



Word Power: International Black Literature Festival & Book Fair
Voices of the Diaspora

When: 24th - 25th October 2009
Time: 3-6pm
Where: Ocean, 270 Mare Street, Hackney London E8
Adm: Free

Dozens of Authors, hundreds of readers, thousands of Books. All under one roof.

Featuring leading writers, historians, poets, publishers, distributors, book sellers dealing with African Caribbean literature from all over the world.

Bonnie Greer, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing (author of The  Isis Papers), Dr Haki R. Madhubuti (Founder and editor of Third World Press), Nia Reynolds, Paul Ifayomi Grant, Wayne B. Chandler, Dr Marimba Ani, Anthony T. Browder, Sister Nzingha Assata, Jacob Ross, Dr Robinson Millwood, Onyeka, Paul Simons, Nathaniel Agbahowe, Debii Mckoy, Charles Emeka, Anton Marks, Dan Obachike, Dr William ‘Lez’ Henry plus many more


Lecture: Dr Frances Cress Welsing

When: 31st October 2009
Time: 6.30 - 10pm
Where: Centreprise, 136 Kingsland High Street, London E8, 2NS
Adm: Tickets £12 adv - £15 on the door

A lecture by Dr Frances Cress Welsing, author of The Isis Papers, the Keys to the Colors

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Nyansapo - In service to our family, with the spirit of our Ancestors

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