4 May 2013 - Issue 132

Nyansapo - On our own two feet

Greetings Family,

Welcome to another Ligali newsletter.

At Last as Etta once sang. The sun is here, still cold by the time it reaches us in England, but at least its rays bring a little colour into these grey times. Please try and check out some of the many positive events being organised by our community.

Don’t forget events like Revitalise, Project Embrace and this Sundays' fabulous, Natural November in May which focus on our physical and spiritual health or the wealth of film screenings, art and music related performances that continue developing our social, political and cultural education.

There are also some great upcoming history based workshops for those of us interested in understanding and engaging in politics. Whatever you do, please try and get out to some of them this month.


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Peace, Love & Justice

Ligali Editor

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Reader Comments

Dear Editor,

Have you ever thought of having a comments page on your newsletter? Articles are very thought provoking!

Ed - Thank you for your kind words and suggestion. We will reintroduce the idea in the next newsletter. Yours will be one of the first contributions!

Greetings, Asante Sana for your well written and insightful contribution to the Afrikan Drum
especially the piece on Thatcher an Afrikan perspective was urgently needed given the scandalous buffonary tributes been paid by those backward ones amongst us. Further down you wrote. I am currently reading Franz Fanon White Skin Black Mask which should be the other way round.

Ed - Thank you for your kind words. You are of course correct in pointing out I that erred in referring to Frantz Fanon’s classic work, I appreciate the spirit in which you brought this to my attention.

Greetings, I went to see Take Another Look at 150 London Wall yesterday (Museum of London) to find out that the event was at the Museum of Docklands, Canary Wharf, so I missed the event. Though it was initially disappointing, I looked at it as the Creator and Ancestors giving me the opportunity to slow down, as I sat on one on benches at the Museum and absorbed the rays and nourishment from Amen Ra.

Ed - Thanks for your email. I’m sorry that the event details were incorrect in the newsletter. I appreciate the spirit in which you reported back to me and that you were able to take the opportunity to receive Ancestral blessings from the Creator on that day.

Please send any thoughts or comments about this edition of the Ligali newsletter to mail@ligali.org and include the word 'comments' in the subject topic.

The Pan African Drum

"A small despised pot will boil over and put out the fire”
African Proverb, Igbo

Toyin AgbetuGreetings,

Let me warn you now, there’s a long rant coming. 

I’m sick and tired of hearing about “anti-racism”.

As Peter Tosh once sang, the biggest challenge facing African people is the denial of our human rights and justice. I’m with Malcolm Omowale X on this; I don’t care whether you like me or not because of the ‘colour of my skin’ - just don’t interfere with our right to live a life of dignity and defend ourselves & family when under attack.

Today I ask why is it always African people who are being convinced to putting all our energy into challenging the bad attitudes of others instead of building on the positive aspirations we collectively hold?

Racism is bad, yes, racism must be challenged, again yes, but why always by us?

Why not authoritatively and conclusively by those within the group perpetuating the hateful supremacist fuelled cancer.

Politicians would like to point to so called ‘extremists’ like the English Defence League as legitimate targets of political ridicule but as much as I oppose the rhetoric of disenfranchised ignorant Britons, I have more respect for their honesty than those that promote, book and legitimise the likes of the racist historian, David Starkey for Question Time or place the misogynist anti-African “Snoop Lion” on the front page of the Guardian Weekend magazine.

Ironically many of these ‘polite’ racists who make such decisions are often the worst kind of bigot. The working class liberal who knows what’s best for us, the textbook intellectual who knows more about being African than we do, the trendy hipster who wants to host a music festival dedicated to ‘fighting’ the plague of poverty and intolerance.

Instead of facilitating our ambitions by offering access to platforms that enable us to communicate and effect change about our condition, far too frequently they want personal credit and honorary ‘black’ leadership status as some kind of Jesuit figure. I say no. Help because you want to help, for spiritual or moral reasons, not because of guilt saying you should.

I mean, how often do we hear about pro-dignity concerts or pro-African charities that are not linked to the self serving interests of dismantling class barriers or ‘reforming’ capitalism? Answer, almost never.

And yet, why is it somehow ‘racist’ for us to sometimes be the exclusive beneficiaries of progressive activities? Why is even African history month always having to be defended against false characterisations of a symptom of ‘political correctness gone mad’.

It’s like those who see no contradiction in happily bequeathing their estate on death to their pets, HIV or Cancer research, but ignoring Africa, sickle cell and malaria.


Within the past few days there have been several high level anti-African incidents, the worst thing is that some of them were committed with the collusion of ignoramuses from our own community.

By now many of you will have heard about the ridiculous case of the joker Reginald D Hunter, this is the story where an African performer told n word jokes at the recent Professional Footballer’s Association (PFA) awards dinner. Hunter states;

“I use the word n***** quite a lot. I ain’t trying to hurt anybody, I ain’t trying to make a statement or reclaim it because it was a white invention but it’s just how I feel most comfortable referring to my friends...  This whole issue about anti-racism and the n word, I didn’t do anything different than I have been doing. But all of a sudden these people who want to control people through anti-racism laws get upset.”

Thankfully whilst our millionaire footballers have remained silent on the topic, our cultural artists like Beverley Knight and surprisingly... Lenny Henry have finally stepped up to the plate in order to publicly slam usage of the n word.

But it’s not good enough. Where are our ‘anti-racist’ friends?

And what about the recent Pepsi Mountain Dew Ad?  

This is where in a ‘comedy’ sketch devised by some clown called Tyler, a woman who’s been violently assaulted participates in a  police line where the only suspect options for her is a talking goat or a row of ‘suspicious’ African men. The young brotha responsible for this work refers to it as ‘art’ for a new generation and states;

“I ... don’t understand why in life are you trying to point out the negatives. It’s a young black man who got out of the ‘hood and made something of himself, who’s now working with big, white-owned corporations. Not even in front of the camera acting silly, but directing it.”

Thankfully Pepsi pulled the ridiculously ad down. But this is not good enough. Who commissioned and green lighted it? Where are our ‘ant-racist’ friends?

That not enough?

Then have you heard the news about Cecile Kyenge, the Congolese woman who has become Italy’s first African cabinet minister. Following her taking of the oath of office she has been subjected to a barrage of anti-African vitriol.

Hence, once again we see mainstream politics and racism go hand in hand no matter how high up the system we climb.

Or how about the recent ‘exhibition’ by Craig Pollard, the former student and head of development at School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS).  In a photo gallery ironically named “challenging perspectives: a journey through Africa” Pollard brings SOAS into disrepute by including his personal photos of full frontal naked images of African children in a public space.

What is so disturbing about this story is how none of the mainstream media has given this any coverage. There is no reporting on how the institution is refusing to admit its wrongdoing and protect the interests and dignity of the children exposed in the pictures.

This is not good enough, where are our anti-racist friends? Where are those outraged about high profile European men taking advantage of their status to engage in child abuse?

That too incredible to believe?

Then what about the recent comments of Zambia’s Vice-President, Guy Scott. In an interview with the Guardian newspaper he said; “The South Africans are very backward in terms of historical development. I hate South Africans. That’s not a fair thing to say because I like a lot of South Africans but they really think they’re the bee’s knees and actually they’ve been the cause of so much trouble in this part of the world... I have a suspicion the blacks model themselves on the whites now that they’re in power. ‘Don’t you know who we are, man?”

For those of you who don’t know “who we are”, Guy Scott is a European. If anything untoward should happen to the president, Michael Sata then he is likely to become the first elected neo-colonial European leader of an African nation.

I told you it would be a rant.  

You see whenever I write a Pan African Drum article I try my hardest to stay positive. My rationale is that whilst there is always a plethora of bad news stories, there are always counter balancing activities that offer hope. It’s an issue of disproportionality if you like, we think the bad outweighs the good because the media we are exposed to emphasises the problems. The solutions, we seem to either take for granted or assume don’t exist. What was the last piece of good news you heard about African people in the UK that wasn’t linked to sports or entertainment?

Anyway, a few days ago as I submitted the annual accounts for the Ligali Party I had a bittersweet moment. I suddenly realised that next year would be the tenth year since our political party was registered to run in local and national elections but had failed to do so. 

When the party was set up in response to a challenge from Operation Black Vote’s Simon Woolley I had hoped that within a few years our community would be ready and organised enough to represent our specific political concerns at a national level, on a political platform in a mature manner without compromise.

Simon was arguing that tactical voting was the best strategy we had in the UK for getting things done. His theory went that  the most politically astute amongst us would put together this ‘black’ manifesto and  that we would then vote for and support whichever party agreed to carry out our ‘demands’ once in government.

I disagreed and even to this day, the sheer facts of history remain on my side, it was my view that nailing our loyalty to Labour, Tories or the Lib Dems in the hope that they would honour any pledges made to us during electioneering was naive. Instead I believed we needed to have our own party that worked without compromise on our core needs, a party not interested in ruling the country but happy to work collaboratively in a coalition type setup to make sure our most important issues were always on the agenda.

He politely said I was dreaming, that it was foolhardy to believe a British African party would ever exist let alone have power, I felt otherwise. Less than a year later, Ligali became the first Pan-African political party in British history.

But then an amazing thing happened. There was no media coverage, not even from our own newspapers. It was like when the Voice refused to cover my actions at Westminster Abbey whilst I was writing for the New Nation.

Nevertheless, I had to concede that  Simon was right about the ‘power’ aspect. All political parties need a leader with conviction, a communicator able and willing to talk to those in a language that also reaches those beyond their core constituents. The problem with the Ligali Party was that due to my personal loathing of most politicians I didn’t want to be party spokesperson. A few potential candidates approached me but their egos were so huge it didn’t work. My book Ukweli was an attempt to provide a manual for aspiring Africans to take up the mantle, but my refusal to embrace Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as a primary medium for communication remains a mistake. One that I openly admit to.

Truth be told, I still do not want to engage with online social media, I prefer the old school methods of meeting up with people and reasoning, I enjoy activism, debate and education that uses the tools of writing, broadcasting, filmmaking, creative orality and art.

As a result I have failed to promote the Ligali Party beyond our people that read texts like this newsletter, and whilst many of us may have a certain level of political awareness, I have long acknowledged that  the best way forward is to share that consciousness with those of us who are unaware of our existence.

So why the rant?

Well I don’t usually like to end on bad news but today I must.

My original dream was that the most visionary amongst us would support the idea of taking our destiny into our own hands, and work to make sure we had a legitimate political platform to address the myriad of challenges we face. The idea was always bigger than Ligali. It was about placing our concerns on the ballot sheet and motivating the two million Africans in this country to get up, stand up.

Nine years later I have to admit that I was wrong and 2014 will most likely be the last year I keep the party going.

I have many reasons for coming to this conclusion. You see in the time since our party was formed there have been other alternative political voices that have, rightly or wrongly successfully influenced public policy.

One of the best known has been the Green Party, a small party that keeps environmental issues on the agenda with integrity.

The most vociferous in recent times was without a doubt, the British National Party. With its pantomimesque leader and its overt white supremacist agenda, this party was able to force the establishment to attack British Africans and migrants through policy designed to appease the racist streak held within the British electorate.

Today, the party holding ‘protest’ vote status is UKIP. A one man party, with a simple no EU policy. Whether we like it or not, the influence of these minor parties has been influential in steering political debate.

So why you may ask did I open by stating I’m struggling to stay positive? Well it is my opinion that I have failed our community in motivating it with the political conviction required to understand that we can make a difference. Too many of our most gifted and talented have stayed silent or joined the mainstream in ‘whiteface’ hoping to make change from within.

However to secure a positive future for the next generation we desperately need to revitalise our ‘can-do’ sense of achievement. Instead of fearing failure without fawning support of racists and their institutions, we need to be emboldened to shape our destiny by working with those honest enough to challenge their own biases whilst we work on the internal problems within our ranks.

Today, my vision for the Ligali Party is different from that of a decade ago, arguable it’s simpler, more radical but ultimately doable. We can agree or disagree but shouldn’t we at least talk change.

Real change.

Now I believe that in order for our thoughts to manifest as real we must have the courage to commit them to words, both printed and spoken. So further below I publish for the first time a draft of my new vision for the Ligali Party. My old views are still online if you want to see where I have moved from and to. I hope my insanity is infectious, even if only to plant a seed.

It’s a dream, but I believe freedom was also once a dream for our enslaved Ancestors, both in the Diaspora throughout slavery and on the Motherland throughout colonialism. So, if no-one is inspired to truly work to help make it a reality then next year I will dissolve the party and at least try and make my vision into a film that can serve as a blueprint for when future generations are ready.
In closing, I thank all those I am blessed to call family and friends for helping shape my political development, not all of them are men, not all of them are African. I am aware that my eccentricity and steadfast commitment to certain ideals (i.e. stubbornness) often means that I am not always the most easiest person to get along with.

You see it is my belief that out of fear of failure, too many of us are consciously or unconsciously sabotaging our collective progression by giving our all to causes like ‘anti-racism’ and liberal democracy.

However to my critics I simple state that whilst I admit to having a problem with assuming the mantle of leadership, shouldn’t we at least admit that together it’s time we were smarter about who we chose to follow both online and offline?

May the Ancestors guide and protect us.


Toyin Agbetu is a writer, film director, poet, and founder of Ligali, the pan African human rights based organisation.

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Community Noticeboard

We Remember... Don Blackman, 60

Jazz pianist, producer and songwriter Don Blackman loses his battle with cancer

As well as a solo artist in his own right, releasing a self-titled album in 1982 that featured the hit ‘Heart’s Desire’, Blackman played with acts like Parliament / Funkadelic, Roy Ayers, Janet Jackson, Sting, Earth, Wind and Fire and more.

We Reflect on the legacy of ... Tajudeen Abdul Raheem

Dr Tajudeen Abdul-Raheem’s untimely death on African Liberation Day 2009 stunned the Pan-African world. His transition occurred following a car crash in Nairobi, Kenya on 25 May 2009. This selection of his weekly Pan-African postcards were essential reading made available internationally through publications such as The Daily Trust, New Vision and Pambazuka news.

Tajudeen was willing and able to speak Truth with a rationality on topics that many held as politically taboo using evocative titles such as ‘The embarrassing grotesqueness of presidents’, ‘Don’t criminalise African languages’, ‘Current leaders are mass murderers’ and ‘Brown is wrong on Zimbabwe – but that does not make Mugabe right’.

This in many ways is where one of the strength of this book lies. Reading Tajudeens’ postcards often makes you feel like being the bcc recipient of personal correspondence that if sent to western media institutions such as the BBC would be immediately censored for daring to express an uncompromising Africentric stance on issues seen as ‘controversial’. Yet to characterise his work simply as provocative would be a crime.

The powerful bite sized writing contained in titles like ‘What is in a name’ are not only educational but also entertaining making them immediately accessible and the classic definition of edutainment. In Tajudeens’ postcard entitled ‘Discussing the state of African universities’ he explains why it is essential to inject a substantive element of creativity in the thinking and activities of our educational processes in order to help better guide the energy of students looking to be agents of progressive social transformation. In ‘The demand for common citizenship’ Taju becomes very personal in what is one of his longest and most powerful pieces that eloquently makes the case for a common African citizenship that is impervious from attack by malignant agents of political, ethnic and/or economic discrimination.

This posthumously published book Speaking Truth to Power opens with various contributions from noted Pan Africanists. Indeed the words of Salim Ahmed Salim, Horace G Campbell, Ama Biney and Adebayo Olukoshi provide the first clue to those unfamiliar with Taju (the sobriety used by some of his family and friends) and his work. It is an elegant and expressive introduction that confers the correct respect owed to a tireless, passionate and ever humble Pan Africanist worker whose knowledge on African people, culture and politics was immense.

Taju never ‘sold out’ despite being courted and targeted by those in power. Indeed his commitment to eradicating poverty and empowering the people of Africa through initiatives such as the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) of which he was intimately involved shines throughout this work. A man of immense virtue and integrity he always made clear that it was the union of African people not African states or heads of states that secured his loyalty.

His advocacy of a ‘people-centred Pan Africanism’ gave clear focus to an expectation of true African freedom to include release from corruption, dictatorship and discrimination, not only from imperialists, but also from corrupt leaders in government and business – African and otherwise.

Africa Live Festival

Hello all,

There are just over a 100 days left until The Africa Live festival!

It’s going to be a delightful day with an eclectic mix of fashion, bespoke handmade jewellery, arts and crafts all set against the backdrop of amazing food and flamboyant music from across the Diaspora.

Trading and catering opportunities are going fast so don’t miss your chance to be part of this wonderful festival sign up today to participate as a trader or caterer.

Volunteers are the life force of our events so if you want to help please apply to part of our amazing team.

See you all  Saturday 17th August 2013!!!!!!

Kind Regards,

The Africa Live Festival  Team


Tel: 0203 397 1583

The Africa Live Festival  17th August, Goose Green Park, Dulwich

The Africa Live Festival 2013 & The African Market Day is a subsidiary of AMDNetworks

ASI Fellows

The following scientists and technologists of the African Diaspora and Africa have recently become Fellows of the African Scientific Institute (ASI) (www.asi-org.net)

New ASI Fellows in April 2013 include:

* Hon. Gerald Lalor, Ph.D. (Jamaica): Director-General of the International Centre for Environmental and Nuclear Sciences (ICENS); Chemistry

* Thomas Charles Adams, III, (USA): Energy conservation and technology development

* Samuel Yeboah Mensah, Ph.D. (Ghana): Physics and Mathematics

New ASI Fellows in March 2013 include:

* H.E. Eugene H. Shannon, Ph.D. (Liberia): Former Minister of Lands, Mines & Energy; Petrology and Geochemistry

* Fronse Pellebon Smith, (USA): Chemistry

* Godwin Ogbadu, Ph.D. (Nigeria): Biochemistry  

We now have 667 ASI Fellows from 47 countries (Algeria, Angola, Barbados, Benin, Brazil, Burundi, Cameroon, Colombia, Congo-Brazzaville, Congo-Kinshasa, Cote d'Ivoire, Cuba, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Gambia, Ghana, Grenada, Haiti, Jamaica, Kenya, Lesotho, Liberia, Madagascar, Malawi, Mali, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Niger, Nigeria, Reunion, Sao Tome, Sierra Leone, Senegal, South Africa, Sudan, Suriname, Swaziland, Tanzania, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Uganda, United States, Zambia, Zimbabwe). 

More information about ASI Fellows can be found at the location on our website:

4th Annual National Black Supplementary Schools Week

Greetings/ Jambo,

My name is Brother Nia Imara and I am the founder and Managing Director of the National Association of Black Supplementary Schools. NABSS was set up to counter the mis-education and underachievement’s  of children of African heritage and their families back in 2007.

This year will be the 4th annual National Black Supplementary Schools Week and it has grown in public awareness every year. Last year there were 67 events in ONE WEEK, only the Olympics had more. From that, Birkbeck University offered support and the Voice Newspaper has indicated they would like to cover the week’s events.

Most events will be free to the public  but donations will be encouraged to go towards covering your expenses.

Please share this information with your connections.

Kind regards / Kwa heri (Kiswahili- “Go in peace”)

Nia Imara
Managing Director
National Association of Black Supplementary Schools CIC


WITH Government changes making it increasingly difficult to get Legal Aid Help4lips (H4L) has launched an internet website (http://www.help4lips.co.uk/) giving the best available information for people who want or need to go to Court without lawyers.

The site is also going to provide guidance to help Litigants in Person fill in legal documentation. Hopefully this will enable a Litigant in Person to arrive in court better prepared, so saving court time and increasing the Litigants in Person`s chances of success. An example is at (http://www.help4lips.co.uk/docs/PoC).

Dear fraternal organisation,

Re: Pan-Afrikan Society Community Forum (PASCF) – at European Parliament

The PASCF today received confirmation of an invitation to address the European Parliament on the subject of reparations on 16th and 17th May 2013.  Our representative on this occasion will be Brother Oxalando Efuntola-Smith, Executive Director of Communications and Priest of the PASCF.  It is our intention that the European Parliament will stand whilst our brother pours libation in honour and reverence to our ancestors.  He will also address the parliament with a 15 minute presentation.

Since only 1 representative per nation is permitted, brother Oxalando will by default be representing Afrikan people in the UK.  With this in mind the PASCF calls on fraternal Afrikan organisations in the UK that wish to make a 1 page (A4) written submission to the Parliament to contact the PASCF Secretary Brother Omowale.  All submissions must be received by the PASCF by 5pm Tuesday 7th May 2013 at the latest.  Our apologies for the short notice, the PASCF has no control over the timescales.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of any further assistance.



Brother Omowale
Pan-Afrikan Society Community Forum (PASCF)
By phone: +44 (0) 7940 204 955; or
By email: pascfevents1@gmail.com . 
Additionally you can visit our website: www.pascf.org.uk .

Kizila: Mother's Day Remembrance

Greetings everyone. Don't forget that Mother's Day in the USA , Caribbean and parts of the Commonwealth, is Sunday 12th of May, Kizala has a wonderful selection of cards including our luxurious range of Mahogany Mother's day cards. We also have a variety of gifts that you could choose from!  

Visit us in store at 16 St. George's Walk, Croydon, CR0 1YG 
Call us on: 020 8688 2601 OR  Visit us on-line at:    www.kizala.com

Curent Opening Hours:
Tuesday - Friday 10.30am to 5.30pm
Saturday 10am to 6pm

Petition: The bLack of respect Campaign

The bLack of respect campaign is a UK-initiated awareness campaign to restore our dignity as a race by getting people, chiefly ourselves, as well as institutions in the UK, Europe and other parts of the world to cease referring to us as “black” and describe us by heritage like every other race.

Please click below


and here to support the petition


Black Heritage Today – the ultimate BHM month guide was self-founded by Barbara Campbell, who, having studied elements of black history realize there was a lot that we did not know as a people. When the bank refused to lend her start-up money, Barbara cashed in her Life Insurance policy to launch her company ‘Barb Wire Enterprises’.

How many other people can honestly say they are THAT committed to ‘revealing the unspoken’ history of her community.

Launched in 2003 the Heritage mag proved popular but it was highly dependent on advertising revenue, sponsorship or individual sales. In 2008 the recession hit and it proved very difficult for the Heritage publisher, who had started out printing 70,000 copies nationwide.  The print run came down to 50,000 copies, then 30,000 and lower in order to survive. The website was launched two years ago to accommodate those who could no longer get their hands on the hard-copy except via posted subscription.

Barbara once told me: “People think I am funded because the magazine was of good quality in terms of presentation and content, but I’ve never been founded. When I ‘was’ approached by a potential funder they wanted me to change things and make the mag so mainstream. They wanted to include anyone who could be deemed ‘ethnics’ including the Irish and the Chinese. I said no. I knew my target audience (black people of African Heritage/Descent) who subscribed to the magazine knowing it was going to edify them and reveal astonishing feats of accomplishment that had never been documented in mainstream history would not appreciate the mix and nor would I. So I said no, and lost £8k per annual issue. Every issue - even though it’s only one issue per year – has been a struggle since 2009.”

The mag nearly didn’t come out last year, but the publisher managed, somehow, to pull something out the bag and it was worth sweating for. Visit: http://issuu.com/barbaracampbell9/docs/bht2011 to see a back issue for yourself!

The publisher didn’t produce this for herself, but for those interested in their history.
Recently, the Minister of Education tried to take Mary Seacole out of the National Curriculum. Barbara was one of those who protested, spread the word and wrote to Mr Gove demanding that Miss Seacole stays. What that showed many of us was that we COULD rally as a community to save something regarded as important. I think Black Heritage Today is Important and that is why I am appealing to you to help us save this historical purveyor.

This Year (2013) is The 10th Anniversary of the Black Heritage Today magazine. Wouldn’t it be great to celebrate this milestone?  Not only with a special edition, but to also be invited to a party event to mark this important birth DATE. 

What can you do to help make it happen?

Short term:

  • It would be great for people to use the publication (hard copy as well as Online) to advertise their business / products. From as little as £50 to £2,000.
  • For people to subscribe by clicking here: http://www.blackheritagetodayuk.com/order-magazine/  It’s an annual publication which is printed just once a year and is only £5 for the year.
  • Become a sponsor. Whether you are a company or an individual

Long term:

  • Become a Heritage Angel
  • Become an investor and own a good slice of the company. To find out what you need to bring to the table send an email to: info@blackheritagetodayuk.com

DIFN:Teaching Vacancies in Nigeria

1] Riplington & Associates, Abuja Nigeria

  • Principal ( Secondary),  Abuja - £40k p / a tax free,  annual return flight to home country, accommodation, transportation and medical insurance. Preference is for someone already based in Nigeria.
  • Principal (Secondary), Lagos - £50,000 p/a tax free and benefits including: Tax-free salary in UK Sterling/Nigerian Naira , Rent-free accommodation , Free utilities including Satellite TV, Annual return flight to country of origin  ( 2 economy tickets per academic year), Transportation provided from home/school and Medical Insurance. 
  • Head of International Baccalaureate ( Secondary), Abuja - £25-35k p/a tax free, annual return flight to home country, accommodation, transportation and medical insurance. 
  • English teacher (Secondary), Abuja - £18 - £25k, p/a tax free, annual return flight to home country, accommodation, transportation and medical insurance. 
  • Head of Early Years , Abuja - £25-35k p/a tax free, annual return flight to home country, accommodation, transportation and medical insurance
  •      Also Abuja bases vacancies for early years and primary teachers.

Interested candidates should contact Abiola Sanusi (abiolasanusi@randaedu.com) for more information.

2] Cambridge Education is currently seeking a senior Nigerian English language literacy/Early Grades Reading expert as a part of the core team in Abuja.  If interested, please send your CV to Adam Leach:  adam.leach@camb-ed.com by 11th May

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If you are interested contact admin@difn.org.uk

Funding Appeal: Michael is actively preparing for his 10k London run on 14th July 2013

ALL funds raised will go to DIFN's work with orphans, vulnerable children and children with disabilities located in Ipaja, Lagos. This work is dome through our partner Ipaja Community Link.

To support his fund raising efforts click on to http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/fundraiser-web/fundraiser/showFundraiserProfilePage.action?userUrl=MichaelOloko


Video: Essay Contest Winners (UK) - 2011


Winners of the Essay Contest for UK Children and Young People of African Descent 2011.

This one-day contest gathered participants in a single location at the Karibu Education Centre in London. This contest is part of the Annual Essay Contest for Children and Young People of African Descent which runs from September to March annually. Essayists participate from Africa and the African diaspora and have written in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish. African Judges are always needed.

Workshop: Curtains and Cushions

When: May 2013 – Saturday 29 June 2013, 10am – 1pm
Where: St. Mary’s Community Hall, Kent Street, Hackney, London, E2 8NU

Creative Lifestyle & Hackney Learning Trust are running this curtains and cushions workshop from: Saturday 26 January – Saturday 6 April 2013, 10am – 1pm. You will learn how to make curtain samples and cushions. You will learn how to calculate fabric and windows for the perfect finished look! Strictly for beginners or those who need help.
If you would like to know more please contact us on: 07956515419 or email: oleander@creativelifestyle.org.ukPlease note, this course is for Hackney residents and is free for those who are on low wages or benefits. Proof is needed.

Black & World History Courses

When: Held on Sundays (11.00am), Wednesdays (11.00am) and Thursdays (7.00pm)
Walthamstow, London E17

Our courses are an excellent introduction and progression into self-development providing a realistic insight into our history, our present day situation and our future. Our courses are popular and have been running for over 17 yrs.

Our unique series of 17/18 week courses are divided into 3 sections to cater for everyone.

The beginner’s course is a concise factual course covering areas of history, the current era and the various areas that govern our existence. It provides facts, to build a solid foundation. Destruction of Black Civilisation by Chancellor Williams is a must read for the course. 

Beginners / Minimum donation: £75.00 Concessions @ £65.00/unemployed/students

/ Minimum donation: £75.00 Concessions @ £65.00/unemployed/students

Advanced / Minimum donation: £77.50 Concessions @ £67.50/unemployed/students

To reserve a place on a course please contact Afua on:
020 8509 7598 / 07956 337 391 or via email: thinktank_27@yahoo.com

We look forward to hearing from you and welcome your support by spreading the word.

All Eyes On Egipt - Dalston

We are excited to announce the launch of our new health and bookstore at the heart of Dalston Market, 126 Ridley Road, E8 2NR to serve the community with natural health products, books and question & answer classes.

Come and join us the Opening Celebration for New All Eyes On Egipt Health & Bookstore On Saturday from 1pm to 8pm at 126 Ridley Road, E8 2NR, Dalston


The Ligali Party

(Draft Manifesto 2013)


 “There comes a time when humanity is called to shift to a new level of consciousness, to reach a higher moral ground. A time when we have to shed our fear and give hope to each other.” – Wangari Maathai

Since 2007 the world has been reeling from a global economic disaster. This crisis which continues to affects us today was made by a small number of people backed by a cabal of politicians, bankers, and media institutions.

As a result billions of poor people have suffered, millions have died and the vast majority of innocent bystanders have suffered as those responsible have continued to reward themselves at the expense of us all.

As if this was not bad enough, alongside stealing money from the public purse and exploiting labour and resources from the most impoverished people in the world, our governing leaders have corrupted democracy itself.  Their methods range from seizing elections through rigged ballots to assuming power without an authoritative mandate from the public.

The Ligali Party is a coalition of people from a diverse background organised as a ‘street to parliament’ political movement working for a fair and just society for everyone.

The Ligali Party intends to create a worthwhile legacy for our young people by restoring peoples based democracy and abolishing the unjust social and financial conditions that enslave generation upon generation of hard working people. 

The Ligali Party has no charismatic leader or any intention to bring about a violent revolution.
Instead The Ligali Party believes in plain and straight talking. It is action that is needed, not more political waffle and stalling.

We will face many powerful forces determined to prevent our success and protect their own interests, but we have the will and confidence to achieve our aims for the collective good of everyone irrespective of ethnicity, gender or age.

As such, our manifesto is deliberately short but strong on intention and aspiration.

Our Three Point Pledge

  • Following our election into office we will work to implement each of our manifesto promises by forming a coalition of interested groups with whom we consult and collaborate with.
  • As soon as we have passed the required legislation to achieve our manifesto promises we will dissolve parliament and call a general election.  If at that point we receive a vote of no confidence from the public we will disband the Ligali Party.
  • We will do exactly what we say we will do, there will be no U turns, no doublespeak, no politricks.

Ligali Party - Policy Outline

“When a duopoly rules, voting is a sham” - Ezili Danto

1. Representative Democracy: We will restore the sovereignty of the people

  • No government will be deemed legitimate without first securing over 50% of the public vote
  • Parliamentary seats will be allocated on the principle of proportional representation
  • All registered political parties will be public funded

“Why should we do the dirtiest jobs for the lowest pay? Why should we do the hardest work for the lowest pay?”  - Malcolm X

2. Waged Labour: We recognise the right of everyone to be engaged in rewarding Public or Private Work

  • Minimum wage locked to an annually reviewed National average wage /quality of life index
  • The max employment probation period and threshold for access to tribunal adjudication will be six months
  • Universal pension age is set at 56 for men and women
  • Men will be paid the same as women

“Justice demands integrity. It's to have a moral universe - not only know what is right or wrong but to put things in perspective, weigh things. Justice is different from violence and retribution; it requires complex accounting.”  – bel hooks

3. We will restore Policing and Justice that serves the needs of the people with the consent of the people

  • Stop and search powers will be limited to trained specialist officers
  • The IPCC will be abolished and a new national complaints authority will be established with the ability to launch peoples led inquiries and investigate public complaints against serving and retired public officials.
  • The time window for judicial review will be the applicant’s lifetime
  • Excessive fees limiting access to justice will be abolished

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand”  - Albert Einstein

4. Social Enterprise: We will develop sustainable enterprises based on creative and ethical manufacturing based principles

  • We will invest in renewable and sustainable energy sources and aggressively reduce our dependency on fossil fuels
  • We focus our investments  in the arts, humanities and scientific research that benefits society
  • We will specialise in the exporting of financial, industrial and educational based services

“What matters today, the issue which blocks the horizon, is the need for a redistribution of wealth. Humanity will have to address this question, no matter how devastating the consequences may be.” – Frantz Fanon

5. Economic Justice: We will return enterprise and morality to the Market Economy

  • All enterprises must invest at least 50% of its net profit into the socio-political development  of the exploited market
  • Maximum salary in any enterprise is capped at seven times that of the lowest paid employee
  • All bonuses schemes are abolished with only royalties allowed for workers and investors

“Real misfortune is not just a matter of being hungry and thirsty; it is a matter of knowing that there are people who want you to be hungry and thirsty” - Ousmane Sembène

6. Social Care: We will protect the most Vulnerable in Society

  • We will provide a free bread, fruits and veg basics range through supermarkets for the homeless and jobless. Food usually thrown away each day will be donated to homeless charities.
  • We will provide appropriate social housing for those that are physically vulnerable, mentally  disordered or financially insecure. This includes use of empty hotel rooms to house the homeless.
  • Minority health conditions such as Sickle cell to be allocated annual research budget

Liberating education consists in acts of cognition, not transferrals of information” - Paulo Freire

7. Social Liberty: We will ensure Education is the engine of Social Mobility

  • We will abolish all university fees for core subjects that are engine of growth and instead set academic admittance criteria for UK residents and long term NEETS
  • Qualified alternative OER based education providers will be enabled to offer degree accreditation
  • We will reform the National Curriculum to include world history, national service (non military) and related cultural studies

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” - Martin Luther King Jr

8. We will ensure our Foreign Policy maintains the highest ethical standards.

  • We will not do business with states failing to adhere to the spirit of human right conventions
  • All legitimate claims for the return of looted cultural artefacts in British possession will be honoured
  • We will respect independence claims from territories deemed colonial ‘possessions’
  • All legitimate claims for justice and reparations (not compensation) against crimes committed by British imperialism will be considered in a court of law

Please send any comments to mail@ligali.org using 'comments' in the subject topic.

Community Events

Mashufaa Classes


Spirit Of A Warrior

Date: Every Week
Adm: 1st lesson is free.  Thereafter, £4.50 per lesson.  Members £2.00 per lesson

Mashufaa is a martial are created for the mental, physical and spiritual upliftment of a generation of people who have become detached from themselves! Mashufaa is about living a life with light through the sweat of training.  Sweat lets you know you are alive.

Remember Mind, Body and Spirit are one.  Train to live and live to train. Mashufaa Classes will take place from at The Albany Theatre (Plum Room) nearest Rail: Deptford or DLR Deptford Bridge.

Monday and Fridays*
Time: 7 - 9:30pm
Venue: Lord Morrison Hall, Chestnut Grove (off Scales Rd), Tottenham, London N17 9ET
Travel: Tube: Seven Sisters (Victoria Line), Tottenham Hale / Rail: Bruce Grove
/ Buses: 243, 341, 149, 259,279

*Adults and Children
with the children's classes, We encourage learning through positive encouragement and use games and skills to reinforce the martial arts techniques that they learn.

Time: 7 - 9 pm
Venue: The Plum Room, The Albany Theatre/Centre, Douglas Way, Deptford, London SE8 4AG
Tube: New Cross
/ Rail: Deptford Station / Buses: 53, 453, 177

Time: 2pm - 4pm 
Venue: The DANCE STUDIO, Bridge Park Community Leisure Centre, Harrow Road, London NW10 0RG
Tube: Stonebridge Park (Bakerloo line and London Overground)  / Bus: 18

Website: http://www.mashufaa.co.uk

For further details please contact us on: 020 8808 7547 / 07956 337 391 or, via email on: info@mashufaa.co.uk


IBW (Images of Black Women) Film Festival

When: 3rd May to 11th May 2013
Where: Tricycle Cinema, Ciné Lumière, the Africa Centre, Peckham Plex and the BFI Southbank
Adm: Various

Established film director/writer/producer Euzhan Palcy will open the UK premiere of Middle of Nowhere by Award Winning Director Ava Duvernay (Best Director, Sundance 2012). *Her first feature, "Sugar Cane Alley" (1983) won over 17 international awards. 

Festivities will start at the Tricycle Cinema with the UK premiere of MIDDLE OF NOWHERE (USA) starring British Actor David Oyelowo & winner of Sundance Best Director 2012 for Ava DuVernay, the first black female recipient of this prestigious award.

* Other highlights include: 

-       A great selection of British films reflecting the UK youth culture & cultural diversity with films such as DEAR MR CAMERON, HANGING OUT: YOUTH CULTURE THEN & NOW and MELVING: CHRONICLE OF A PLAYER.

-       Some rare gems from the Caribbean that display beauty, vibrancy and drama with MISSED, COMING OF ORG and ELZA.

-       Two unconventional films MOTHER’S DAY (kare Kare Zvako) and NINA IT'S JOY from & about Africa; as well as the political NAKED OPTION: A LAST RESORT and the spiritually challenging ANCESTRAL VOICES: ESOTERIC AFRICAN KNOWLEDGE.

* We close the festival with a special screening at the BFI Southbank putting Haiti back on the agenda 3 years after the 2010 natural disaster with ADOPTED ID by Sonia Godding-Togobo (Canada/Haiti); a documentary that provides a rare insight into the conditions surrounding inter-racial & inter-country adoptions.  An issue exacerbated by the disaster, where none orphans are also given away to orphanages by poverty stricken parents who want a better future for their children.

*Finally IBW is expanding its vision by adding a free Art exhibition FEMININE EXPRESSIONS & REPRESENTATION   showcasing selected photographs and paintings from Fiona Campton, Shay Crozier, Hannah Uzor ( nee Hasiciimbwe) and Anthony

General Enquiries:  ibwfilmfestival@yahoo.co.uk

PASCF Workshop (South): The Crisis of Imperialism and the Future of Humanity

When: Friday, 3 May 2013,  7.00pm for Refreshments & Prompt Start @ 7.15pm
Where: 365 Brixton Road, London SW9 7DA (over from the police Station on the corner of Gresham Road and Brixton Road)
Adm: Free, Donations welcome

You are warmly invited to join us this Friday, 3 May 2013, as guest speaker, Bro Luwezi Kinshasa from the UHURU Movement analyses the root causes of today's economic meltdown, the crisis in imperialism and discusses the way forward for humanity.

Imperialism is in crisis and consequently, the social, political and economic conditions which upheld the old world order is crumbling. The growing instability of the world-wide capitalist system is characterised by coups, counter-coups, proxy wars and a continuing scramble for Afrikan resources. So Euro/US, and neo-colonialist governments in Afrika are enriched, as ordinary Afrikans die and the day-today lives of millions are severely disrupted. We have also seen the economic crisis of imperialism portrayed by the international banking crisis and its impact world-wide; exploitation, increasing poverty and mass unemployment, rising crime and inter-imperialist rivalry. The struggle for liberation is raging and oppressed peoples of the world are rising. What next for the future of humanity?

Presenter:   Bro Luwezi Kinshasa - Secretary General of African Socialist International (ASI) is a leading member of UHURU, a broadcaster and long-standing community activist.

Please Spread the Word, attend our workshop and bring a friend with you!

Blessings Always
Sis Jackie
On Behalf of PASCF

Film Night: To Sir, With Love

When: Saturday 4th May 2013, 7PM
Where: The Nub (E17)
Adm: £6 Adults / £3 Children Donation

Refreshment and Snacks Provided


The Art of Love Art Walk: Spirituality in Ancient African Art

When: Saturday 4th May 2013, 2pm - 4pm
Where: British Museum, Great Russell Street, London WC1B 3DG
Adm: £7

With the encouraging response from our first walk here is another date to learn history through art. Alvin Kofi will be repeating the THE ART OF LOVE - ART WALK: Expressions of Spirituality in Ancient African Art on Saturday 4th May 2013.

Join us for the walk from 2 - 4pm Meeting point at the British Museum reception (15 minutes before the walk begins and look for us with the Kofi Arts Art Walk sign).

It's not to late to book your tickets for the walk at www.kofiarts.eventbrite.co.uk
Art Talk tickets will also be available at the doorFor any enquiries email kofiarts@btinternet.com

Book Launch: Nigerian Community Human Right Challenges... a Diaspora Perspective

When: Saturday, 4th May 2013, 4:30 pm to 8:30 pm
Where: 150 Homerton High Street, London London E9 6JA

Book launch of Nigerian Community Human Right Challenges... a Diaspora Perspective by Nathaniel Oyinloye

Human Rights Advocate / Project Director - Hospital & Prison Action Network (HPAN)
c/o HCVS 84 Springsfield House
5 Tyseen Street
London E8 2LY Tel: 07501066097

Email: hospitalandprisonaction@yahoo.com 

WINNER OF LIFE CHANGERS 'HUMANITARIAN ACHIEVEMENT' AWARD 2010 NIGERIAN UK BASED ACHIEVER'S AWARD - ''Excellence for SELFLESSNESS IN SERVICE'' AWARD 2011 Our work with the less privileged and the abandoned people in the UK is growing. Please support us and make a donation. Text HPAN 12+ the amount you wish to give to 70070.

The Interrupted Journey Part VI

When: Saturday 4th May 2013, 7:30pm
Where: Copland Community School, HA9 7DU

Natural November in May, 2013
(May Natural November get Bigger & Better)

A natural cultural hair, health, wealth & beauty event

When: Sunday 5th May, 11-7pm
Where: Hammersmith Town Hall, King Street, London W6 9JT

A special selection of seminars, (holistic) services & stalls

 Featuring special guests:
Andrew Muhammad (The Investigator), Christelle KEDI, Diane Hall (Author of How I Grew it Long Naturally), Dionne Ible of Qemamu Mosaics, Leah Salmon (The Naturally You Coach), the Richard Weekes Chess Academy & Rosanna Lewis

 And showcasing the 1st ever Natural November Fashion Show

A Romantic Idyll (Feat. Juwon Ogungbe & Victoria Oruwari)

When: Sunday 5 May at 2.30pm
Where: Burgh House and Hampstead Museum, New End Square, NW3 1L
Adm: £8/£5 (concessions)

Multi-tasking Yoruba Baritone Sweeps versatile Kalabari Soprano Off Her Feet In
“A Romantic Idyll”

Musically multifaceted baritone Juwon Ogungbe is pairing with soprano Victoria Oruwari to present “A Romantic Idyll” – a concert programme of duets, arias and art songs. The singers, both of Nigerian heritage, will be accompanied by Rianka Bouwmeester on piano.

The singers share a great deal in common, including spending formative years in Lagos, Nigeria ... and following classical singing careers, which influenced their decision to work as a team and is a unique combination.

The duo will perform set pieces by Mozart (from The Magic Flute), Haydn (from The Creation), Lehar (from The Merry Widow), Messager (from Veronique), Gershwin (from Porgy and Bess) several duets from musicals, and solo songs by Bizet, Poulenc, Quilter, Vaughan Williams, Tchaikovsky, and Gershwin, amongst others, with fine accompaniment from Ms Bouwmeester.

Guildhall trained Juwon Ogungbe has a distinguished career composing and singing opera, music-theatre as well as Jazz oriented music. He has worked with the Royal Shakespeare Company and The South Bank Centre as well as directing music theatre in Zimbabwe. Victoria Oruwari trained at Trinity College and her repertoire covers opera, musical theatre and jazz. Her work has attracted media interest and a TV documentary about her life and her music has been filmed during her recent New Zealand tour.

Advance booking is recommended

For any media enquiries, please contact
Debbie Golt of Outerglobe  info@outerglobe.co.uk  07939564103

Gospel According to Jazz

When: 5 May 2013
Where: The Tabernacle, Notting Hill Gate
Adm: £10 (Under 16 £5)

It's a Bank Holiday Weekend so why not come out for an evening of  Gospel music infused with a touch of smooth Jazz

Performances by... Monique Thomas (Inspirational UK Gospel Artiste)
Colin Burton & Rohan Alexander (Love Sax and all that Jazz)
JP Cooper ( BBC1's - one to watch unsigned talent 2013)
Elisabeth Valentine (Denmark's finest!)
Aisha Norman & Yvonne Parks (Promoting UK Gospel Youth)

For info: 07802196734

An event not to be missed!

Fairtrade presentation

When: 8th May 1-3:30pm
Where: St. John's Community Centre, Crawford Avenue, Wembley HA0 2HX
Adm: The cost of the meal is £4

In the lead up to World Fairtrade Day, there will be a Fairtrade presentation by Cllr Nana Asante, Chairperson of Harrow Fairtrade Campaign and Brent Fairtrade steering group member, at the Luncheon Club, St. John's Community Centre, Crawford Avenue, Wembley HA0 2HX. The cost of the meal is £4 and the presentation will take place after lunch.

or more information: catherineamiller@hotmail.co.uk.

Femi Kuti & The Positive Force + Resonators

When: Thursday 9 May | 7:00PM
Where: LONDON KOKO, 1A Camden High Street , London NW1 7JE
Adm: £20

Femi Kuti's take on afrobeat is one of the most explosive sounds to emerge from Nigeria in years.

Grammy-nominated Femi's powerful saxophone style and his mighty stage presence combined with the funky grooves and driving horns of The Positive Force radiate pure, raw energy - and have seen him rip up dancefloors around the world with performances at South Africa's World Cup Opening Ceremony, Glastonbury, Damon Albarn's Africa Express to name but a few...

Son of legendary Afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti, Femi brings the thrill of the Lagos Shrine's 'Sunday Jump' night to KOKO for one night only. Unmissable!

Support comes from Resonators, a nine-piece band who have firmly established themselves on the UK's dub reggae scene, finding a unique and distinct sound. Rooted in 60/70s reggae, Resonators embrace diverse influences, making their music relevant in today's bass music culture and reminding us of reggaeʼs uplifting influence on the dance floor.


Seminar: Pan-Africanism and Communism: The Communist International, Africa and the Diaspora, 1919-1939

When: Friday 10 May 2013, 6 to 7.30 pm
Where: room G37 (Ground Floor) Senate House, University of London, Russell Square, London WC1 
Adm: Everyone is welcome. You do not have to pre-book/register. (Contact: Marika.Sherwood@sas.ac.uk)

Black and Asian Britain seminars 2012-2013

Hakim Adi (University of Chichester) , Pan-Africanism and Communism: The Communist International, Africa and the Diaspora, 1919-1939

Dr Adi will discuss his forthcoming book, which examines how and why a Pan-Africanist approach was adopted by the Comintern in relation to Africa and the African Diaspora, and highlights the agency of African, African American and Caribbean activists in determining and implementing this approach.

Tuesday, June 11, room  Room G37 (Ground Floor)

Charles Foy (Eastern Illinois University) , Black seamen in the 18th century
My Black Mariner Database of 23,000 18th century Black seamen working on European, American and African vessels demonstrates that freedom in the Black Atlantic was fluid, depending upon location and time.

Spora Stories: East End Boys and West End Girls by Ade Solanke

When: Saturday May 11th 2013, 7:30pm
Where: Rich Mix, 35-47 Bethnal Green Road, Shoreditch, London E1 6LA
Adm: Book Now! Tickets £5

A new piece of work exploring stories of london

East End Boys and West End Girls by Ade Solanke

East meets West across the education divide when four London teenagers compete for a prestigious scholarship. As they venture into new zones - criss-crossing London from the King’s Road to Kingsland High Road - each travels into unfamiliar territory, with unexpected results. Who will be the winner? And, in an increasingly divided city, will their journey across social and geographic lines uncover a common ground?

A vibrant, timely and touching piece, taking the pulse on growing up in a city jostling with many worlds.

The reading will be followed by a post-show discussion hosted by DJ Excalibah.

Associate Producer: Rasheeda Nalumoso
Co- Directors: Ade Solanke and Shade Oladiti

This play has been developed with the generous support of the Peggy Ramsay Foundation and Rich Mix.

Spora Stories tells the dynamic stories of the African diaspora. Its hugely popular debut production, Pandora's Box, by Ade Solanke, had its world premiere at Arcola in 2012 and received an Off West End Theatre Award (Offies) nomination for Best New Play. Ade won Best Playwright at the Nigerian Entertainment Awards and Best Play at the African Film Awards.

Website - www.sporastories.com
Twitter - @sporastories
Facebook - www.facebook.com/pages/Spora-Stories
YouTube - www.youtube.com/sporastories


When: Saturday 11th May 2013, MAY 11TH, 2PM
Adm: For tickets click here

HI ALL, BACK AGAIN AND A MASSIVE THANK YOU TO THOSE THAT HAVE PURCHASED TICKETS ALREADY.... we have nearly sold out, but want to keep the hits coming, so we are going to push the promotions further from here on in.. but for further updates please like adoptedid on facebook. We have a few treats to come, including the full trailer below....


REMEMBER.. ADOPTED ID is part of the IMAGES OF BLACK WOMEN film festival which kicks off on MAY 3rd 2013... for more information click HERE  

check out the following from my good friend and motivational speaker Malik Muhammad, a fantastic speaker and author, he is doing an event called THE ULIMATE SELF EMPOWERMENT SEMINAR... CHECK IT OUT BELOW. 

See you @ The Ultimate Self Empowerment Seminar May 12th

Workshop: You & Your Family in the UK

When: Saturday 11th May 2013 from 1: 30-5:00 pm
Where: Thistle Marble Arch Hotel, Brynaston Street, London, W1H 7EH
Adm: £25

A three hour workshop to explore opportunities for You, Your Children and Your Family, to succeed in the UK.

In this workshop you will explore and learn:

Raise awareness of how you can preserve your culture, identity, beliefs and values and be successful at work, and as parents, whilst living in a multi cultural society.

You Children
What do you want for your children? Better communication and the art of listening? How to talk with your children to nurture trust and respect their choices?
When is best to agree and disagree with your children, while maintaining loving and caring communication.

Your Family
How you and your children, by working together, can create a successful relationship that will meet the needs of the whole family.

For more information, please contact: Melinda Simonnet on 01273 486131 or at admin@vlslanguages.com
Or for London: Sarah Robson on 07779 781175.
To make your payment, please contact: Gaye Morris on 01273473986. Payment by cheque to Diversity Resource International (DRI) 36 St Nicholas Lane, Lewes East Sussex BN7 2JZ or by bank transfer to Account number 87559056 sort code 601015. We have very limited places please send your payment ASAP to confirm your place.

Fairtrade Pop-up Restaurant

When: Saturday 11th May 1:00-3:30pm
Where: Stanmore Baptist Church, Abercorn Road, Stanmore, HA7 2PH
Adm: The cost is £6.50, but £5.50 if tickets are bought at http://missionfair.eventbrite.com.

Mark World Fairtrade Day at the Fairtrade Pop Up Restaurant at Stanmore Baptist Church, Abercorn Road, Stanmore, HA7 2PH on Saturday 11th May 1:00-3:30pm. It’s organised by Harrow Fairtrade Campaign in partnership with Mission Dine Club (MDC) and is an opportunity to fundraise for MDC & Harrow’s Foodbank, and raise awareness about Fairtrade.

Menu: Jollof rice & chicken and plantain, with vegetarian option, and dessert.

For more information: missiondine@hotmail.co.uk.

Screening: Capoeira - Fly Away Beetle

When: Monday 13th May 2013, 7pm - 9.30pm
Where: PCS Headquarters (CLAPHAM JUNCTION), 160 Falcon Road, Clapham Junction, London SW11 2LN, (3 minutes walk from Clapham Junction mainline station.
Adm: £5 per person. Children under 16 are FREE. Don't forget your loyalty card!  

Three world renowned masters (Olavo dos Santos, Boca Rica, and Cobra Mansa) tell of the oppressive conditions during and after slavery which shaped the unique art form of Capoeira. Sharing radically different views their focuses range from the violence of Capoeira's early days, to the modern social benefits of Capoeira for a youth in troubled times. They describe the subtleties of the art form's deceptive moves and articulate, through personal insight, an animated and colorful picture of Capoeira.

Living under bridges on the ghetto streets of Salvador Brazil a young man (Roque Batista) turns to Capoeira in order to save himself from destitution. In the struggle to better his life Roque becomes a teacher of Capoeira, and we meet his young student Tamir as she turns to the art form in an effort to avoid the dangers of street life.

Weaving between interviews, rare old footage, and modern exhibitions of Capoeira, the film tells the stories of these people. In so doing, connections to slavery, African Candomble and magic are discovered. Tales of the legendary Besouro (the flying Capoeirista) aquaint us with a mystical and enigmatic figure, as much legend as historical, who mastered the arts of African magic.

There will be a discussion and live capoeira demonstration after the screening with Abhusia from Awakened Spirit who provide Capoeira Angola classes in South London. Bring a pen!


Email  info@blackhistorystudies.com to confirm your attendance.


When: 18 May 2013, 11am - 8pm
Where: St Augustine School, Oxford Road, London NW6 5SN
Adm: £15 (Under 18's £5 / Children 3+ £3)

Greetings my brothers and sisters!

Revitalise is back!
London's premier health event for black men and women is back bringing you the information that is topical, well-researched and right on target. Your health is important to us and Revitalise is our commitment to sharing the wealth of our knowledge and practice with you.

Workshops on natural hair, breast cancer and a much needed forum for black men on their health, wealth and overall well being are on the agenda and much more....just waiting for you to get your ticket.

There is something for all the family including children over three - so bring your sister, your brother, your mother , your father , your best friend, your colleague. There will be delicious food, beautiful gifts and a chance to empower yourself so see you on the 18th May.

Activities for the children 5+

For more information contact: 07951 252 427 / 07855 941 591
For stalls at our Mini Kamit Maatket contact: 07956 507 793

Ra Un Nefer Amen coming soon! 
1st, 2nd 9th June LONDON
7th & 8th BIRMINGHAM
Get your tickets now from: 

Project Embrace: Look of Love

When: Saturday, May 18, 2013 from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM 
Where: Yaa Asantewaa Arts Centre, 1 Chippenham Mews , London W9 2AN

In its bid to challenge the narrow perception of beautiful hair and encourage black women and girls to embrace their natural hair texture, Project Embrace™ will be taking out billboards around London and other UK cities, and placing black models with afro textured hair on them.
Project Embrace™ will be calling on the UK Government to look into regulating the sale and use of chemical hair relaxers and extensions, by placing an age restriction on their use, with a total ban for children’s use.

It is in a desperate attempt to conform to Western beauty standards that black women put their health and those of their daughters at risk with these dangerous hair practices. According to one of London’s leading natural hair stylist, Melanie Blake from Bespokes hair styles, “More and more young women and even children are coming to us with excessive hair loss.”

Despite the dangers, many will not wear their hair in its natural state.  Project Embrace™, the brain child of Lekia Lée, a former radio journalist is actively campaigning to change this. “I don’t believe there is a single definition of beauty, and this is what I want to demonstrate with the campaign” – Lekia Lée

With the ‘Look of Love’ event we aim to raise funds that would go towards funding the billboard campaign.

The event will consist of workshops on:

  • How To Love Yourself
  • Empowerment To Success
  • How to care for Natural Hair
  • Make-up Masterclass
  • Success of a Natural Hair model

A natural hair show will round-off the day. If you cannot come down to the event but would want to support the campaign you can make a donation on www.facebook.com/ProjectEmbraceUK
For more information about the event please visit http://projectembrace-eac2.eventbrite.com/

Kulcha Village

When: Sunday 19th  May 2013, 12pm-6pm (Stall holders need to arrive for 11am to set up)
Where: Mama Afrika Kulcha Shap, 282 Leyton High Road, London E10 5PW

Greetings Bros and Sis your No1. Sunday Market is back! Showcasing the finest Afrikan inspired clothing, jewellery, shoes,  scrumptious moist vegan cakes, greeting cards, dvd's, books,  health and beauty products and lots more!! There are limited stall spaces available £15 for one stall and £25 for two stalls. 

To book your stall(s) please contact Mama Afrika Kulcha Shap on 0208 539 2154  (business hours), or Sis Kai on 07908 814 152   or email your interest stating what you will be selling, amount of stall(s) and contact details to: asantewaa_lioness@hotmail.co.uk.

To make a stall payment using bank transfer please use the following info:

Bank: HSBC
Account name: Alkebu-Lan Revivalist Movement
Sort code: 40 02 48
Account Number: 31160389

Please put your name and event e.g. Afrikan Kulcha Market as reference and send me an email to confirm payment.

Hotep Sis Asantewaa 

The Children’s Cultural Film Club

When: Saturday 11th May 2013, 2~4 pm
Where: The Edge Hall, 117 Bruce Grove, Tottenham, London N17 6UR
Adm: Children £2.50 (aged 2~20 years), Adults £5.00 [Free if you have a child between 2~12 years] Plus free popcorn & drink available

Theme For The Month: African Liberation

Also note that hot food is sold on the premises ~ Rice n Peas, Fish, Chicken, Macaroni Cheese, Dumpling, Ackee n Saltfish, Calaloo and more

See you this Saturday 13th April 2013, 2~4 pm

Almanac [Calendar] Dates
Remember Not To Forget!!

Our Children's Cultural Film Club takes place every second Saturday in the months so put the date in your diary from now!!!

11 August 2013 ~ Emancipation Day / Marcus Garvey Celebration
8 June 2013 ~ Salute Our Men/ Father’s Day
13 July 2013
14 September 2013 
12 October 2013 ~ Black History Month ~ Part Two
9 November 2013 ~ Remembrance
14 December 2013 ~ Kwanzaa
Our sessions are undertaken in a ‘Positive Family Environment’ and we hope to see you, one day. 

Stay Blessed 
Gold Onyx Team

07946 670 949
Facebook ~ GoldOnyx Rntf

How African Enslavement Built Britain

When: Saturday 18 May 2013 @ 3pm
Where: Lambeth Town Hall, London, Brixton Hill, SW2 1RW
Adm: Free - TO RESERVE SEATS, TEXT: 075 0890 3634

The 1833 Abolition Act gave enslavers £20 million in compensation; enslaved Africans in the Caribbean got nothing!

About half of the compensation was paid directly to absentee holders in Britain. They included over 100 MPs who sat in Parliament between 1820 and 1835; also included were more than 110 Church of England ministers.

They were identifi ed in the records of the Compensation Commission as either owners, trustees or executors. The compensation money, the final pay-off to the enslavers, helped to build railways and country mansions, to fund art collections, charities and to build modern Britain.


Chinua Achebe Memorial

When: 18 May 2013, 7pm - 2am
Where: All Saints Cathedral, 105 New Cross Road, London SE14 5DJ

Professor Achebe's body will arrive in Abuja on May 12, sparking off a series of events and festivities that will continue until his final interment in Ogidi, Anambra State on May 23. Nigeria's UK diaspora community in conjunction with his family, the high commission and the wider literary world, have decided to organise their own celebration as part of this programme.

Their activities will kick off with a memorial service at All Saints Cathedral, New Cross, London which will be presided over by the Bishop of Southwark.

After the service, guests will be treated to an evening of African culture, literature at the nearby Millwall Football Club's reception hall.

Kulcha Village

When: Sunday 19thMay   2013, 12pm-6pm (Stall holders need to arrive for 11am to set up) Where: Mama Afrika Kulcha Shap , 282 Leyton High Road, London E10 5PW

Kulcha Village your No1. Sunday Market is back! Showcasing the finest Afrikan inspired clothing, jewellery, shoes,  scrumptious moist vegan cakes, greeting cards, dvd's, books,  health and beauty products and lots more!!

There are limited stall spaces available £15 for one stall and £25 for two stalls. 

To book your stall(s) please contact Mama Afrika Kulcha Shap on 0208 539 2154  (business hours), or Sis Kai on 07908 814 152   or email your interest stating what you will be selling, amount of stall(s) and contact details to: asantewaa_lioness@hotmail.co.uk.

Queen Nzingha Lectures (5) : Sex, Violence and Civil Rights

When: Friday, May 24, 2013 from 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM
London Metropolitan University, Holloway Road, N7 8DB, Room BP22 (through Rocket Complex)
Adm: Free if booked via eventbrite. Donations accepted on the day

Sexualised Violence and the USA Black Freedom Movement with Dr Althea-Legal Miller

Violence against protesters during the 1960s African American freedom movement has been popularly characterised by scenes of fire hoses, dogs, club wielding law enforcers, and vicious white mobs.  Yet the suppression of civil rights struggles was also sexualized. 

The heroic missives of male leaders, such as Martin Luther King’s letter from a Birmingham jail have popularly shaped how we view jail and the experience of imprisonment for civil disobedience in 1960s America.  But as thousands of predominately young African Americans – who in some regions were disproportionally made up of adolescent black girls – committed to arrest and imprisonment during the movement, police officers and jailers attempted to undermine their sexual rights and the goals of the black freedom struggle through racialized sexual violence.  In her presentation ‘Sexualized Violence and the American Black Freedom Movement’ Researcher and freelance writer, Dr Althea Legal-Miller will argue that the semi-occluded space of the jail left female civil rights workers particularly vulnerable to an innumerable repertoire of sexualized oppressions from white male law-enforcers, which included sexual comments and threats, sexual intimidation, voyeurism, strippings, sexualized beatings, abuse of search authority, molestations, and rape.   

This presentation will illuminate little-known narratives of female imprisonment, and importantly, resistance during the mass incarcerations of the early 1960s.  Additionally, the presentation will illuminate how the politicised environment of the 1960s empowered young women and girls to break with general proscriptions against speaking about sexuality.  Crucially, young women and girls understood that respectable silences around sexual discourse did not foreclose bold denunciations of sexualized violence, and in turn they began to courageously overthrow sexual taboos and use their testimonies as powerful political weapons against white male supremacy.

About the Speaker: Dr Althea Legal-Miller

Ph.D., American Studies, King’s College London, 2011

A National Association of Black Saturday Schoolswww.nabss.org.uk  and www.blackhistorywalks.co.uk production

African Liberation Day 2013: Family Event

When: Saturday 25th May 2013
Where:  Johmard Community centre 65-67 High Road, Colliers Wood, London SW19 2JF,  2pm to 8pm
Adm: Over 21 years old? we are asking for a £3 love donation on the door.

The All African People’s Revolutionary Party (AAPRP) and the Pan African Society Community Forum (PASCF) would  like to invite you to our event: African Liberation Day 2013!!!- Pan-Africanism is Power, We Must Unite - The day will be full of activities and entertainment for all!!!  As well as the political presentations from a wide range of organisations and delegations.

The event will include:

  • African market Place (jewellery, clothes, music, food stalls)
  • FREE African dance workshop for children and adults   ( by Efiba Arts African Cultural Development)        
  • Youth and students workshop – Building Pan African Youth Groups
  • A wide variety of Cultural Artists

·            Soneni and the Soul live band 
·            Maskelah (poetry)
·            Efiba Arts African Cultural Development (dance performance)

  • Political Panels

i)        The power of pan-Africanism  - local and global strategies -  
ii)       Building workers resistance in the Caribbean
iii)     What is Unity  - how far we have come -
Guest Speakers:
·         Brother LBC from Plataforma Guetto (PanAfrican Organisation in Portugal-Cape Verde)
·         Brother Moula DjSasebwera (PanAfrican Confederation of Spain and Co-founder of the Organizacion de los Estados Unidos de Africa [OEUA] /Organisation of the United Estates of Africa)
·         Caribbean Labour Solidarity
·         Pan African Society Community Forum (PASCF)
·         All African People’s Revolutionary Party (A-APRP)
·         All African Women’s Revolutionary Union (A-AWRU)
o   Venezuelan Embassy
o   Cuban Embassy
o   Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Support group
o   Uhuru international movement
o   Moya wa Taifa
o   Zimbabwe youth

For more information please contact us on:

Email  Twitter Facebook Website

Mob: 07914 348259

Screening: Pass the Comb & Kickin' It With the Kinks 

When: Monday 27th May 2013, 6.30pm - 8.30pm
Where: Ritzy Cinema, Brixton Oval, London SW2 1JG
Adm: £11.00. To book your tickets, please call the Ritzy Cinema Box Office on 0871 902 5739 or book online: http://www.picturehouses.co.uk/cinema/Ritzy_Picturehouse/film/Kickin_It_With_The_Kinks/

PASS THE COMB is a short film telling the story of a young brother in conflict and his older sisters calming influence using the cultural tradition of braiding hair. With each stroke of the comb, the pressure reduces as brother reveals and releases his stress and frustrations. Each completed corn row demonstrates the benefit of sisters 'hair therapy', words of wisdom and advice which help brother find his way out of his frustrations.

But how did sister get so wise? And is she really the picture of innocence she portrays?

Pass the Comb is part of CHANGE THE STEREO, an initiative born out of a need to create art through the medium of film and theatre to tell stories you wouldn't necessarily see about 'Urban youth' as they are so often labelled. With Pass the Comb we are portraying layers and diversity through alternative lenses.

KICKIN' IT WITH THE KINKS began as Cynthia Butare's self-funded university project at Manchester Metropolitan University's Department of Information and Communications where it received Best Documentary Prize. Cynthia was deeply moved to explore the subject further with the help of her friend Mundia Situmbeko, blogger and co-founder of blackgirlflow.

More than a project, it was now an urgent quest to study and share the thought-provoking emotional and physical realities and complexities of hair care for black women, its roots in slavery and colonization, and ultimately to ask the question, 'what is the true meaning of beauty?'

The journey has not only inspired Cynthia and Mundia to gain incredible insights but also gave them strength to embrace their own beauty and spearhead an intensive drive to involve other fellow women to do the same.

Indulge in this journey of self-realization and merge with the confidence to embrace your true and unique identity... "

The screening will be followed by a short Q&A with Yvette Griffiths of Pass the Comb, the director of Kickin It with the Kinks Cynthia Butare and special guest Ansylla Ramsey.

Africa At Spitalfields

When: Monday 27 May 2013 (Bank Holiday Monday); 10am – 5pm
Where: Spitalfields Traders Market
Adm: Free

Come and join London's biggest shopping experience inspired by Africa

Join us on the last Bank Holiday Monday in May, as we transform Spitalfields Traders Market to bring you Africa at Spitalfields, a new shopping experience, celebrating the vibrant African culture and showcasing the talents from Africa and the Diaspora in the UK. The day is to include an array of stalls of African Music, Film, Fashion, Interiors, Street Food, Art, crafts and Literature.  

You'll be greeted by the aroma of sweet smelling African street food, traditional African dancers, the distinctive sounds of Djembe drummers and you can try braiding and face painting for the kids or big kids. 

More than a conventional market, Africa at Spitalfields is an interactive shopping experience about bringing together the community young, old, families, students & adults, and is a perfect environment for stall holders and those that that have a general interest to connect with one another.

Feed your curiosity, your eyes and your taste buds...Get Involved, Get Inspired.

Free entry for all and everyone is welcome!

Twitter: @Aatspitalfields

WEA COURSE: An Introduction to the History of Black People in Britain

When: 29 May and for 6 consecutive Wednesdays finishing 3 July 2013, 6.30pm – 8.30pm
Where: WEA Learning Centre, 96 - 100 Clifton Street, London EC2A 4TP
Adm: The cost is £45 but free on proof of income related benefits (this includes council tax and housing benefit)

Black and Asian people have been an active part of British society for centuries. This course gives a broad overview of the experience of immigrants and their interaction with settled populations, particularly in relation to slavery and the labour movement.

More information: Monica Gort - Tel: 020 7426 1976
Email: mgort@wea.org.uk

To enrol call Freephone number 0800 328 1060 or online via www.wea.org.uk  quoting course ID C2416874


Lectures: In Celebration of Ancient Kamitic Culture

When: 1st, 2nd 9th June 2013

When: 7th & 8th June 2013

Join us! Dr Ra Un Nefer Amen I on UK Tour to celebrate 40 Years of the Ausar Auset Nation

Greetings - Ra Un Nefer Amen 1 will tour the much anticipated, latest edition of ‘Not Out of Greece’. With his international following, it's expected that his lectures in London and Birmingham will be very well attended. We wanted to inform all organisations and community groups so that they can inform their members of these lectures in good time. We would welcome any assistance you can offer in sharing this information far and wide.  

Tickets can be purchased through Eventbrite or on the door


The lectures are on: 


Black Book Swap

When: Saturday 15th June 2013
Where: Upstairs Bar, Ritzy Cinema, Brixton

We're thrilled to announce that the next Black Book Swap will be held on Saturday 15th June 2013 at our new venue Upstairs Bar, Ritzy Cinema, Brixton.  To date we've secured two fascinating interviewees Yvette Edwards author of 'Cupboard Full of Coats' and writer and performance poet Dean Atta .

Look How Far We’ve Come: Racism, The Bristol Bus Boycott,  Black History Month,  The Black Sections,  And Where Are We In Today's Union Jack?

When: Monday 24 June 2013, 7-9pm
The Houses of Parliament

Resources, which document African British histories within the context of racism and equalities researched and produced by history consultant Kwaku, will be launched Monday June 24 2013, 7-9pm at the Houses of Parliament.

For more information: Awula Serwah, btwsc@hotmail.com.

The Spotlight Dinner and Dance ft Janet Kay & Victor Romero Evans

When: Saturday 29th June 2013
Where: The Marriott Hotel, Maida Vale, London
Adm: £60 (Book Online)

If you attended our last event in Nov 2012, you'll already know 'The Spotlight' combines a fabulous dining experience, with live entertainment and dancing to the sounds of a great DJ. For this show, we'll be honouring and be entertained by a wonderful couple, Janet Kay and Victor Romero Evans. This is our opportunity to hear about their inspiration and achievements and to also toast their long success. This is their moment in 'The Spotlight'.

Dress chic and come and enjoy this sophisticated night out!

Dress Code
African attire or black tie. We'd love everyone, if possible, to tip a nod to African heritage and fashion. This can be as small as a handkerchief, bow tie, scarf or clutch bag to full dashiki suit, Senegalese Kaftan, grand boubou, buba and wrapper sets with head ties. The choice is entirely yours. But whatever you choose, dress to impress!

Retailers and Designers

This event is sponsored by FP Comms....Marketing with love 

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LIGALI is a Pan African, human rights organisation. It is maintained and funded entirely by friends and family of the Ligali organisation, donations are welcome as we need your help to keep it running.


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NYANSAPO is the name of one of the many Adinkra symbols in Akan culture, it is a knot that is so intricately tied it is said that, “only the wise can untie the wisdom knot”. This ebe (proverb) points to the fact that only wisdom affords one the ability to see parts in relation to the whole within which they belong. Wisdom breeds patience, and the insight needed to untangle complex issues and arrive at just solutions grounded in divine order without profaning Ancestral culture in the process.

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