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Nyansapo - is an online community radio station hosted by the Ligali Organisation. It is designed to enable honest and progressive discussion of community issues. Our next Pan African Drum programme on 3 March 2009 will ask the questions;

What were the top five books that changed you life?

Reading Matters: Cool Books


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9pm - 10pm
Pan African News (Mixing international and local news)

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10pm - 11:30pm
Talk of the Day
What were the top five books that changed your life? This week’s programme will focus on the importance of literature and cultural media. Through our Reading Matters theme we are looking for your favourite books, why reading is cool and suggestions on some of the key texts every African should read. We will have contributions from Michael Williams of BIS Publications and Sista Ama Gueye of the Per Ankh Publishing Co-operative. Listen, interact and call in with your opinions, advice and questions.
Authors who call get an extra minute to promote their books!

11:30 - 12:00am (ish)
Loose Ends
Organic cook up flavoured discussion on recent media, films, books and cultural arts.


Nyansapo - The Pan African Drum

Toyin Agbetu

Nyansapo – Reading Matters

“If you know the beginning well, the end will not trouble you” – African Proverb, Wolof

Greetings, what is black and white and red all over? No it’s not a sun burnt zebra or an embarrassed penguin. The traditional answer to this old joke is a newspaper (the word read is being pronounced ‘read’ - get it).

As you may have noticed I’m not very good at telling jokes. But reading is no joke.

A few weeks ago I hosted a show on Nyansapo discussing the topic of Money Matters. It wasn’t a debate focusing on how to get rich quick by pimping our community or becoming hermits destined to a life of misery. Instead we focused on how to save money by living within our means, fulfilling purpose and still enjoying those occasional treats we deserve. Community feedback was fantastic with contributions ranging from stockpiling canned foods to joining an established pardner instead of investing in shares. You can listen again via But it was only after one of the regular callers recommended a book called Enemies: The Clash of Races by Haki R. Madhubuti it reminded me how powerful books are. Madhubuti’s book was published over thirty years ago that still has information relevant today.

My copy of that book came through the post this morning and I have to admit that despite the passage of time meaning some topics require a little rethinking from the viewpoint of contemporary solutions, from the little I have read so far it is a classic.

It made me realise that my recommended reading list has now become so extensive I barely have any time to watch any frivolity on the tell-lie-vision as some of my friends refer to what I call the ‘brain draining’ box. And guess what… I don’t miss it. Through books we can chose to engage in our own personalised history channel, self-development channel, current affairs, drama, spiritual healing  and so much more. The beauty of books is not only that we can carry them wherever we are and use them without batteries, it is also that we don’t need a license (yet!) to read them, nor need pay a media license tax to insult and ultimately oppress ourselves.

So what are some of the things I read over the last seven days.

[Eastenders fans please skip this section]

Well first, there is the news that the New Nation newspaper has been picked by a new organisation called the African Media Enterprises Ltd. Like most of us I don’t know much more than that so I guess we’ll have to watch this space….

Reading Matters

Last week, the British Police force used stop and search legislation to confiscate over 2000 ‘potentially harmful’ items from innocent people gathered at a climate change protest. Items seized included “balloons, crayons and a clown’s outfit”. We still have a national e-borders scheme, identity register, communications database, CCTV and automatic number plate recognition, ‘Contactpoint’ the governments children’s database, forced DNA sample recording and a parliament that is engaged in supporting torture, financial corruption, rendition, illegal wars and protecting fascist police officers whilst simultaneously announcing to the world they are no longer institutionally racist. All this is despite warnings from former MI5 heads, politicians, academics, journalists, people on the street dropping science and even African police officers who work on the inside promoting a boycott of the police force because ethnicity based bigotry is deeply rooted at the highest levels….

Reading Matters

Again last week, Gordon Brown, Tony Blair and Jacqui Smith were amongst a list of  people identified as “the 10 enemies of freedom” in a report named “The Abolition of Freedom Act 2009” produced by the University College London Students’ Human Rights Programme. Meanwhile their opposition, the nasty Tory party are still promising to repeal the Human Rights Act when they come into power. These are scary developments and yet almost none of these issues make it onto the front pages despite this coming from a country that has no written constitution and is still governed using a dictatorial style faux-democracy that pledges its primary allegiance to the crown instead of the people...

Reading Matters

Three years ago I wrote an article for the Ligali website called Reclaiming Martin Luther King ( With the mass hysteria caused by the election of President Obama I was grateful when a friend recently passed me a link to a story about the ‘Martin Luther King you don’t see on TV’. As you can see, history contains all the clues we need to find a solution to our current problems….

Reading Matters

[Eastenders fans please rejoin the editorial here]

Erm… Africa is the poorest continent in the world, President Mugabe is evil for picking on poor ‘white’ farmers, his crazy Zimbabwe ‘regime’ destroyed their own economy by printing more money, Bush cared deeply and was simply misunderstood, Bwankers do an important job and deserve good pensions, British general says “we will leave Iraq a better place” after murdering thousands of innocent civilians, immigrants are evil and are taking our jobs, the BNP are simply misunderstood,  what do pensioners need with savings, Michelle Obama made ‘black’ history by being on the front page of Vogue, ‘New’ Labour is simply misunderstood, entertainers Rihana and Chris Brown may be back together, Stevie Wonder was awarded by Obama….

I could go on.

Don’t get me wrong, no one is saying you should only seek out bad news, but it is essential we get the right mix if we are to be able to make informed decisions about the world we live in. Reading the wrong literature also matters. Every time we purchase the Sun or Daily Mail we are harming ourselves.

However, even without making any conscientious effort to digest books (new and old), just reading graphic novels, scanning our emails or reading select online news sources often reveals a wealth of information that enriches our knowledge. But nothing compares to the immense rewards that are to be gained by actively choosing to expand our awareness of the world around us by pro-actively engaging with ideologically empowering and diverse cultural, political and spiritual literature. Modern technology has never been able to successfully compete with the advanced ancient African know-how of encoding thoughts, music and speech through the use of ancient African scripts imprinted on/through organic and sometimes extremely robust natural storage media.

Reading Matters

“I am convinced that if we are to get on the right side of the world revolution, we as a nation must undergo a radical revolution of values. We must rapidly begin the shift from a "thing-oriented" society to a "person-oriented" society. When machines and computers, profit motives and property rights are considered more important than people, the giant triplets of racism, materialism, and militarism are incapable of being conquered.”
Martin Luther King

May the Ancestors guide and protect us. Ase.

Toyin Agbetu is a writer, film director, poet, and founder of Ligali, the pan African human rights based organisation.

Maisha Solutions: Feedback

Maisha Solution
Maisha Solutions:
Every door has its own key


Have you attended a Maisha Solutions screening. If so please give feedback. Did the film miss any topics you felt urgent? What way forward for Pan Africanism?

Some of the comments on Maisha Solutions (Directors Cut);

'a very informative, well-presented documentary'

‘Very informative and encouraging. Hope this gets widespread publicity amongst our community.’

‘Good inspiration, with new cultural views.’

‘Very good focusing on what we need to do next. Very powerful and emotional.’

Very educational, insightful and thought provoking.’

‘The film was solution designed taking our historical experiences and solutions to the Diaspora and Africa.’

'an insightful, informative and thought provoking documentary'

‘Very inspirational.’

'a fantastic piece of work. Thank you.'

‘another brilliant production. It touched on many important topics from many parts of the world which I liked because it is holistic.’

Comments taken during African History Month (Feb 09) @ BFI South Bank: Maisha Solutions Premiere Screening

Nyansapo: Update.

We still need callers to contribute to the programme, not only to bring a rich diverse body of thought to discussions but also to assist us with checking the quality of our telephone communications infrastructure

Issues with buffering appear to have been almost totally eliminated, over the next few weeks we will be focusing on making minor improvements to our broadcast quality. Our new changes means we now incur an additional burden of over £50 p/m to maintain the station.

Some new listeners have expressed an inability to connect to the station shortly after the programme starts. Nyansapo uses windows media streaming and requires some users to install the latest version of windows media player to have the compatible audio codecs to hear the programme.

You can download the software directly from;

Connecting - Mac Users
We would like to welcome our new Mac listeners. We have had several emails from many happy Mac users who are overjoyed at being able to receive the Nyansapo - Pan African Drum broadcast. If we secure regular donations we will maintain this secondary stream and revert back to archiving the show in its original wma format to save server space and increase quality.

Phone Lines
Sound quality for callers trying to hear responses down the telephone is sporadic, sometimes the line is clear, on other occasions callers cannot hear us making interaction impossible. Our original objective was to provide a low cost phone number for our community to interact through, we may have to resort to using more flexible but expensive mobile communications technology if this fails. Please bear with us whilst we work on solutions.

Donations and fundraising
By increasing our bandwidth we now incur higher monthly costs running the station. We also need to build an additional two media servers, one for backup purposes. We are asking anyone who is interested in making monthly contributions to go to

If there are at least five listeners happy to make regular donations of at least £12 per month (£3 per week). Whilst the Ligali organisation does not take advertising we will consider programme sponsorship.

Comments, Feedback and Complaints


Feedback on Ligali

"Greetings Brother Toyin,

I would just like to thank you once again for the service you provide for our community with the Nyansapo radio station and the Ligali website.

Please continue to keep up the good work that you are doing for us, your extended family both near and far. May the creator of all things, continue to guide all of your works. Blessings to you and your beautiful family. Stay Powerful."


Comments on all African episode of Eastenders

EastEnders Cast: Patrick Trueman, Denise Wicks, Libby Fox and Lucas Johnson

After 23 years an all black Eastenders !?
This is hilarious! What took them 23 years? How is it that this is broadcast on the same day that the Police announce the term institutionally racist no longer applies ?
Does this one-off show make up for the last 23 years of under representation and gross mis-representation? How is that both of the black men featured are made out to have dodgy pasts which they cannot reveal to their family ?
And how an earth could they mention Notting Hill Carnival and its origin and not mention Kelso Cochrane ?
Is this the same BBC that routinely puts on good black films at 11pm  and could find time to run films on Ronnie Barker when he died but not Rosa Parks ? I must have missed their season on Aime Cesaire when he passed but I'm sure I can look forward to 90 minute special on Jade Goody soon
If the BBC followed its own rules of accuracy that it applies to the architecture and street furniture to make sure that Eastenders was "truly representative of the east end it features" to the ethnic make up of the area then at least  half of the cast should be african or asian and there would be no need for a special one off show. Where are all the Somalis, Nigerians,Jamaicans,and Bengalis that live in Tower Hamlets/Hackney or Newham which comprise the East End? 
what a joke"


"The BBC has received almost 250 complaints over the first episode of EastEnders to feature an all-black cast in its 24-year history."

Guardian - BBC receives almost 250 complaints over 'all-black' EastEnders

Reality: South London Workers Against Racism (SOLWAR), 1981:
Unlike the characters portrayed in fictional TV dramas like Eastenders, real African people used to unite and organise to protect themselves from facist Police. Racist officers who abused their authority would get 'a bloody good hiding'.

Le Ballon D'or
Dub Poet of integrity: Linton Kwesi Johnson

Email sent to Ligali as an open letter to African media in the UK

Subject: Black Press in the UK. Who do they represent?

Greetings Comrade,

The letter below was sent to the Black Press in the UK in August 2008 and was never published. I've asked Linton if I could send this around to GAC network and he has agreed. I am now asking that members contact the Black UK Press and ask them 'who's views are you reflecting?'

One LOve


Dear Lester

Is it possible for a dictator to rig an election in favour of the opposition? Apparently, that is what happened in Zimbabwe in March. However, as Richard Dowden of the Royal African Society grudgingly admits, “discounting rigging and bullying, the unpalatable fact is that there is still popular support for Mugabe and those around him.”

I once met a white Zimbabwean banker at my local pub in Brixton. We got talking. This was soon after Robert Mugabe’s ZANU PF government confiscated from white settlers land which they had expropriated from blacks, after the British government reneged on a deal to resolve land reform in post-colonial Zimbabwe. The banker excoriated Mugabe for what he was doing to his own black people. I raised the issue of land reform and reminded him that there are people in Zimbabwe who remember when land occupied by whites had belonged to their parents and grand parents. “We had the power to take the land and we took it”, he said. “Well Mugabe has the power to take it back and he’s taken it back”, I replied. End of conversation.

The banker’s portrayal of Mugabe as the stereotypical black African dictator is consistent with that of the British media, which have been all too complicit in our government’s virulent anti-Mugabe propaganda war. Just about everyone has jumped on the bandwagon: academics, clergy, entertainers and gay rights activists have all revelled in the demonization of Mugabe.

We are supposed to believe that Britain’s attempt at regime change in Zimbabwe (through soft power) is motivated by concern about the plight of black Zimbabweans, their democratic rights and freedom. We are supposed to believe that it has nothing to do with land reform, settler kith and kin, some British business interest; nor the close ties between China and Zimbabwe. But we need not scratch too deep below the epidermis of western liberalism to encounter arrogance, cynicism, hypocrisy, duplicity, double standards and bigotry. At the heart of this philosophy lies a residual imperialist mentality of moral and racial superiority. It should never be forgotten that not so long ago the champions of democracy sat on their hands and allowed the genocide of 800,000 people in Rwanda.

The stance of  Mugabe’s ZANU PF government is that you cannot simply hand back to your former colonial masters, that which you have fought for and won. We can only hope that the crisis in Zimbabwe will be resolved peacefully; that African diplomacy and unity will triumph over Britain’s unethical foreign policy.

Linton Kwesi Johnson
20th August 2008


The IBW Independent Film Makers Competition

This competition has grown year on year, and this year has been exceptional in the entries, of which there were  40 with 8 finalists 10 Judges:

This year's entries were, creative competitive and compulsory viewing for our judges who spent the afternoon of 27th February, mulling over, and furiously debating which were the two best entries that would win 1st Prize, 500.00 and 2nd Prize 200.00 for 2009 short film competition. 

Judges were: Rebekah Polding - Film London, Marcia Williams, UK Film Council, Andrew Woodyatt-Lionsgate Films, Actresses Ellen Thomas, and Dona Croll, BBC's Sue Caro,  Channel Four's Angela Ferreira, Patrick Lewis - Viewers Panel, Lucy Pilkington - Virgin Media, and Dave Calhoun from Time Out.  A formidable panel of Judges, to whom Images of Black Women is eternally grateful for their time expertise and advice. 

Winners Will be announced in the issue of the IBW newsletter.
Sunday 29th March 1:30pm - 2:15pm Short Film Competition Award 

Le Ballon D'or
Marathon Fund Raisers: Sifundo Msebele- Manzini and Natasha Antoine

Supporting ourSelves: 2 Ladies Fundraising for 100 BMOL

On March 15, Natasha Antoine and Sifundo Msebele-Manzini are running in the Adidas Silverstone Half-Marathon on behalf of the 100BMOL. They hope that their efforts will help to raise at least £1000 for the 100. Every donation will go towards assisting and strengthening our mentoring, educational and community and family development programmes.

Please support them. Please Support ourSelves

Thank you

Community News

  Library Matters...

We can all help our authors and publishers by going to our local libraries and ordering a copy of their books. As tax payers we fund these institutions and until the government starts enforcing ‘subversive literature’ bans we are entitled to have access to positive reading material that reflects our own cultural, political and spiritual beliefs.

  Education Matters...
Le Ballon D'or

Home Education Screening: LE BALLON D’OR

Educators are invited to bring their children to see Le Ballon D'or at a picturehouse education Screening. A resource pack to support learning and teaching at Key Stage 2 is available and should be circulated amongst partner parents, educators and colleagues also attending the screening.

It's £1 for each for child adults go for free the film starts at 10:00am  you can ring to to make a booking for yourself and family or a group. To reserve a place please contact Alice Warren, Community and Education Manager

t:  020 7326 2611
m: 07967 047 401

Picturehouse London Community and Education Screenings Office
c/o The  Ritzy Cinema, Brixton  Oval, Coldharbour Lane, Brixton, SW2  1JG

Teaching resource: Key Stage 2

Year: 1994 I Certificate: PG I Duration: 90 minutes I Genre: Drama

This study guide suggests cross-curricular activities based on the film LE BALLON D’OR. The suggested activities are designed to support teaching and learning in accordance with the national curriculum at Key Stage 2. The subjects covered include literacy, cine-literacy, citizenship, geography, RE, ICT and music.

Synopsis and overview of the story
In a small Guinean village the local witchdoctor announces that one of the young boys has been chosen by the gods to fulfil a special role. 10-year-old Bandian quickly assumes this can only mean one thing: his ambition to be a footballer is clearly his true destiny. But for now he must content himself with kicking a bundle of rags around his mud hut village in Guinea. In a maths lesson at school, Bandian and his classmates calculate that in order to afford a leather ball he would have to work for 527,000 days. But Bandian strikes lucky and receives a ball as a present. It is worn, but leather none the less and when the light catches it, it looks just like the 'ballon d'or’ (the ball of gold), which the "witchdoctor" had spoken of. Equipped with his ‘ballon d’or’ young Bandian embarks on a series of hair-raising adventures in his journey towards football fame. The story is enhanced by local African music and shot entirely on location in Guinea, providing an unrivalled window into a world rarely seen on screen.

  Pan Africanism Matters...

2009 - The Year of Nkrumah: Ideology & practice
The All-African Peoples’ Revolutionary Party (AAPRP) and AJAMU (support wing in Britain Chapter) is dedicating 2009 to Nkrumah’s memory. This short statement sets out some of the objectives and suggestions for joint working. The AAPRP believes that Nkrumahism should be known by all Africans and that together, African organisations can stimulate & build a movement that can change the consciousness of a new generation of Africans.


  • To highlight the work of Nkrumah as a tool to recruit (build the AAPRP, AJAMU & other orgs)
  • To promote Nkrumahism / revolutionary Pan-Africanism - writings and practice as the framework for our liberation – incl broadening the understanding of his critical concepts – e.g. revolutionary African personality; primacy of Africa; need for industrialisation etc
  • To demonstrate that socialism and revolutionary Pan-Africanism cannot be separated
  • To reach a new generation of Africans with the theory and practice – particularly Ghanaians

We welcome feedback and pledges of commitment to the coordination of this work throughout 2009.


Contact AAPRP or AJAMU: or 07852.937.981

  Rites of Passage / Healing
Akoben: Symbol of vigilance and wariness. Akoben is a horn used to sound a battle cry.

Mashufaa Classes

: Every Week
Adm: 1st lesson is free.  Thereafter, £4.50 per lesson.  Members £2.50 per lesson

Mashufaa is a martial are created for the mental, physical and spiritual upliftment of a generation of people who have become detached from themselves!  Mashufaa is about living a life with light through the sweat of training.  Sweat lets you know you are alive.

Remember Mind, Body and Spirit are one.  Train to live and live to train. Mashufaa Classes will take place from at The Albany Theatre (Plum Room) nearest Rail: Deptford or DLR Deptford Bridge.

Monday and Fridays
Time: 7-9:30pm
Venue: Lord Morrison Hall, Chestnut Grove( off Scales Rd), Tottenham, London N17 9ET
Travel: Tube: Seven Sisters (Victoria Line), Tottenham Hale / Rail: Bruce Grove / Buses: 243, 341, 149, 259,279

Time: 7-9:30pm
Venue: Boy Scouts Centre (
Near Bruce Castle Park), All Hallows Road, London N17 7ADTube: Travel: Seven Sisters (Victoria Line), Tottenham Hale / Rail: Bruce Grove / Buses: 123, 243, W4

Time: 7:15-8:45pm
Venue: The Plum Room, The Albany Theatre/Centre, Douglas Way, Deptford, London SE8 4AG
Tube: New Cross
/ Rail: Deptford Station / Buses: 53, 453, 177

Tel: 07956 337391/ 07715 942734

Community Events


New play on David Oluwale - 3 March 2009

A new play based on Kester Aspden's award winning book The Hounding of David Oluwale telling the story of one of the earliest recorded African deaths in police custody.

  • 3-7 March 2009, Liverpool Playhouse, 13 Hope Street, Liverpool L1 9BH
  • 11-14 March 2009, New Wolsey Theatre, New Wolsey Theatre, Civic Drive, Ipswich IP1 2AS
  • 16-21 March 2009, Exeter Northcott Theatre, Stocker Road, Exeter EX4 4QB
  • 24-28 March 2009, Hackney Empire, 291 Mare Street, London E8 1EJ
  • 31 March-4 April 2009, Nottingham Playhouse, Wellington Circus, Nottingham NG1 5AF
  Anansi and the Magic Mirror

Date: 19 February – 7 March 2009
Time: Performances at 6.30pm, 1.30pm, 10.30am
Location: Hackney Empire Theatre
Adm: Tickets from £7.50 - £15.50 (There are a range of concessions and discounts available)
Info: 020 8985 2424

The naughty spider-man from African and Caribbean folklore is brought to life in a fun-packed family show.
Bring all your family and friends to laugh and learn from Anansi’s antics!

Suitable for children aged 6+


DJ Eric Soul's AFRO session @ Cargo: Anthony Joseph & The Spasm band + KOKOLO

Date: 5 March 2009
Time: 7pm - 1 am
Location: Cargo, 83 Rivington Street, EC2A 3AY
Adm: £8 adv

Fresh from supporting Seun Kuti & Fela's Egytpt 80, Anthony Joseph & The Spasm band take their rightful place as top bill for a fine display of African and Caribbean sounds tinged with spirituality and good vibes.

KOKOLO 's fourth album, HEAVY HUSTLING, finds the NYC powerhouse group expertly mashing up Fela Kuti stylings into James Brown classics with a twist of Latin and Jamaican flavors thrown into the mix. If it doesn't make you wanna move, consider yourself officially dead!


Film Boutique Screening: I'm Through With White Girls! + The Birthday Treat (Short)

Date: Thursday 5th March 2009
Venue: The Three Sisters
Public House (Private Screening Room), 35 Queensdown Rd, Hackney, London, E8 8NN (Not too far from Hackney Empire)
When: Door Open: 8:00 pm / Films Start: 8.30 pm

Adm: £10 (Includes Popcorn & a drink) 

Socialising & Networking: Until 1:00 am
Music by:
Mix Tapes Masters, Light Food available (Courtesy of The Three Sisters), Licensed Bar: Open all night
Limited Tables/Seats: 50 people

  • At the Film Boutique you will watch the best of International Independent Short & Feature Films, Documentaries relating to Black History and Hidden knowledge themes etc (and a selection of audience favourites).
  • There will also be great topics for discussion after particular films dealing with issues like: Relationships, Black History, Wealth Creation, Personal Development etc.
  • After the film and discussions there will be a perfect opportunity to Socialise and Network with other Like-Minded People, to light music!
  • Have a drink at the bar & Meet New Friends, Make New Business Acquaintances, Become a part of this Progressive and Exciting entertainment based social group.
  • Look out for the attending celebrities at each event (Original patrons know exactly what I mean!)
  • There will also be DVD giveaways of new films and the opportunity to purchase recently released DVD titles directly from Kush.

Join The Kush ‘Film Boutique’!  

All venues have limited seating – this is an elite monthly screening event just for passionate film lovers.

For Further info Call: 07961 977 749...


Seminars/talks on African (Black) Britain

Venue: Institute of Commonwealth Studies, University of London, 28 Russell Square, London WC1B 5DS
Time: 6 to 7.30pm

March 18 - Miranda Kaufmann, Christ Church, Oxford: The African Presence in Britain 1500-1640

April 15 - Maghan Keita, Villanova University: The return of the Black Knight: the African in the construction medieval and renaissance European identity

May 13 - David Clover, Librarian, ICS: Dispersed or destroyed: archives, the West Indian Students’ Union and public memory

June 10 - Cliff Pereira Black and Asian Community voice and Local History - The Bexley example


African Women Resistance Leaders 1600-2000

Date: Friday 6th March 2009
: Unit 9 Eurolink Business Centre, 49 Effra Road SW2. Tube: Brixton.
Adm ₤5 

Brother Tony will detail black women from all over the world who have resisted slavery, colonialism and racism . Women do not get the historical credit they deserve. This event will give the  audience video and documentary evidence of the who, what and why of 40 female fighters who used guns, pens or placards. Bring notepad and pen and be on time.  Women  include:  Queen Nzinga, May Jemison, Dora Akunyili, Dame Jocelyn Barrow, Una Marson, Edna Ismail, Lieutentant Sanite Belair, Althea Gibson, Mavis Best, Fawzia Hashim,Leyla Hussein,Edna Ismail, Benadita Da Silva, Ellen Sirleaf Johnson, Dr Patrica Bath, Professor Elizabeth Anionwu and many more. Proceeds  toward the Girl Child Concerns School in Kaduna state Nigeria where £200 sends a poor  girl to school for one year.

For video sample click here then click African Proverb
A BlackStarliner production,


Ayekoo Networking Session
Date: Saturday 7th March 2009.
Time: 3PM - 6PM
Location: Mission Dine Club Centre, Fry Road (by intersection of Drayton Road and Longstone Avenue), Harlesden, London NW10 4BZ
Adm: £5 per person

The first Saturday of the month family-friendly networking session for individuals and families. This month's speed networking topic is Who Are Some Of The British African Male Role Models? includes quiz, prizes and short presentation/workshop.

Family-orientated First Saturday of the Month sessions for individuals and families to chill, play games, network, listen to music, and occasionally story-telling, debates, film shows, etc, plus African style meal cooked on the premises by Dame Betty Asafu-Adjaye and staff.


Screening: Very Young Girls 

Date: Sat 7 March 2009
Screen 3, RichMix, 35 - 47 Bethnal Green Road, London, E1 6LA
£7, £5.5 concs

To book tickets, you can visit the Rich Mix Box Office or call 020 7613 7498

Genre: Documentary
Dir: David Schisgall
Running time: 84mins

David Schisgall’s Very Young Girls is an arresting documentary based around some of the heartbreaking stories that lie behind the commercial sexual exploitation of children in America today. Following some of the young girls who seek refuge in GEMS (Girls Education & Mentoring Services program), this uncompromising film poignantly illustrates the lives of children guilty of nothing but risking their own lives, all in the name of promises forever unfulfilled.


Cross Cultural Event: Million Women March
: Saturday 7th March 2009
Time: Meet at 12pm
Location: Portman Square W1H (Nearest Tubes: Bond St, Marble Arch and Baker St)
Info: 07727 419 634

March Route: Oxford St, Regent Street, Picadilly.

Rally and Celebration: 2:30-5pm Waterloo Place (Nearest Tube: Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square, Charing Cross)

2009 National Women's March In Celebration of International Women's Day


Do you want an end to violence against women?

Will you join us to demand a safer future for women?

We are marching to remember every woman whose life has been destroyed by violence.

We are marching because it has to stop!

Together we can end violence against women

Violence devestates the lives of women, their children, families & communities

By the time you ave finished reading this another woman would have been seriously injured by her partner or ex-partner

Only 5.29% of rapes reported to the police result in the perpetrator being convicted in court


Up to 1,420 women per year are trafficked into the UK for sexual exploitation

Two women are murdered every week by their partner or ex partner

One incident of domestic violence is reported to the police every minute

One woman a month is murdered through so called ‘honour’ killing

Together we will end male violence against women


To Sir With love and the East End

Date: Sat 7th March 2009
Museum in Docklands (Tube: Canary Wharf. DLR : West India Quay)
Adm: Tickets in advance £15 whole day. £10 afternoon only
0207 0019844 to book

To Sir With Love was written by Barbadian E.R Braitwaite, a World War 2 veteran, about his life as a black teacher in the 1960's.It was made into a hugely successful film starring Sidney Poitier. This informal  study day will explore some of the issues in the book; the black post-war presence in London's East End;  the film itself and its depiction of life in the East End. Join us for a discussion of all this with  a panel of speakers  and take another look at the 1967 film. Speakers will include Burt Caesar (actor, writer and broadcaster), Professor Michael Fielding (professor of education at the Institute of Education, currently creating a Centre for Radical State Education), Alfred Gardner (East End historian and ex pupil at St George-in -the-East), Michael Newman (teacher and global citizenship project worker in Tower Hamlets) and Jim Pines (film historian and author). A Musuem in Docklands event.


Book Signing: Dwain Chambers - Race Against Me

Date: Tuesday 10th March
Time: 7 -10 pm
Location: Centerprise Trust, 136 Kingsland High Street, London E8 2NS
Adm: For more info contact 020 7254 9632

Dwain Chambers will be signing his autobiography 'Race Against Me'


Raimi Gbadamosi Conversation Pieces at Tate Britain

Date: Thursday 12 March 2009
Time: 14.00–15.30

Artist and theorist Raimi Gbadamosi challenges the way art objects relate to the viewer particularly in relation to questions of race, language and power. In this talk and gallery tour, Dr Gbadamosi asks crucial questions of the Tate Collection in relation to his own practice: 'What do I do? What did they do? And what do we all do now?'.
Tate Britain  Manton Studio £5 (£4 concessions), booking recommended 

Please visit for booking


Palestine and Africa. Whats the connection?

Date: Friday 13th March 2009
Unit 9 Eurolink Business Centre, 49 Effra Road SW2 (Tube: Brixton)

A special presentation sampling the work of Ben Bousquet, Tony Tee, Lord Balfour, Edward Said, Golda Meir, John Pilger,Tony Benn, Chaim Weizman, Noam Chomsky, and John Henrik Clarke to examine the background to the recent attacks on Gaza. Unusual and little known facts such as the following will be ilustrated with video evidence in this interactive session
West Indian Troops in WW1  defeated the Turks in winning Palestine for the British,
Palestinians fought in WW2 for  the British, Uganda and Guyana were considered as homeland nations for European refugees, Ethiopians were relocated from Africa to Israel  Sudanese government sent  aid to Palestinians, while in Darfur there is a lack of aid for Sudanese people The British blocked holocaust survivors from landing in Palestine in 1947

A BlackStarliner production, with

A CHARMED LIFE: film screening and debate on family history

Date: Friday 13th March 2009
Doors open 5.45pm
Hackney Museum Hackney Technology and Learning Centre1 Reading Lane, London E8 1GQ

The documentary examines life and times of Hackney resident Eddie Martin Noble (1917-2007 and opinions and values of inspiring young people. The film also and gives a historical perspectives on issues around colonisation of the Caribbean, racism in the RAF during the war, the colour bar and racial inequality in post-war Britain. The film raises issue of the legacy of the Windrush Generation in Britain. The story of Eddie Noble inspired the book ‘Small Island’ by Andrea Levy.

Director: Ros Gihan Williams & Patrick Vernon / 64min /2008 / UK.

Welcoming Remarks Patrick Vernon Every Generation
6.05 pm Film commences

7.10pm Family History Discussion

Light refreshments will be served

RSVP Cheryl Bowen 020 8356 3000


bfm Film Club: NO! The Rape Documentary (UK Premier)   

Date: Sunday 15th March 2009
Time: 4pm
Venue: Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA), The Mall (just off Trafalgar Square).
Tickets: £8 non-members / £7 concession / £6 members                             

International Women’s Month Special

If the Black community in the Americas and in the world would heal itself, it must complete the work [NO!] begins.  
Alice Walker, Pulitzer Prize Winning Author, The Color Purple

One out of three women in the United States will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime. NO!  an award-winning documentary, unveils the realities of rape, other forms of sexual violence, and healing in African-American communities, through intimate testimonies from Black women victim-survivors.  Formed through commentary , archival footage, performance poetry and dance;  NO!  sheds public light on what is a rarely discussed topic , including incest  and the way in which rape has been used as a weapon of homophobia .

NO!  will be introduced by Ayanna Serwaa, an Empowerment Therapist who actively works with groups, organisations and individuals to 'heal the scars of violence'

Winner “Audience Choice Award” at the San Diego Women Film Festival, and the “Best Documentary Award” at the India International Women’s Film Festival.   


Dir: Aishah Shahidah Simmons
94min / US, 2006
Language: English
Cert: 12A
Book: 0207 930 3647 or online at
By Tube: Charing Cross or Piccadilly Circus
By Bus: 3, 6, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 22, 23, 24, 29, 38, 77a, 88, 91, 139, 176

BFM: or contact Film Club Co-ordinator Nadia Denton at 


“Every Child Matters”: What is its Relevance to African Children?

Date: Thursday, 19th March 2009
Time: 13:00pm – 4:30pm (including lunch)
Location: London Councils, 59½ Southwark Street, London SE1 0AL

Key issues to be addressed include:

  • What are the specific needs and priorities confronting African children in the UK today?
  • How does Every Child Matters respond to African community concerns about the safety and well being of their children?
  • What role can African community and faith organisations play in promoting the Every Child Matters agenda for the benefit of the children in our community?

This workshop will aim to generate an in-depth exploration of the above issues. Members and other participants will work in groups to identify some of t he ways African community and faith organisations can actively contribute towards ensuring the ECM agenda works better for African children in London.  

To register for the event and for further information on the Safeguarding African Children Network (SACN), please contact: Justin Bahunga, Policy Officer, AFRUCA.Tel: 0207 704 2261, Email:

The Safeguarding African Children Network

The Safeguarding African Children Network has been established by AFRUCA to provide an opportunity for mutual learning and support among African communities and faith organisations working in the area of or interested in the safeguarding of African children in London. The Network also aims bring to the attention of policy makers and practitioners issues and concerns regarding the protection needs of African children and their own experiences and expertise in addressing them.

AFRUCA - Africans Unite Against Child Abuse
Unit 3D/F Leroy House
436 Essex Road
London N1 3QP

tel: +44 (0) 207 704 2261
fax: +44 (0) 207 704 2266


White King, Red Rubber, Black Death

Date: Saturday  21 March 2009
Location: BFI Southbank (near Royal Festival Hall), Belvedere Road SE1 (Tube: Waterloo)

Adm: ₤5
Phone: 0207 928 3232 / 

King Leopold II of Belgium in the early 20th century turned the Congo into a vast rubber-harvesting labour camp in which he killed millions and amputated the hands of tens of thousands while claiming he was civilising the African. Although represented in the west as typical "african savagery" the chopping off of hands was promoted by white people as a means of terrorising Africans to collect rubber in order to make Europeans rich. This is why  one of the world's richest countries is home to such misery today. This award winning documentary sets the context for understanding   the crisis in Kivu, the 5 milllion Congolese deaths in the  last ten years and why Patrice Lumumba was assassinated by Western governments. The Congo was also crucial to the winning of World War 2. 

Followed by panel discussion

**Congo refugee crisis. The British government is sending Congolese people who have escaped violence in the Congo to seek refuge in the UK, back to the Congo even though there is proof that those who have previously been returned have disappeared never to be heard of again. This is soon to happen to 9 year old Tony and his mother Mirielle who have been arrested and locked up in a detention centre. To find out why they are deporting such people  click here

To stop it happening sign the petition here


Welcome Back?

Date: Saturday 21 March 2009
Imperial War Museum, Lambeth Road SE1 (Tube: Lambeth North)
Free entry: First come,first served

1946 after African people had fought and died all over the world for Britain those still in England were told to go back where they had come from. On this day we will tell the untold stories of the post-war generation with films, audio clips and testimony from war veterans who were also veterans of the Civil Rights movement in Britain. As an African in the post-war years you were:

  • refused bank loans
  • refused jobs
  • restricted to live in bombed out areas
  • blocked from buying homes
  • harassed by police
  • refused entry to churches
  • refused service in pubs, hotels, restaurants
  • forced to pay a higher mortgage than whites
  • spat at on public transport
  • attacked by the general public
  • treated as if stupid in schools

War veterans such as Billy Strachan, Sam King and Connie Marks used their organising skills to fight such discrimination. We will focus on how such obstacles were overcome and if the lessons have been learned/remembered by the present generation .


Lecture on Queen Nefertari and the African women of Nubia

Venue: Museum of London Docklands, West India Quay, London E14 4AL
: 21 & 22 March 2009
Time:1pm to 5pm

Nubia Museum’s Deputy Director Mrs Thanaa Hassan Mousa, Head of Education Department will lecture on Queen Nefertari, and other Nubian women. The presentations will include details on their contribution to Nubian society. I SHOULD ADD THAT NUBIA MUSEUM is in ASWAN, EGYPT. Thanaa is an Egyptologist (and a Nubiologist, to coin a phrase).

The Programme includes Performance Poetry; LOUIS BUCKLEY’S Presentation of the film, NUBIAN SPIRIT; and other features.  



Africa Addio

Date: Saturday  25 April 2009
BFI Southbank (near Royal Festival Hall) Belvedere Road SE1 (Tube: Waterloo)
Tickets ₤5, best to book early
Phone 0207 928 3232 

Africa Addio (Italy 1966) Part of the Mondo Caine school. This is the film that preceded the banned and hated Goodbye Uncle Tom and was said to be so racist that the filmakers made Uncle Tom to prove they were not, in any way, racist.  This shock-documentary alleges to show the turmoil following the fall of colonialism and how Africans coped without their benevolent European masters.

See for yourself if any of these styles of representation of black people which were deemed offensive then are still current in news reports or Hollywood films but accepted as 'normal' by viewers who have no knowledge of their history.

Followed by panel discussion

To join our list e-mail

African Market Day

African Market Day

Date: Saturday 25th April 2009
Time: 10- 5pm
: Woolwich Town hall
, Market street, London SE18 6PW

Come and experience a taste of what Africa and the Caribbean has to offer.

Exhibitors will be displaying Jewellery, Arts and Crafts, Music, Hair and Beauty, Marketing

Live performances by Zil'o'ka, Kay Young, Kersha Bailey,Church Boyz and many more

0203 393 57 35 / 07908 144 311


Images of Black Women Film festival

Date: 27 -29th March 2009
Location: The Tricycle Theatre 269 Kilburn High Road, London NW6 7JR (nearest tube Kilburn on the jubilee line)
Contact: Box Office 0207 328 1000

Friday 27th march 2009 - 8.00pm (85 mins)

Saturday 28th March -" Secret Life Of Bees"
2.45 pm - 4.35pm(110 mins)

Saturday 28th march"Hair Piece" + "Alma's Rainbow"
4:45 - 6:30pm (10 mins + 85 mins)

Sunday 29th March - 11:00am-1:00pm Adult workshop by DFG:  Documentary film production

Sunday 29th March
1:30pm - 2:15pm Short Film Competition Award

Sunday March 29th 2:30pm - 4:15pm
AFRO SAXONS By Rachel Wang(84 mins)

Sunday March 29th 4:30pm - 6:30pm(97mins.)
Johnny Mad Dog by Jean-Stephane Sauvaire


IBW Screening: From A Whisper

Date: Friday 27th March 2009
8.00pm (85 mins)
The Tricycle Theatre, 269 Kilburn High Road, London NW6 7JR  (nearest tube Kilburn on the Jubilee line)
Contact: Box Office 0207 328 1000
Adm: £8.50/£7.00

From a whispher is an endearing tale of two parallel lives of an artist and an intelligence officer; both indirect casualties on the August 7 US Embassy attack in 1998.  They find comfort in the help  they give each other to come to terms with the loss of their loved ones who they have been mourning for the last 10 years. Q&A with Director Wanuri Kahiu.



Spring Literary Festival

Centerprise Literature presents a two week festival of literary extravaganza, including book launches, lectures, debates, poetry, films and music. All events start with a short presentation by Ian Randle Publishers (IRP), Jamaica.

Date: Fri 6th - 18th Wed March 2009
Location: Centerprise, 136 Kingsland High Street, London E8 2NS (unless otherwise stated)
Time: 6.30 pm-10pm.
Adm: £3 (redeemable with
the purchase of the author’s book)

Featuring visiting writer Michael Anthony, noted historians Prof. Verene Shepherd and Prof. Hilary Beckles from the University of West Indies plus Dwain Chambers, Dr Robinson Milwood and David Simon.

6th March
Festival launch by Hackney Writers Group featuring the I-storians viz., Oma-Ra, Dimela & Ngoma Silver. Plus Poets &
Artistes from Black Women in the Arts

10th March
Dwain Chambers launches his critically acclaimed autobiography: Against Me – My Story

11th March
Dwain Chambers will read and signing copies of his autobiography: Race Against Me – My Story. Venue: Manor

Location: Gardens Welfare Trust, 6-9 Manor Gardens, London N7 6LA.
Time: 4pm - 6pm Adm: Free.
Contact: Tel: 020 7561 5267

12th March
Dr Robinson Milwood – reads and discusses his work European Christianity and the Atlantic Slave Trade A Black
Hermeneutical Study

13th March
David Simon author of ‘How to Unlock your Child Genius’ launches his latest book, ‘How to Unlock your Family’s Genius’.

14th March
International Women’s Day event with Prof. Verene Shepherd, University of West Indies reads and discusses her latest work:
Livestock, Sugar and Slavery Supported by Poets & Artistes from Black Women in the Arts

15th March
Michael Anthony, Trinidadian author of ‘All That Glitters’ and other titles reads and discusses his work. Supported by the
Hackney Calypso Tent featuring Tobago Crusoe, Deloris Francis and De Alberto.

Admission: £6 conc: £5.
Time: 4pm-10pm.

Topic: Why Reparations? The Caribbean Case to remedy the worse atrocities in the annals of human history
Lecture: Prof. Hilary Beckles of the University of West Indies
(To be confirmed)
17th March 2009
Email or phone to confirm.

This event is supported by Ian Randle Publishers (IRP), Jamaica and Every Generation Media, UK.

Note: Ian Randle Publishers (IRP) will be in London from late February 2009 for a three week literary tour and will welcome enquiries from Schools, Colleges, Universities, aspiring writers and established writers about their titles and work.

The renowned Jamaican master painter Barrington Watson has completed a major work featuring on one canvas all the Jamaican gold medal winners at the Beijing Olympics led by Usain Bolt (approximate 20X30”) on display and for sale.

For further details contact:, tel: 020 7254 9632


IBW Screening: The Secret Life of Bees

Date: Saturday 28th March 2009
2:45-4:35pm (110 mins)
The Tricycle Theatre, 269 Kilburn High Road, London NW6 7JR  (nearest tube Kilburn on the Jubilee line)
Contact: Box Office 0207 328 1000
Adm: £6/£5

The Secret life of Bees is based on the Best Selling  book by Sue Monk Kidd set in 1964, South Carolina.  It's an  enchanting parable of hope and love.  Singing sensations  Queen Latifah, Alicia Keyes and Jennifer Hudson star alongside British  born and Oscar nominated  actress Sophie Okonedo brings the bewitching tale by Gina Prince Bytheswood to life.

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