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November 03

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Looking forward....

What?: Book Launch of ‘N**gers, N*groes, Black People and Afrikans’. This will be an informal event, offering you the opportunity to find out about (and buy for £10) the book, direct from the author.

Who?: Author Paul Grant with Guest Speaker, Paul Obinna

Where?: St Luke's Church Hall, St Lukes Avenue, Baxter road, Ilford (Click here for a map).

When?: Saturday 6th December, 7pm

Saturday 6th December sees the London launch of one of the most important books of the year, a must for anyone who is interested in the advancement of our community. The book, written by Paul Grant, raises some very pertinent issues about Afrikan people with a particular focus on Afrikan organisations.

If one were to try to describe in simple terms the problem this book seeks to address, then it could be summed up by the question ‘Why Do We Lose?’. That is, why is it that wherever you go on this planet Afrikans are firmly rooted to the bottom of the socio-economic ladder. Why is it that Afrikan run countries, be they in Afrika or the Caribbean are so often economic and social basket cases? Why is it that so-called ‘Black’ organisations are generally dysfunctional? The book moves beyond simply describing these well known problems and sets out ideas describing ‘How We Can Win’.

This book uses Black organisations as a vehicle for addressing these issues and is designed to act as a practical toolkit/handbook for individuals seeking to set up or who are currently active in community organisations. With this in mind the book is divided into very short chapters, similar to the approach adopted by Tony Browder in his book 'The Browder Files'. The rationale for this is to aid comprehension, provide a logical structure and encourage readers to dip in and dip out on a regular basis, using the book as an 'active resource' and aide memoir.

The book is written from an Afrikan-British experience whereas most similar books are written by Afrikan-Americans. It also combines a grassroots perspective with international and global analysis. The reader will find something in this book for them if they are simply looking for personal improvement and development or for an incisive socio-political analysis of Why We Lose.

To read the book’s full synopsis, please click here.

Looking back...

Sunday 30th November, saw the presence of the long-awaited Dr. Tony Martin at an event that finally took place at Ezekiel’s in Peckham, despite attempts to prevent the event from going ahead. As expected, people attended in abundance to hear the man that Jewish lobbyists and the Mayor’s office had made so much effort to unsuccessfully discredit and censor.



Spirit is a brand new section on the Ligali website and is intended to cover all family and health related issues. We start with a story about the need for fathers in the lives of their children. We also touch on get rich quick pyramid scams and the issue of racism in the mental health profession.

Visit the Ligali spirit page for further information on this and other stories.


ABC Award


Poet Benjamin Zephaniah refused it, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown has declared she will return hers (MBE).
Would you accept an OBE?

“No. It is perverse to have an award that is a celebration of empire. It is at worst an insult and at best highly insensitive given the cost of that empire”.

Peter Herbert, Barrister and chairman of the Society of Black Lawyers

Ligali awards Benjamin Zephaniah for publicly maintaining his integrity and for his consistent, creative work with and for the African British community. Not much more to say really. Respect.

Visit the Ligali ABC awards page to read about more community s/heros.


RIO (Racially Insensitive Offender)


Trevor Phillips was appointed as Chair to the Commission for Racial Equality by the Home Secretary David Blunkett, so it seems apt that the month following David's appointment to the hall of Racially Insensitive Offenders, Trevor should keep him company.

Trevor, like his RIO mentor David Blunkett, is prone to making publicly offensive statements. In a recent appearance on LBC, he supported and joined in the barrage of abuse being directed at ‘black men’. Now we are not saying that all brothers are perfect, but neither are men from other cultures. Yet you rarely see or hear other public figures from other ethnic communities using such a public arena to bemoan how bad men in their communities are.

Not content with publicly supporting this overtly negative image of brothers, Trevor goes on to state that if you get ten black women in a room, they will ultimately be talking about the state of black men. Clearly our Trev thinks sisters have nothing else substantial or constructive to talk about.

And we can not forget Trevor’s assertion that it is not particularly important for African British children to learn about their history. But then when he makes a statement like ‘Empire happened. It wasn’t all bad’ you begin to see exactly where Trevor is going...

His most recent trick was an attack (in the Evening Standard of all papers), on Benjamin Zephaniah for his refusal to accept an OBE. When Trevor says that Benjamin’s actions did not reflect the views of the average ‘black’ Briton he was speaking solely for himself. Trevor’s willingness to kneel before the queen to receive his own OBE, his public insult of African British men and women and his denial of the importance of African history does not place him in the best position to discuss or indeed understand the integrity of Benjamin’s actions.

We find it incredible that he can label people like Benjamin Zephaniah 'self righteous prigs' while citing Kanya King as a role model and displaying just how out of touch he is with the African British community. There are so many offensive and patronising comments made in his ‘self-righteous’ attempt to discredit the positive actions of a political and social activist and world-renowned poet, we would suggest you read the article for yourself.

So here’s to you Trev – RIO of the month. Another 3 letters to add to your name.

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