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Comment: Solidarity with the refugees in Berlin

02 July 2014

Writer Rafa calls for solidarity with the refugees in Berlin-Kreuzberg and explains why challenging the real face behind the smiles of (local) politicians requires solidarity with the refugee movement worldwide.

We Remember... Elombe Brath

20 June 2014

Sabamya Jaugu shares a tribute honoring Elombe Brath for his half a century of relentless dedication fighting for justice and humanity on behalf of the Global African Communities.

Nubiart Diary - Concerning Violence Review

16 June 2014

A different perspective on the Afrikan world

Soul II Soul claim top spot in African British music poll

03 June 2014

1980s/90s band Soul II Soul proves to be Britain’s favourite African music act according to poll revealed at launch of British Black Music Month

Nubiart Diary - Maya Angelou

02 June 2014

A different perspective on the Afrikan world

Harrow Mayor to launch British Black Music Month 2014

20 May 2014

This year, British Black Music Month (BBMM), the annual BritishBlackMusic.com/Black Music Congress (BBM/BMC) initiative, launches as part of Harrow Mayor Cllr Nana Asante’s Community Open Day on May 31 at the Harrow Civic Centre.

Nubiart Diary - Nigerian President on Boko Haram

19 May 2014

A different perspective on the Afrikan world

Churches back legislation to outlaw modern day slavery

15 May 2014

At a meeting in the House of Lords, representatives of the UK’s African and Caribbean churches committed themselves to join the struggle to expose and outlaw modern forms of slavery.

Understanding African Memorial Month

15 May 2014

Sabamya Jaugu explains how African History Month (AHM) is a twelve month event honoring different historical topics, cultural activities, outstanding accomplishments and noteworthy individuals who have affected the global African communities worldwide.

Anti-Racism Conference message is “Organise and Unite,”

09 May 2014

The illusory impression that Society is post racist because of the successes of a few individuals from Ethnic Minority communities, and the easy use of terms like Diversity and Multiculturalism diverts us from the need to address race equality issues.

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