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Nubiart Diary - West Afrikan Ebola Update / Style Scott Ob

17 November 2014

A Different Perspective on the Afrikan World

Opinion: MacGregor - Parthenon Marbles not even Greek

17 November 2014

Kwame Opoku reflects on the latest controversial defence of the Parthenon Marbles retention by British Museum director, Neil MacGregor.

PR: Dear Geldof… Open letter re Band Aid 30 Ebola Single

16 November 2014

RE:IMI (Race Equality: In Music Industry) publishes an open letter to Band Aid 30 organiser Bob Geldof, regarding the marginalisation of the African British voice in recent Ebola charity single

Nubiart - Art and Activism / West Afrikan Ebola Update

03 November 2014

A Different Perspective on the Afrikan World

The Shame of Exhibit Bamboozled

03 October 2014

Opinion: In the aftermath of the aborted London installation of The Barbican and Bailey’s Exhibit B, artist-activist Toyin Agbetu shares his thoughts on African objectification, the art of protest and invention of a new kind of reverse anthropology.

Opinion: Remembering Milton “The Voice” Blake

28 September 2014

Norman Otis Richmond (aka Jalali) Reflects on the 70th Anniversary of the Late Milton Blakes’ Birth. (First published in African Canadian publication - Pride)

Nubiart Diary - West Afrikan Ebola Update

22 September 2014

A different perspective on the Afrikan world

Nubiart Diary - Mohan Siddi Interview & Vit D Controversy

08 September 2014

A different perspective on the Afrikan world

Press: ‘Beyond Nollywood’ Charts Nigerian Film Future

21 August 2014

The BFI Southbank are set to launch Author Nadia Denton’s Nigerian Filmmaker’s Guide to Success: Beyond Nollywood, a ground breaking reference manual about Africa’s most dynamic film industry.

Broadcasters justify whitewash of historic African events

21 August 2014

Channel 4 and the BBC defend their decision to deliberately exclude historic BCA launch & Reparations March from the news agenda. Both media institutions are public funded broadcasters with a duty to represent minority audiences & alternative viewpoints.

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