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Ofcom planning new assault on community radio stations (5)

Media regulator Ofcom hosts summit to remove unlicensed community radio stations from the airways.

Nubiart Diary - Review of ‘Hard Stop’ (4)

A different perspective on the Afrikan world

Alan Yentob’s racist rhetoric in defence of Kids Company (7)

Alan Yentob the former chair of failed charity Kids Company was accused of racism after implying the communities served by Kids Company were savages likely to riot without his and Batmanghelidjh’s civilising influence.

Update:Angry church trustees label school champions a ‘mob’

The Trustees of Clapham Methodist Church have been accused of resorting to petty name calling after they sought to demonise supporters of the Queen Mother Moore School by referring to them as a “mob”.

Opinion: Stolen from Africa and the Humboldt – Forum

Kwame Tua Opoku explains how the Humboldt – Forum attempted to defend holding looted artefacts with misleading statements and self-serving arguments.


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