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Opinion: Leaders ignore Baga Massacre – They are not Charlie (2)

Toyin Agbetu chooses not to censor his anger over how western media and world leaders deliberately ignore the massacre of hundreds of African lives in Baga... because there are not Charlie.

Ofcom allows Capital Xtra license format violation

Media regulator Ofcom ignores Capital Xtra’s format requirements as the station ‘urbanises’ its output and removes community speech content to favour non-African audiences.

Shell agree to £55 million in reparations for Nigerian spill (1)

Royal Dutch Shell Company has agreed to a 55 million pound pay-out in settlement for two oil spills that occurred in Nigeria during 2008.

Police use disrespectful Ebola insults during stop & search (1)

A young person was disrespected by a British police officer making an Ebola insult during a stop and search encounter.

African led fundraiser gives support for Ebola efforts

The horrors of the Ebola crisis in parts of West Africa was brought home at a fundraising dinner organised by voluntary organisations BTWSC and African Histories Revisited in aid of Medecins Sans Frontieres UK (MSF).


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