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Comment: Solidarity with the refugees in Berlin

Writer Rafa calls for solidarity with the refugees in Berlin-Kreuzberg and explains why challenging the real face behind the smiles of (local) politicians requires solidarity with the refugee movement worldwide.

We Remember... Elombe Brath

Sabamya Jaugu shares a tribute honoring Elombe Brath for his half a century of relentless dedication fighting for justice and humanity on behalf of the Global African Communities.

Nubiart Diary - Concerning Violence Review

A different perspective on the Afrikan world

Soul II Soul claim top spot in African British music poll (13)

1980s/90s band Soul II Soul proves to be Britainís favourite African music act according to poll revealed at launch of British Black Music Month

Nubiart Diary - Maya Angelou (8)

A different perspective on the Afrikan world


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