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Human rights protestors prevent human zoo opening in Paris (1)

The Paris opening of the racist ‘Exhibit B’ installation was cancelled after protestors successfully demonstrated outside the Gérard Philippe theatre.

Strutt & Parker advert attracts complaints about racism (3)

Notting Hill based property consultant firm, Strutt & Parker pulled its latest advertising campaign after complaints highlighting its racist content appeared on social network sites.

Nubiart Diary - West Afrikan Ebola Update / Style Scott

A Different Perspective on the Afrikan World

Opinion: MacGregor - Parthenon Marbles not even Greek (2)

Kwame Opoku reflects on the latest controversial defence of the Parthenon Marbles retention by British Museum director, Neil MacGregor.

PR: Dear Geldof… Open letter re Band Aid 30 Ebola Single (2)

RE:IMI (Race Equality: In Music Industry) publishes an open letter to Band Aid 30 organiser Bob Geldof, regarding the marginalisation of the African British voice in recent Ebola charity single


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