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Two Convicted In Damilola Taylor's Case

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Posted 09 August 2006 - 10:12 PM


Brothers guilty of Damilola death

Two teenage brothers have been found guilty of killing schoolboy Damilola Taylor nearly six years ago.
Danny and Rickie Preddie, aged 18 and 19, of Peckham, London, were convicted at the Old Bailey of manslaughter.

Damilola, 10, bled to death after being cut with a broken bottle in south London. The inquiry into his death has led to three trials and cost £16m.

His parents said it was a great comfort justice had finally been done. "We pray his gentle soul can now rest in peace."

The Preddie brothers will be sentenced at a later date.

Nigerian-born Damilola was found bleeding from a leg wound in a stairwell on a housing estate in Peckham in November 2000.

It is thought he was attacked as he made his way home from an after-school club and was jabbed with a broken beer bottle in his thigh.

The long investigation included a much-criticised trial of four other youths in 2002 - all of whom were cleared.

Earlier this year the Preddie brothers and a third defendant, Hassan Jihad, 20, went on trial for murder after new forensic evidence, apparently missed during the first investigation, was found.

Mr Jihad was cleared of all charges, the Preddies were cleared of murder and assault but the jury failed to reach verdicts on the manslaughter charge.

Damilola's parents Gloria and Richard Taylor, who have sat through all three trials, watched calmly as jurors on Wednesday found the Preddies guilty of manslaughter.

But as the verdicts were read out, Rickie Preddie started shouting at the jury: "You are corrupt. You are nothing."

He was eventually taken out of court on the order of the judge.

The brothers, 12 and 13 at the time, were arrested a few days after Damilola was killed but were released without charge.

One was being monitored by the probation service and the other was on bail and detained at a children's home.

They were re-arrested last year when the blood and fibres from Damilola were found on their clothing.

The jury heard they had convictions for robbery, some at knifepoint, and witnesses claimed the brothers had confessed to the killing.

A friend of Damilola told police he thought Danny Preddie may have come off worse in a fight with Damilola, who had broken his gold chain.

It is thought Damilola was surrounded by a gang of youths in Blakes Road, Peckham, and stabbed in his left thigh.

By the time he limped along the road and up two flights of a filthy stairwell, he was near death.

Commander Dave Johnston, of the Metropolitan Police, said the case had sent "shockwaves throughout London and beyond" and paid tribute to the courage and dignity of the Taylors.

He defended the estimated £16m cost of all three trials saying: "We believe that the money is well spent to bring justice in this very important case."

On the subject of the missed forensic evidence he added: "I am dismayed that the evidence was not found sooner and of course that will be a matter of ongoing investigation."

Lawyer Tony Connell, of the Crown Prosecution Service, also paid tribute to the Taylor family. He said: "They have borne the dreadful suffering since the death of this fine young man with immense strength and we have all been grateful for their support throughout this case."

Speaking outside court, Damilola's father Richard said: "Nobody can ever return our son to us, but it is a great comfort that justice has finally been done for Damilola."

Local MP Harriet Harman added: "The whole community will be relieved to know that justice has finally been done."


1: On 27 November 2000, Damilola Taylor finishes his day as normal at Oliver Goldsmith Primary School in Peckham, south London.
2: He heads to Peckham Library to attend a computer class. At about 1630 CCTV cameras capture him running and skipping as he leaves for home on the North Peckham Estate (since demolished and re-developed).
3: In Blakes Road minutes later he is cut with a broken bottle. He staggers 20 yards further, leaving a trail of blood, to a block of flats.
4: At around 1645 a local man finds Damilola collapses in a stairwell. He is taken to hospital where he dies from blood lost through a severed artery in his leg.
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Posted 11 January 2009 - 05:02 PM

I'm moving to Scotland when I'm freed, says killer of Damilola Taylor

THE killer of schoolboy Damilola Taylor is secretly planning to start a new life in Scotland when he is freed.

Danny Preddie wants to move to Edinburgh this year to live with a female penpal he befriended while behind bars.

Preddie, 20, and his brother Rickie, 21, were found guilty of manslaughter after stabbing 10-year-old Damilola and leaving him to bleed to death.

But Danny is eligible for parole this year after serving just three years of his eight-year sentence.

Sickening letters to the girl detailing his devious plan were passed to the Sunday Mail.

He writes: "I hope you think we can be more than friends if you know what I mean. When I get out we can see more of each other cos I'm moving to Edinburgh when I get out so stay free for me."

The Preddies, of Peckham, southeast London, were convicted after a six-year investigation that cost more than £15million and involved three separate trials.

Nigerian-born Damilola had only been in Britain a few months when he died in November 2000.

He was walking home from school when the Preddies chased him, cornered him in a filthy stairwell, stabbed him with a broken bottle and left him to die.

The crime shocked the nation and Damilola became a symbol of Britain's battle against blade culture. Astonishingly Danny still claims he is innocent.

He told his Scots penpal: "I'm in jail for somethink (sic) I didn't do.

"I got eight years and I've done two years and one month."

He adds: "I like my girl to be intelligent and independent and not forgetting sex."

Danny's early-parole bid will enrage relatives who slammed his eight-year sentence as a "disgrace".

At the time dad Richard Taylor, 60, said: "From the outset this case has been a catalogue of failures.

"We question whether these sentences will act as a deterrent to potential criminals."

Damilola's mother Gloria, 57, who campaigned to save youngsters from violence, died last year of a heart attack while out walking near her home in Shooters Hill, South London.

But friends said she had died of a broken heart after enduring three trials and a string of police blunders in her fight for justice.

Four youths went on trial for murder in 2002 butwent freewhen evidence from the key witness, a 14-year-old girl, was thrown out.

A report slammed police failings in the investigation.

The Preddies were cleared of murder at a trial four years later but retried and found guilty of manslaughter in October 2006.

Danny had eight months added to his sentence in November after punching a fellow inmate at Portland Young Offenders' Institution in Dorset.


(Source: Sunday Mail, 11 January 2009)

"I like my girl to be intelligent and independent and not forgetting sex."

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Posted 18 January 2009 - 07:28 PM


By Russell Myers Crime Correspondent (Russell.Myers@People.Co.Uk)

A killer of schoolboy Damilola Taylor has had his ear sliced off in a jail attack.

Thug Ricky Preddie was slashed with a knife by another lag as goading inmates shouted: "Shank him, shank him."

Cowering Preddie, 21, begged for mercy as he lay in a pool of blood from head and face wounds.

The yob - who left 10-year-old stab victim Damilola to bleed to death - needed a dozen stitches and is still in the prison's hospital after the attack on Thursday. It's not known if his ear can be sewn back on.

Preddie had got into a slanging match with a 6ft lag over a missed shot during a game of snooker at Dovegate prison in Uttoxeter, Staffs.

They squared up to each other before Preddie was dragged into a cell by the other man and hacked with a makeshift knife. A baying mob of inmates gathered to see Preddie attacked. A prison source said last night: "He had it coming to him. Preddie strolled around the place like he ran it.

"He's rubbed most people up the wrong way. But he's no longer top boy.

"He's been fronting people who shouldn't be messed with and got what he deserved. He was screaming like a little girl."

A prison spokesman said: "This is a police matter and we're assisting them with their investigation. We can't comment further."

Damilola bled to death in the stairwell of a block of flats in Peckham, south-east London, after being stabbed in the leg with a broken bottle in 2000.

In 2006, Preddie and his brother Danny, now 20, got eight years for manslaughter.

(Source: 11 January 2009)

Ricky Preddie (centre, prior to the removal of his ear): "He's been fronting people who shouldn't be messed with and got what he deserved. He was screaming like a little girl."

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Posted 06 October 2013 - 07:53 PM



Here is one of Damilola Taylor's killers, 26 year-old Ricky Preddie, posing outside West London magistrates court on 2 October 2013 with a piece of paper which read: ‘Real Justice for Damiola Taylor’ – misspelling the schoolboy’s name.  He appeared at court to deny several driving offences plus a separate matter of trespassing on railway property, and took the opportunity to mock the legacy of Damilola Taylor's killing.

Ricky Preddie was first released from prison on parole in 2010 - but he was sent back to jail three times after breaking the terms of his release. His brother Danny was released from prison in 2011. He is due to stand trial on 6 December 2013 at Westminster Magistrates’ Court.




Ricky Preddie was first released in September 2010, but recalled to custody in March 2011 after returning to Peckham from his west London bail hostel in breach of his licence conditions.  Then in October 2011 he beat up another prisoner, but a Parole Board hearing on December 23 decided he should be released on January 25 2012.  He lasted 16 days before being taken back to prison for again violating his parole by going to areas he was banned from and visiting friends from his old gang.  He was let out in July 2012, which means he has lasted just five months on early release before being hauled before the authorities again for handling stolen goods.



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Posted 06 November 2016 - 11:33 AM

Damilola Taylor's Murder Has Been Made Into A Movie  (click for more)

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