The BEAUTY IS Campaign forms part of a global project to help rebuild our confidence and awareness of the diversity of natural beauty. Not only do we highlight the related problems but we also work in partnership with solution based organisations to help address issues harmful to our physical and mental wellbeing. 

Creative Lifestyle CIC is a social enterprise delivering workshops teaching natural hair maintenance and creative lifestyles. 

Natural November runs a bi-annual event that hosts workshops and exhibitions promoting hair, health, wealth and beauty from a natural cultural perspective. 

The BEAUTY IS campaign also works to prevent the continuing harm caused by toxic cosmetic products by those aspiring to media stereotypes and societal perceptions of ‘normal’ and 'perfection'.  

We have links with the London Trading Standards who are working to help prevent the illegal 'over the counter'  sale of so called beauty products containing harmful substances.   


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Many children around the world are damaged by the use of skin bleaching products on them by their parents/carers. Some of these products contain carcinogenic levels of the chemical Hydroquinone, others like ‘home grown’ brews use toxic materials like Mercury or Kojic acid. These children are being abused and the people applying these dangerous chemicals are committing a morally criminal act.

The BEAUTY IS Campaign calls for governments across the world to pass a law prohibiting the use of all skin bleaching products on children under the age of 16.

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2.  research chemical hair straightener risks

It is a long standing fact that the misuse of chemical hair ‘relaxers’ can cause chemical burns to the scalp that may lead to long-term uterine problems in women such as fibroids when entering the blood stream. However because this huge male dominated industry primarily targets women, there is a little commercial incentive for manufacturers to siphon their billions of profits into extended research looking at consumer safety.

Independent investigations has revealed that exposure to agents such as Sodium Hydroxide (Lye) or Formaldehyde in Karatin (Brazilian Hair Treatment) hair products can cause eye damage, skin rashes, bloody noses, breathing difficulties and ultimately lead to cancer.

The BEAUTY IS Campaign calls for all medicine and health regulators to invest funds into researching the long term side effects of chemical ‘beauty’ products sold by the pharmaceutical industry.

3. make the study of Ethnosmetics compulsory

Many students receive education on body image as part of Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) lessons across the world. This would be great if the issue of ethnicity was also considered and learners taught how even western ‘natural’ beauty ideals discriminate against those with African, Asian and non-European bodies.  

Entrenched beauty stereotypes about long hair fuels the demand for weaves and hair extensions. Racist prejudices about brown skin (formed during the enslavement and colonial era) perpetuate shadism and skin colour hierarchy. Together these stimulate an ever growing demand for toxic skin whitening products and dangerous chemical hair products.

The BEAUTY IS Campaign calls for ethnosmetics - a study of the social impact of the cosmetic industry on the formation of ethnicity based beauty ideals to be made compulsory.


The BEAUTY IS Campaign is a global project. We intend to offer our film in multiple languages across various countries. If you are willing to help translate our soundtrack into your mother tongue then get in touch, if you are willing to petition your own government with our campaign points then get in touch, if you simply want to donate funds or volunteer to our project then get in touch by emailing

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Spread the world about the BEAUTY IS Campaign by telling everyone you know. Please join the global campaign by using the power of social media like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram and email to tell your friends, family and the world about our message.

Ligali is a not-for-profit organisation that welcomes invites to film festivals, cinemas, schools, colleges, universities, libraries, museums, book shops, community centres and any event around the world where we can share our campaign message.

Get involved if you are passionate about seeing an end to the harm caused by media stereotypes of ‘perfect’ beauty that damage the health and emotional wellbeing of children and adults. 

If you have the audience and resources then please partner us to host a screening in your area. If you can support our fundraising campaign by covering venue hire costs and our expenses then please help bring BEAUTY to your city!

Single Screening License

All screenings of Beauty Is... require the purchase of Public Performance Rights, which grant the screening host copyright permissions to screen the film in a public setting. 

  •  Corporate Fee (Businesses): £500
  •  Standard Educational Institution Fee (Colleges, Universities, Museums): £350
  •  Student-Led Screening (PAS/ACS) discount: £150
  •  Community Event: £100
  •  Film Club/Society: £85
  •  Not for Profit Community Event (Please contact for further info)

+ Where a specific ticket/admission fee is made for the screening - 35% of Box Office

NOTE: Unless given express permission to do otherwise by the Ligali organisation, any event asking an admission fee for a screening of BEAUTY IS must charge a minimum of £10 per person (with reasonable concessions allowed). This only remains in force while the BEAUTY IS film is still on general release and the DVD is unavailable for sale.  During the months of February and October this condition may only be waived or varied with explicit permission from Ligali for annual (Black) African History Month related events. 

If you are interested in inviting the filmmaker or an expert featured in the film to speak at a screening event then we ask that the host covers travel, accomodation and honorarium.