Ligali and Insaka African Remembrance Day 2006 review

By The Ligali Organisation | Thu 10 August 2006

On Saturday 22nd July 2006, the Ligali and Insaka organisations came together to host one of their ‘Common Unity’ projects: African Remembrance Day at Hackney Town Hall.

The event, which is in its second year, included guest presentations from Gwen Rule from the British Adoption and Fostering Association about Adoption and Fostering in the African community and the Hearts to Africa organisation who are a UK based charity that travel to Gambia every year to deliver clothes, books, electronic equipment, medicine and other items collected throughout the year.

There were also debates about single parent families, notions of African beauty and a Ligali presentation highlighting the need for African people to set our own agenda for 2007 in light of the farcical, government endorsed plans to mark the bicentennial anniversary of the Abolition of slavery Act. The government’s commemorative events and activities planned for 2007 intend to rewrite and undermine the history of Africa and African people and we were reminded about the need to be self determinate and assertive in our attempts to protect the factual and uncompromised telling of our history and present day experiences.

The event also included the preview of a film presentation entitled ‘The Maafa’, which is part of a series of documentaries produced by the Ligali and Insaka organisations aimed at exploring the legacy of the enslavement and colonisation of Africa and her people. This film focused on the media representation of this on-going part of our history and featured poignant clips from national news programmes, documentaries and archival footage of African icons such as Malcolm X and John Henrik Clarke. It also highlighted key historical and contemporary issues such as the role of arabs in the continued enslavement of African people and the need for and effectiveness of Pan Africanism as the way forward for African people. In addition, we screened the iconic and groundbreaking films Burning and Illusion and Blood Ah Go Run by African British director, Menelik Shabazz.

The performances by the prolific and rising talent, shaka and veteran of the Spoken Word scene, Tuggstar, were predictably well received. The event, as always, was welcoming, informative and enjoyable.

There are limited copies of our event brochure still available, which include over 18 pages of useful information and uncompromising, enlightening articles including ‘The Challenge of Maafa 2007: Outlining the African Perspective’, ‘I Say African, you say Black – What's the Difference?’ and ‘Understanding Self Determination: A Brief Overview’. For a free copy of the brochure, please send an A5 stamp addressed envelope to: ARD Brochure Request, The Ligali Organisation, PO BOX 1257, London, E5 OUD.

We would also like to encourage those who attended the event to give us feedback via our online evaluation form at:

We welcome constructive criticism and appraisal and intend to address any issues online in the near future.

Plans for our 2007 event are already underway with plans to screen more African produced films and documentaries and harness the increasing spirit of empowerment in the community.


We would like to thank all those individuals and organisaiton who have supported Liglai and Insaka for this day of African remembrance, especially Cyber Kitchen, Kubara and Nubiart Radio, Hakim and Sweet FM, Blacknet, Hearts to Africa, Gwen Rule and BAAF, Frank, Colin Pryce, Kinaya, Danny Adigwe, Suzella, Kamau, Emmanuel and all at Centerprise, Andrew Kerr, Elaine Bandele, Koye Oyedeji, Montré Aza Missouri, Errol John, Anne Marie Morris, Anna-Chantal Badjie, Samantha Pierre, Yolande Pierre, Arlette Theresine, Ceci Mutuma, Jamie, Kofi, Heather, Jaide, Shola, Isata, Teleica, Yinka, Mka, Tia, Adama, Tuggstar, Volunteers, Bro. Omowale and Galaxy Radio, The Colourful Network, Michael Eboda and New Nation, Jake and Elizabeth at HCVS, Hackney Town Hall, all our stall vendors, all the known and unknown Ligali donators and the African community in Britain.

African Remembrance Day
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