Idiot Howe gets caught in nonsensical race row

By Ligali Media Network | Thu 20 October 2005

Comedians Joan Rivers and Darcus Howe were embroiled in a ‘race’ row during a radio show over usage of the word ‘black’.

The Radio 4 broadcast which was focussing on Howe’s lacklustre performance as a father in a forthcoming More4 documentary escalated into a debacle after Howe and Rivers exchanged angry words about Howe’s irresponsible approach to parenting and Rivers stated she was so 'bored' with issues of race because race doesnt mean a thing, its all about people.

Darcus Howe: Wotless Father

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Absolutely hilarious. Two jokers arguing about an issue both don’t understand. Rivers doesn’t want to be seen as a racist after being accused of finding the label ‘black’ offensive. Howe not understanding that the word is actually offensive when used in a racial context. But the real joke is on Howe for exposing his shameful and frankly pitiful excuses whilst attempting to explain and justify why we should believe he is a good father.

Thankfully he simultaneously establishes all the reason why he is no longer respected as a man in our community despite having the legacy of being a positive activist in his youth. It’s a pity the broadcasters continue to use him as an authoritative voice to represent our ‘black’ concerns when his rancid mouth needs to be put permanently to rest.

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