Police use disrespectful Ebola insults during stop & search

By The Ligali Organisation | Tue 6 January 2015

A young person was disrespected by a British police officer making an Ebola insult during a stop and search encounter.

As the British media become gripped by Ebola mania the effects have trickled down to racist officers on the beat. Fears over the epidemic which has plagued communities in West Africa during 2014 has spread to the UK. African people at absolutely no risk of contamination are being subjected to suspicion and discriminatory practice by ignorant Britons.

In October 2014 a young person was insulted by a police officer during a stop and search operation. Former Superintendent Leroy Logan is supporting the young victim and working to ensure those responsible for such unprofessional behaviour are held to account.

Sick Racism

Racist insults about Ebola have extended beyond the targeting of African people. The shock-jock TV personality Katie Hopkins was embroiled in new controversy after she issued a sneering tweet about nurse Pauline Cafferkey. Her comments suggested treatment in Scottish hospitals was inferior to that in England after Cafferkey was recently transferred to a specialist unit in a London hospital. The Scottish nurse is believed to have contracted the disease whilst running a Save the Children treatment centre in Sierra Leone.

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