African Heritage Forum launch school provision report

By The Ligali Organisation | Fri 9 November 2012

Community educators fill meeting space to capacity as launch of report on African heritage provision in primary schools is released.

On 3rd November 20912, the African Heritage Forum released its report ‘How Educators in Primary Schools present History & Heritage’. The report presented by the reports lead researcher, noted historian Robin Walker, examines the quality of Key Stage 2 provision (ages 7-11) in the field and reports back the impact on pupils, parents and community.

The event that was filled to capacity with substantial overflow was led by Equaino Society founder, Arthur Torrington and attended by educators, parents and community workers.

Report: How Educators in Primary Schools present African History and Heritage


The report explored why ‘a large number of African British young people lack a sense of belonging, and are often confused as to their identity’.

The research investigated the provision in several London schools and documented its findings via several themes. These included;

• What do teachers know about African heritage
• What did pupils learn about African heritage
• What are pupils taught at home
• Examples of best practise
• Analysis and recommendations

Toyin Agbetu from the Ligali Organisation said, “I’m glad I attended this event, Robin [Walker’s] presentation provided much needed insight into the current state of African history provision in British primary schools. However my concern also extends to what is occurring in secondary schools. Especially with the government’s monocultural English Baccalaureate (EBacc) proposals likely to see schools and academies eradicating art as a core subject and diminishing African and other non-English contributions to world history.”

African Heritage Forum

Pupil distressed after ‘best thing about slavery’ lesson

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If African Heritage is to be presented in British schools it either needs the full support of the senior leadership team or it needs a hands-off approach from those same people. There cannot be a middle position where they actively hinder its provision.

African Heritage Forum

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