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By The Ligali Organisation | Sun 14 February 2010

Ligali interviews Chigbo John-Paul Ibe following the launch of AC Global voices, a website containing details of progressive African and African Diaspora media across the line.

Can you tell us a little of what the project is about?

The website A.C.Global Voices is an online Directory of all of the African Caribbean community information/talk/debate shows across the world.

Though the main emphasis is on radio programmes, I have decided to also use the website to promote other current affairs based media such as TV stations, magazines, newspapers, newsletter etc

How long did it take to compile this information?

The website took about 3 and half months to build, I started it in mid October 2009. On the subject of gathering the information itself, it’s taken quite a few years. I have been consistently keeping in touch and listening to Black community radio discussion shows since late 2004.

It must have been a massive task, why did you do it?

After I finished university I decided to take a year out, during this time I started to pay a lot more attention to current affairs, especially from our perspective. I would browse through the FM dial and come across various stations.

Some, I was already aware of but in truth, had not taken enough time to fully acknowledge what works they were doing. As time went on I started to compile a list of various information shows, and was amazed at some of the thought provoking discussions on various topics, interviews with guests. I was also hearing about various events - forums, seminars, all these were taking place, by organisers and community groups I had never even known existed.

Reaching across the pan African world

Why did you choose to have a global focus?

Around late 2008, as I started to include non radio media to my list, I came across a informative blog called Afro-Europe which highlighted ‘black’ community current affairs across the whole of Europe.

This triggered me to include other mediums in the African diaspora leading to the list growing into the giant it is now. I continued to push the envelope adding radio shows and other mediums in other UK regions, other continents, etc

It seems like a very personal project, what made you want to share the information?
Originally I kept the list to myself. However as time went on I would hear people ring into shows complaining about;

‘How there aren’t enough forums out there for Black people to have discussion’

‘Community organisation not knowing how to promote their events to the wider community’

This triggered me to think about ways of getting the information to the wider community. I originally thought about publishing a directory in paper format. However I found it too expensive. The only option was to create a website. I did procrastinate over the idea for a while, but after encouragement from some friends I decided to push on with it last October.

How did you choose the name

At the time I was looking for a name that encompassed ‘African Caribbean diaspora’ and ‘the media’. I originally used ‘The Diafrospora Radio Network’ but ended up changing it because it wasn’t catchy, plus I got negative feedback from friends on it.

Since then I tried various names but A.C Global Voices was the best out of those considered.

And now?
The website is still a work in progress, I am still trying to create a logo, but nothing has materialised yet.

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I was also hearing about various events - forums, seminars, all these were taking place, by organisers and community groups I had never even known existed

Chigbo John-Paul Ibe, A.C. Global Voices Founder

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