Say it Loud: Im African and Proud

By Ligali Media Network | Tue 20 July 2004

As more African people in Briton shun the label 'black' in favour of a name that positively identitifies with their heritage, Journalist, Joseph Harker, tells why he's proud to be African.

Joseph Harker, who is currently a journalist at the Guardian newspaper, wrote an inspired article in the New Nation (12 July 2004) on Why the time has come to ditch the word ‘black’. Joseph, who was also a guest on Geoff Schumann’s BBC Radio London show (18 July 2004) led a heated debate on the topic.

Unsurprisingly, an overwhelming majority of African British callers supported him while the majority of European and Asian callers opposed his right to self-determination in this form.

Joseph Harker and the New Nation: African and Proud

New Nation leads the way

In a move that embarrassed out of touch African British politicians and race relation officials, the New Nation editorial announced;

For the very reasons Harker suggests we should call ourselves African… we [at New Nation] no longer use the term 'black'.

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