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Maisha Solutions DVD


Maisha Solutions - Every Door Has Its Own Key

"every door has its own key"

The Maisha Solutions DVD is a community resource forming the final part of the Maafa/Maisha education programme series. You can request a copy by clicking the Donate logo below and making a contribution to support our work.

Please donate whatever you can afford, in order to recoup development costs and fund future projects we suggest a minimum of £10 and add only enough to cover charges for materials, postage and packaging.


In a two part documentary, specifically made for a Pan African audience, we follow the writer and activist, Toyin Agbetu as he shares the results of his three year journey across three continents in seek of solutions to the many problems African people currently face as a result of Maafa.

Rejecting the classic ten point plan method, Maisha Solutions instead features contributions from various voices across the world with a strong emphasis placed upon independent learning and the empowerment of young people and women. This two part film offers insights into various topics and invites viewers to take leadership roles by becoming Pan African community workers that utilise our progressive traditional customs in order to successfully tackle many of the challenges we face today.

Directed and Produced by Toyin Agbetu

Feature Running Time: 1h 54 minutes approx
Main Soundtrack: English Stereo
Video Aspect Ratio: 16:9 (Widescreen)

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