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Nubiart Diary - West Afrikan Ebola Update (1)

A Different Perspective on the Afrikan world

Don’t call me coloured: Euromacists & the ‘right’ to offend (12)

Toyin Agbetu explains the problems of using odious terms and explores the issue of talking racist, casting racism and being racist.

Nubiart diary - Selma Review & Freedom of Speech (2)

A different perspective on the Afrikan World

Comment: Suicide in Prison - The death of hope & aspiration (2)

“Suicide in Prison - The Abandonment of Hope and the Death of Aspiration” is Professor Gus John’s written submission to the BMH UK Parliamentary Round Table on the Harris Review into ‘self-inflicted’ deaths of 18-24 year olds young in prison.

Opinion: Leaders ignore Baga Massacre – They are not Charlie (3)

Toyin Agbetu chooses not to censor his anger over how western media and world leaders deliberately ignore the massacre of hundreds of African lives in Baga... because there are not Charlie.


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