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Defending the Black Lives Matter movement in the UK (8)

It should be unnecessary having to defend a campaign named ‘Black Lives Matter’ but as long as Africans are being shot by police who then escape prosecution there is a need for the social justice movement.

Redefining Matriarchy is required to oppose Patriarchy (13)

The Centre of Pan African Thought hosts electrifying debate on Reinstating Matriarchy at Swedenborg Hall.

RE:MI Launch at House of Commons (4)

The British Black Music organisation and Black Music Congress hold launch of RE:MI (Race Equality in The Music Industry) at the House of Commons last night.

Call It By Its Name: Afriphobia Is Racism Against Africans (10)

A group of African political, equality and community activists, and academics within and outside Britain have signed an open letter to the Labour Party’s Chakrabarti Inquiry into ‘Anti-Semitism and other forms of racism’.

Nubiart Diary - Crime Scene USA

A different perspective on the African world


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