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Save Queen Mother Moore Supplementary School (4)

A campaign stating “Reverend Stephen Poole Must Go” has been launched following the ministers savage attack on a supplementary school that has been hosted by the church since 1981

Nubiart Diary - Economics Class 101 & Mariem Hassan Obituary

A different perspective on the Afrikan world

Nubiart Diary - ‘Looking For Love’ Overview

A different perspective on the Afrikan world

Reparations March 2015:Over 3000 long and still going strong (4)

The annual reparations march from Brixton to Parliament on 1 August 2015 received a surprise boost as an extra thousand plus supporters joined in solidarity with the call for reparatory justice.

Police to close Maafa war crime investigation on CPS orders (6)

Reparations 2015: Victims of colonial atrocities in Africa are denied justice after the CPS decide against prosecuting British military suspects involved in Maafa war crimes.


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